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At leisure / funny puzzles

Funny puzzles for ingenuity and non-standard thinking. To get the answer to the puzzle, click on the link under the question (do not rush to peep in the answer!)


How to measure the volume of an empty room using a grandfather clock pendulum (quite large), a clock and a holey shoe?



A man went to sea and got into a storm. He was taken to an island where there were no men, and only girls lived. In the morning he woke up covered in ropes at some kind of ritual and found out that they wanted to kill him. And he asked for the last word. After he said it, the girls made him a boat, gave him food, water and sent him home. What did he say?



Two people are standing at the entrance to the museum. One of them is the father of the other's son. How is this possible?



Where did a husband not kiss his wife before marriage?



Imagine that you are in a room with no doors or windows. You need to get outside. What do I need to do?



What word can be written from right to left, turned upside down, mirrored, and still remain the same?



What is used in hockey, in the mind of a Jew, in a woman's body and on a chessboard?



What can be held in the left hand, but not in the right?



Why does the cow lie down?



How many were there: a woman, two mothers, two daughters and a granddaughter?

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