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A regularly updated selection of the most interesting news in science and technology, new electronics. Large archive of articles from 2000 to 2024. Based on materials from periodicals and the Internet.

Random news from the Archive

Resurrection of mammoths 25.01.2022

An American geneticist plans to bring back to life woolly mammoths, which became extinct about 10 years ago. He plans to transfer their genes to Asian elephants in order to save them from extinction.

American researcher George Church and his colleagues from Harvard Medical School in Boston are going to "resurrect" the DNA of ancient mammoths in order to save Asian elephants. They will pass these genes on to living elephants so they can better resist the cold.

As Church said, a new species of elephants will be able to live in arctic conditions. He is confident that the new elephants will be able to trample the Earth and prevent trees from growing quickly. They will also prevent the release of gases that are now lurking under the melting glaciers of the Arctic.

However, according to Christopher Gingell of the University of Melbourne, it is not yet known exactly what these new Arctic elephants will be. Their behavior can be completely unpredictable.


Sound-absorbing silk 17.05.2024

In a world where noise is becoming increasingly intrusive, the emergence of innovative materials that can reduce its impact is of great interest. MIT researchers have unveiled a new sound-absorbing silk fabric that promises to revolutionize quiet spaces. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made significant breakthroughs in the field of sound absorption. Researchers have developed a special silk fabric that can effectively absorb sound and create cozy, quiet environments. The fabric, thinner than a human hair, contains a unique vibrating fiber that is activated when voltage is applied to it. This feature allows the fabric to be used to suppress sound waves in two different ways. The first method uses fabric vibrations to generate sound waves that cover and cancel out unwanted noise, similar to noise-canceling headphones. This p ... >>

High Energy Density Capacitor 17.05.2024

Energy plays a key role in many aspects of modern life, and the ever-increasing demand for efficient and fast-charging power sources is driving innovation. Researchers at the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis have taken a significant step forward with a high-energy-density capacitor that promises to revolutionize the world of energy. A team of scientists from the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis presented the results of their latest research on heterogeneous thin-film structures for capacitors. Researchers, working with ferroelectrics, inadvertently created a capacitor with an amazing energy density that is 19 times higher than that of conventional elements. This breakthrough opens up new prospects for the development of fast-charging batteries, which are so necessary in the modern world. Capacitors play a key role in various devices, providing stable ... >>

Causes of conflicts between brothers and sisters 16.05.2024

Family relationships are often complex and multi-layered, and conflicts between siblings are no exception. Research in this area can help us understand what factors underlie these conflicts and why they occur so frequently. Let's look at some of the findings from psychologists at Arizona State University. American psychologists from Arizona State University conducted a study aimed at identifying the causes of conflicts between brothers and sisters. They found that different forms of violence, whether physical or verbal, did not depend on the gender of the siblings. This means that both girls and boys can exhibit aggressive behavior towards their loved ones. Other studies have shown that conflict between siblings often persists into adulthood, even as contact decreases. This indicates that people often follow established patterns of behavior formed in childhood. It was also found that, despite ... >>

Washing vacuum cleaner Dyson WashG1 16.05.2024

Modern technologies strive to make the home cleaning process more efficient and convenient. New from Dyson, the WashG1 washable vacuum cleaner is an innovative approach to cleaning that differs from traditional models. Dyson, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, introduced a new model of the WashG1 washing vacuum cleaner, which has brought revolutionary changes in the field of home cleaning. A distinctive feature of this model is its unique design, which abandons the traditional suction mechanism. The WashG1 work attachment is equipped with two microfiber-coated rollers, each with 64800 threads per 1 cm2. These rollers work in opposite directions, effectively removing all dirt from the floor. A special feature of this model is the ability to automatically clean the rollers: dirty parts of the rollers are washed with clean water and combed with a nylon brush. The collected garbage is collected in a special container, and dirty water passes through a plastic mesh and enters ... >>

