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Sheepskin, fur. Simple production recipes at home:



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Latest news of science and technology, new electronics:

Improving the efficiency of PbS quantum dot solar cells 14.06.2024

The latest solar technology research represents a significant breakthrough in improving the efficiency of PbS quantum dot solar cells. This method, based on the use of pulsed light, offers promise for simplifying the production and expanding the applications of these cells. A research team from the Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology has developed an innovative method that uses pulsed light to improve the electrical conductivity of PbS solar cells. This method can significantly reduce the processing time required to achieve similar results. PbS quantum dot solar cells have significant potential in solar technology due to their photovoltaic properties. However, the formation of defects on their surface can reduce their performance. The new method helps suppress defect formation and improve electrical conductivity. Using strong light to complete the process ... >>

Magnetic Power Bank 5000mAh 14.06.2024

Huawei introduces a convenient and multifunctional charger to the market - Huawei SuperCharge All-in-One Magnetic Power Bank. This magnetic battery allows you to quickly and conveniently charge your Huawei phone anywhere, anytime. With a thickness of just 11,26 mm and a weight of 141 grams, this portable power bank fits easily into a pocket or bag, making it ideal for travel and everyday use. Despite its compact size, this battery provides enough power to charge your phone on the go. The new product supports wired charging with a power of 25 W and wireless charging up to 15 W (and up to 30 W when connected to an adapter), providing fast charging for both the power bank itself and other devices. The battery is compatible with various fast charging protocols such as SCP, UFCS and PD, making it ideal for a wide range of devices. The power bank is also compatible with Huawei phones that support wireless charging. ... >>

Changes in a father's brain after the birth of a child 13.06.2024

A recent study conducted by scientists from the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found interesting changes in the brains of men after becoming fathers. These changes were associated with involvement in child care, sleep problems, and mental health symptoms. Scientists found that men who became fathers experienced a loss of brain volume after giving birth. This volume loss was associated with greater involvement in parenting, sleep problems, and mental health symptoms. Researchers have found significant changes in men's brains between the prenatal and postnatal periods. In particular, there was a loss of gray matter volume, especially in parts of the brain responsible for higher functions such as language, memory, problem solving and decision making. Men who paid more attention to their children and spent more time with them lost more gray matter in their brains. This also affected their mental health ... >>

Random news from the Archive

Jawbone UP electronic bracelet keeps track of your health 18.07.2013

Jawbone introduced the UP electronic wristband that tracks sleep, movement, nutrition, providing the user with up-to-date information via a smartphone to make informed decisions to improve well-being and mood.

The durable flexible design of the bracelet has a moisture-proof hypoallergenic polymer coating that creates a feeling of softness, under which there are system logic, an accelerometer, a battery with a charge of 10 days of operation, a vibration motor. A nylon cap on one of the edges hides a 3,5mm audio jack, which is used to charge and synchronize with a mobile device. The bracelet has only one button to switch between sleep and wake modes and two sensors that display the current state.

Based on years of research and innovation in the biomechanics of natural human movement, MotionX's patented technology tracks distance travelled, steps taken, calories burned, active and inactive time. In the sleep mode, micro-movements are recorded to determine the total rest time, the duration of falling asleep, light and deep sleep, and the number of awakenings. The alarm goes off at the best time to wake up in the natural sleep cycle and alerts the user with a silent vibration.

The device stores data for the last nine months. After using UP for some time, the device starts to offer recommendations based on the accumulated data. The user can independently mark his mood on the main screen of the application so that the program tries to analyze the reasons for its change. For those most concerned about their health, a nutrition tracking system is offered, requiring the user to enter data on consumed products in various ways.

To make your health journey more fun, Jawbone has built a competitive edge into the iOS and Android app with social features to keep track of your friends' progress. Of course, there is the possibility of filtering published data. UP interacts with many popular medical and fitness programs.

The Jawbone UP bracelet is available in eight different shades (so far only onyx and bright blue are available) and three sizes with an inner diameter from 141 to 180 mm and a weight of 19-23 g. The recommended cost is 6000 rubles.

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