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A large selection of riddles on various topics for adults and children.

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Riddles with words

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles with words in Russian

Grandmother carried 100 eggs in a basket. One fell. How many eggs are left?

Without which letter do airy cake exist?

What type of weapon has a number and a year?

In which city you can not shoot?

Which city is bleeding?

What is the order of this series of numbers? 8 2 9 0 1 5 7 3 4 6

What five-letter word has five O's in it?

Which word has 100 consonants?

Which word has 3 L's and XNUMX P's?

Which word has 7 O's?

Which word has five "L"s?

Which word has three "J"s?

What number has as many digits as letters in its name?

Which city has the name of one boy and the name of a hundred girls?

Which drink has two animals in its name?

In the name of which star is the note hidden?

Which candy has a chill in its name?

In the name of which planet is the note hidden?

On the way not to meet, but on the way to find. In the ocean, in the lake, even in the swamp you will see, but never in the river.

Which word has three "e"s in the middle?

Which word has three "o"s in a row in the middle?

Which writer's last name and which bird's name have the same letters?

A pet whose name starts with the letter "T"

If one letter is taken from the end of the puppy’s nickname, then new words will be obtained each time. Which?

If the first and last letters are taken away from the name of an African animal, then a female name remains.

A merchant rode in a train, ate a pickle. He ate one half and gave the other half to whom?

What are we eating for?

What is the tongue in the mouth?

The task of finding patterns. Find the corresponding number. Cat - 3; Dog - 3; Chicken - 6; Piglet - 6; Rooster - 8; Donkey - ?

What three prepositions can form the name of a pet?

From which American city can a suit be made?

What fabric can not be used to sew a shirt?

From which letter do you need to drop the letter "a" to get the name of the dwelling?

How do you say "yes" like "no"?

How can a season be turned into a game?

How to write "dry grass" in four letters?

How else can you call Phil from "Good night, kids"?

How do you say "dust" in French?

How to say: "I don't see a white yolk" or "I don't see a white yolk"?

How right? Five plus seven is "eleven" or "eleven"?

Which note and product have the same name?

What bird is called porridge?

Which bird bears the name of the ship?

What bird is named after the dance?

What bird is named after the fruit?

What bird is named after the part of a musical instrument?

What bird consists of one letter and a river?

Which river flies?

What river can bite?

Which river floats?

Which river is the most terrible?

Which river is the most terrible?

What fish is named after a person?

Which capital of a European state stands on a soft bed?

What 2 notes designate an edible product?

Which two cities are named after hunting birds?

What pronouns spoil the road?

What words exhausted Winnie the Pooh?

What constellations are named after birds?

What city can you embroider?

What notes can be used to measure distance?

What notes can divide the whole?

What state can be worn on the head?

Which word always sounds wrong?

What word can be written from right to left, turned upside down, mirrored, and still remain the same?

Which word starts with three "G"s and ends with three "I"s?

What word means half a letter of the Russian alphabet?

What word ends in three "e"?

What word ends in three "e"?

What is the most popular word in the world?

Which word has three identical letters?

Which city names itself twice?

What city lives in the river?

Which city is flying?

What city can bite?

What city can be cut with a knife?

What city is on the moose's head?

What city is worn on the head?

What city is used for packing goods?

Which city is the biggest?

Which city is the coldest?

What city is made of dough?

What city is the squirrel's favorite habitat?

Which city is part of the horse's harness?

What day starts with the letter "C" other than Wednesday and Saturday?

Which island is flying?

Which island calls itself a piece of linen?

Which peninsula speaks about its size?

What letter should be hidden behind the pronoun to get the name of the animal?

What little horse should be placed between two identical pronouns to get the name of a country?

When is the forest an appetizer?

When is a man called by a woman's name?

When are hands pronouns?

When is a gardener a traitor to the motherland?

Do horses go to the ball?

There is only one in heaven, she is not on earth, her grandmother has two, but her grandfather does not.

What tree name consists of four prepositions?

Which pet's name is made up of two prepositions?

List five days without giving numbers (eg. 1, 2, 3,..) or names of days (eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...)

Name a word that has 40 vowels.

Not on any planet. It exists only on Earth.

Why does a goose swim?

Why do goose paws turn red?

What path did no one walk or ride?

It is the ninth in order, and its name is translated from Latin as "seventh". What are we talking about?

Why do they go to the forest?

Why don't cows fly?

Why do birds fly?

Why is the dog running?

Why often they go, but they rarely go?

Why do they often go and never go?

Why do you go to bed when you want to sleep?

Why don't elephants fly?

What is always said in the future tense?

How many will be: three, three, three, three, three, three?

How many letters are in the alphabet?

A person has 3 organs. Each organ can be written with three letters, with the first and last letter of each organ being the same. What are these organs?

They claim that they do not stick, although they have not even tried to glue them.

How does summer end and autumn begin?

How does summer end and autumn begin?

What is in first place in Russia, and second in France?

What was the elephant doing when Napoleon came?

What is at the beginning of the book?

What is in the middle of the earth?

What is Adam in front and Eve in back?

What is the cow in front and the bull behind?

Riddles with words in Ukrainian

Home creature, the name of which starts with the letter "T"


The task is to search for the rule of law. Find out the correct number. Kit - 3; Dog - 3; Chicken - 6; Pigs - 6; Piven - 8; Donkey (Vislyuk) - ?


Name five days without naming numbers and names of days


In the city you will feast, but in the village - nicoli. By the sea, by the lakes, by the swamps, will you dance, and in the rivers - by no means?


How many letters have digits, how many letters have names?


How does summer end and autumn begin?


How will summer end and fall will begin?


What's on the cob of a book?


What to stand between the wall and the doors?


What to stand in the middle of the Earth?


What to stand in the middle of the Earth?


How to say correctly: “I don’t drink a white zhovtok” or “I don’t drink a white zhovtok”?


How does the word ever sound wrong?


How does the word begin with three letters "G" that ends with three letters "I"?


What small horse is required to be placed between two equally borrowed people in order to take the name of the country?


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