Products in beautiful wrappers seem useful to people 15.05.2024

Attractive food packaging plays an important role in today's market. Many of us succumb to the temptation of beautifully designed packaging, associating them with high-quality and healthy products. However, how useful are these products really and how does our perception perceive them? Let's look at the results of a study conducted by scientists from the University of Southern California to understand how the appearance of packaging affects the way we think about products. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California found that attractive food packaging can have a significant impact on perceptions of its healthfulness and quality. Aesthetically designed packaging can make us perceive products as healthier and better quality than they actually are. As part of the experiment, participants were offered the same products, but in different packaging: one group saw beautifully decorated avocado toast, while the other group saw ... >>

Eco-friendly zinc and lignin battery 15.05.2024

In the search for sustainable and efficient energy sources, scientists around the world are striving to create new technologies that not only provide a reliable energy supply, but are also environmentally friendly. A recent breakthrough in the development of a battery based on zinc and lignin, announced by Swedish scientists, opens up new prospects in the field of energy and ecology. Let's take a look at this innovative battery approach and its potential benefits. Swedish scientists have presented a prototype battery based on zinc and lignin, which promises to be a new breakthrough solution in the field of energy saving and sustainable development. Made from cost-effective and environmentally friendly materials, this battery can be an alternative to existing batteries, offering not only high performance but also environmental friendliness. The main advantage of the new battery is its resource: it can go through up to eight thousand charge cycles while maintaining ... >>

Opel Frontera 2024 14.05.2024

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, offering new models that combine modern technology and comfortable features. In this context, Opel presented the updated 2024 Frontera, which returns to the market in an updated family crossover format. Let's dive into the details of this updated car. The 2024 Opel Frontera is once again conquering the market, offering consumers a universal solution in the format of a compact family crossover. The model will be available in two versions: with five and seven seats, which makes it an attractive choice for both young families and active car enthusiasts. Aesthetically, the 2024 Frontera features a high hood, massive rear roof pillars and a front end that embodies Opel's signature Vizor styling. These features give the car a modern and recognizable look. The 2024 Opel Frontera's interior impresses with its comfort and functionality. The front panel has two 1 ... >>

Cherry tomato picking robot 14.05.2024

Modern technologies are increasingly integrated into agriculture, bringing with them new opportunities and solutions to improve production efficiency. In this context, the Japanese company Denso and the Dutch company Certhon presented an innovative robot, Artemy, designed specifically for harvesting cherry tomatoes in greenhouses. The move promises to strengthen production processes and optimize operations in tomato plantations. A new robot, Artemy, has appeared on the market, created jointly by the Japanese company Denso and the Netherlands Certhon, designed for automated harvesting of cherry tomatoes in greenhouse conditions. This innovative robot is ready for the commercial market and promises to bring a new level of efficiency to agriculture. Artemy is equipped with advanced computer vision technology, allowing it to accurately identify ripe tomatoes and harvest them without damage. In addition, the robot can automatically change and carry boxes with harvest, which significantly improves ... >>

The world birth rate is declining critically 13.05.2024

Fertility, as one of the key demographic indicators, plays a decisive role in the formation of society and determines its future. In recent decades, the world has had to deal with a significant decline in fertility, which has caused concern among scientists and policymakers. This trend is global in nature and is making significant changes in the socio-economic picture of the world. The global birth rate is declining, raising serious concerns about the future of humanity. Research shows that fertility is falling almost everywhere, affecting women of all social classes and income levels. This phenomenon has far-reaching consequences for various areas of life, including the economy and global demographic trends. In high-income countries, fertility has fallen below the level needed to maintain a stable population. The pandemic has only exacerbated this process. A similar trend is observed in developing countries. For example, in Indus ... >>

Microwave memcapacitor as a quantum memory element 13.05.2024

The development of quantum technologies opens up new prospects in the field of electronics and information technology. One of the interesting directions is the creation of quantum memory devices capable of storing information using quantum effects. In this context, the microwave memcapacitor presented by an international team of researchers represents an important step in the development of quantum memory. An international group of researchers from Germany, China and Chile presented their version of a memcapacitor that can serve as a quantum memory element. This innovative approach opens up new possibilities for the use of quantum effects in electronics. Memcapacitors, like memristors and meminductors, are elements capable of storing information. They link voltage to charge, allowing them to be used as memory for electronic devices. However, researchers are seeking to combine memcapacitor mechanisms with quantum effects to ... >>

Radio telescope for solar wind observations 12.05.2024

Solar winds are an important object of study for astronomers and physicists. In this regard, China has completed the construction of a giant radio telescope designed to observe the flow of charged particles emanating from the Sun. This astronomical instrument opens up new possibilities for studying solar winds and their influence on our planet. The National Space Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has completed construction of a giant radio telescope designed to observe the solar wind. This new astronomical instrument, located in northern China, has successfully passed technical tests. The radio telescope will be used by Chinese specialists for daily monitoring of fluctuations of radio signals from distant sources under the influence of the solar wind. This project will provide a deeper understanding of the nature of solar winds and their impact on the environment, including the Earth's magnetosphere and ionosphere. It is expected that data obtained using ... >>

Plastic automatically decomposes after use 12.05.2024

The problem of plastic pollution is becoming increasingly pressing, and researchers are looking to find a solution in the form of a new material that can degrade when exposed to bacteria. A new biodegradable plastic based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and Bacillus subtilis bacteria promises to be a significant step in this direction. Researchers from the University of San Diego (UC San Diego) have introduced a new type of plastic that not only has the properties of TPU, but is also capable of self-decomposition under the influence of special bacteria. This material creates new perspectives in the field of industry and ecology. The research team conducted a series of experiments to prove the effectiveness of the new plastic. It turned out that Bacillus subtilis bacterial spores that penetrate the plastic structure can withstand high temperatures of up to 135 degrees Celsius, which is necessary for mixing with TPU. An important advance was the discovery that biodegradable plastics are subject to degradation. ... >>

One in five scientific studies could be wrong 11.05.2024

Scientific research is the foundation of medical progress, but what if the results can be distorted or even fictitious? Health professionals are alarmed to discover that one in five scientific studies may contain falsified data or plagiarism. This discovery raises important questions about the safety and integrity of medical practice. About a few decades ago, a study was published in the British Journal Of Obstetrics that became a real medical miracle. An obstetric surgeon at St George's Hospital Medical School in London pulled out an embryo from a woman with an ectopic pregnancy and successfully implanted it into her uterus after doing the "impossible". The story evoked delight and hope among thousands of women. However, it soon became clear that this case was fictitious. The investigation showed that the surgeon simply changed the data and created a fictitious story by combining data about two different patients. This incident is just one of many. The expert group published ... >>

Change in Diamond Thermal Conductivity 11.05.2024

Diamonds, known for their hardness and excellent thermal conductivity, have always been an object of interest for scientific research. Recent discoveries by American scientists in the field of changing the thermal conductivity of diamond by deforming it open up new prospects in the creation of electronic devices and technologies. American scientists have developed a method for changing the thermal conductivity of diamond by stretching and compressing it. This discovery promises a revolution in the development of new electronic devices. Diamond, known for its hardness and excellent thermal conductivity, has been the subject of scientists who have modeled the effect of deformation on its heat-dissipating properties. Research has shown that changing the shape of a diamond, particularly by compressing or stretching it, can significantly change its ability to conduct heat. This opens up new opportunities for creating more efficient microelectronic and optoelectronic devices, such as chips and quantum sensors. Scientists used the Front supercomputer ... >>

Milk protein gel helps with alcohol intoxication 10.05.2024

The problem of alcohol intoxication and its consequences remains relevant in the modern world. Recent research by an international team of scientists has led to the creation of an innovative gel that promises to effectively combat this problem. A medical discovery could significantly improve the recovery process from alcohol poisoning. An international group of scientists has developed a gel based on milk protein, which has proven effective in combating alcohol intoxication in laboratory mice. In addition, this gel reduces the toxic effects of alcohol on internal organs. Scientists hope that this new drug will be an effective way to combat the effects of alcohol poisoning in people. To create the antidote gel, the scientists used nanofibers of a whey protein known as beta-lactoglobulin and combined them with iron particles to replicate the structure of the enzyme responsible for breaking down ethanol. A group of mice with unlimited ... >>

A new type of memory state has been discovered 10.05.2024

Studying the functioning of the human brain has always attracted the attention of scientists, especially in the context of understanding memory and its connection with Alzheimer's disease. The functioning of neural networks in the brain and their interactions remain one of the key aspects of study. Recent research conducted by UCLA Health researchers sheds light on surprising aspects of memory and its relationship with metabolism during sleep. UCLA Health researchers have discovered a memory process that is accompanied by a decrease in metabolic costs, even when the body is in a state of sleep. This amazing memory mechanism is located in the area of ​​the brain responsible for learning and memory, and is closely linked to Alzheimer's disease. We often encounter situations where we get up to do something in the kitchen, but upon arrival we forget what exactly we wanted to take. This indicates our lack of working memory - the ability to remember information for a short time while performing other tasks. Patients with diseases ... >>

The existence of an entropy rule for quantum entanglement has been proven 09.05.2024

Quantum mechanics continues to amaze us with its mysterious phenomena and unexpected discoveries. Recently, Bartosz Regula from the RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing and Ludovico Lamy from the University of Amsterdam presented a new discovery that concerns quantum entanglement and its relation to entropy. Quantum entanglement plays an important role in modern quantum information science and technology. However, the complexity of its structure makes understanding and managing it challenging. Regulus and Lamy's discovery shows that quantum entanglement follows an entropy rule similar to that for classical systems. This discovery opens new perspectives in the field of quantum information science and technology, deepening our understanding of quantum entanglement and its connection to thermodynamics. The results of the study indicate the possibility of reversibility of entanglement transformations, which could greatly simplify their use in various quantum technologies. Opening a new rule ... >>

Mini air conditioner Sony Reon Pocket 5 09.05.2024

Summer is a time for relaxation and travel, but often the heat can turn this time into an unbearable torment. Meet a new product from Sony - the Reon Pocket 5 mini-air conditioner, which promises to make summer more comfortable for its users. Sony has introduced a unique device - the Reon Pocket 5 mini-conditioner, which provides body cooling on hot days. With it, users can enjoy coolness anytime, anywhere by simply wearing it around their neck. This mini air conditioner is equipped with automatic adjustment of operating modes, as well as temperature and humidity sensors. Thanks to innovative technologies, Reon Pocket 5 adjusts its operation depending on the user's activity and environmental conditions. Users can easily adjust the temperature using a dedicated mobile app connected via Bluetooth. Additionally, specially designed T-shirts and shorts are available for convenience, to which a mini air conditioner can be attached. The device can oh ... >>

Energy from space for Starship 08.05.2024

Producing solar energy in space is becoming more feasible with the advent of new technologies and the development of space programs. The head of the startup Virtus Solis shared his vision of using SpaceX's Starship to create orbital power plants capable of powering the Earth. Startup Virtus Solis has unveiled an ambitious project to create orbital power plants using SpaceX's Starship. This idea could significantly change the field of solar energy production, making it more accessible and cheaper. The core of the startup's plan is to reduce the cost of launching satellites into space using Starship. This technological breakthrough is expected to make solar energy production in space more competitive with traditional energy sources. Virtual Solis plans to build large photovoltaic panels in orbit, using Starship to deliver the necessary equipment. However, one of the key challenges ... >>

New method for creating powerful batteries 08.05.2024

With the development of technology and the expanding use of electronics, the issue of creating efficient and safe energy sources is becoming increasingly urgent. Researchers at the University of Queensland have unveiled a new approach to creating high-power zinc-based batteries that could change the landscape of the energy industry. One of the main problems with traditional water-based rechargeable batteries was their low voltage, which limited their use in modern devices. But thanks to a new method developed by scientists, this drawback has been successfully overcome. As part of their research, scientists turned to a special organic compound - catechol. It turned out to be an important component that can improve battery stability and increase its efficiency. This approach has led to a significant increase in the voltage of zinc-ion batteries, making them more competitive. According to scientists, such batteries have several advantages. They have b ... >>

Alcohol content of warm beer 07.05.2024

Beer, as one of the most common alcoholic drinks, has its own unique taste, which can change depending on the temperature of consumption. A new study by an international team of scientists has found that beer temperature has a significant impact on the perception of alcoholic taste. The study, led by materials scientist Lei Jiang, found that at different temperatures, ethanol and water molecules form different types of clusters, which affects the perception of alcoholic taste. At low temperatures, more pyramid-like clusters form, which reduces the pungency of the "ethanol" taste and makes the drink taste less alcoholic. On the contrary, as the temperature increases, the clusters become more chain-like, resulting in a more pronounced alcoholic taste. This explains why the taste of some alcoholic drinks, such as baijiu, can change depending on temperature. The data obtained opens up new prospects for beverage manufacturers, ... >>

Major risk factor for gambling addiction 07.05.2024

Computer games are becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment among teenagers, but the associated risk of gaming addiction remains a significant problem. American scientists conducted a study to determine the main factors contributing to this addiction and offer recommendations for its prevention. Over the course of six years, 385 teenagers were followed to find out what factors may predispose them to gambling addiction. The results showed that 90% of study participants were not at risk of addiction, while 10% became gambling addicts. It turned out that the key factor in the onset of gambling addiction is a low level of prosocial behavior. Teenagers with a low level of prosocial behavior do not show interest in the help and support of others, which can lead to a loss of contact with the real world and a deepening dependence on virtual reality offered by computer games. Based on these results, scientists ... >>

Traffic noise delays the growth of chicks 06.05.2024

The sounds that surround us in modern cities are becoming increasingly piercing. However, few people think about how this noise affects the animal world, especially such delicate creatures as chicks that have not yet hatched from their eggs. Recent research is shedding light on this issue, indicating serious consequences for their development and survival. Scientists have found that exposure of zebra diamondback chicks to traffic noise can cause serious disruption to their development. Experiments have shown that noise pollution can significantly delay their hatching, and those chicks that do emerge face a number of health-promoting problems. The researchers also found that the negative effects of noise pollution extend into the adult birds. Reduced chances of reproduction and decreased fertility indicate the long-term effects that traffic noise has on wildlife. The study results highlight the need ... >>

Wireless speaker Samsung Music Frame HW-LS60D 06.05.2024

In the world of modern audio technology, manufacturers strive not only for impeccable sound quality, but also for combining functionality with aesthetics. One of the latest innovative steps in this direction is the new Samsung Music Frame HW-LS60D wireless speaker system, presented at the 2024 World of Samsung event. The Samsung HW-LS60D is more than just a speaker system, it's the art of frame-style sound. The combination of a 6-speaker system with Dolby Atmos support and a stylish photo frame design makes this product the perfect addition to any interior. The new Samsung Music Frame features advanced technologies including Adaptive Audio that delivers clear dialogue at any volume level, and automatic room optimization for rich audio reproduction. With support for Spotify, Tidal Hi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.2 connections, as well as smart assistant integration, this speaker is ready to satisfy your ... >>

A New Way to Control and Manipulate Optical Signals 05.05.2024

The modern world of science and technology is developing rapidly, and every day new methods and technologies appear that open up new prospects for us in various fields. One such innovation is the development by German scientists of a new way to control optical signals, which could lead to significant progress in the field of photonics. Recent research has allowed German scientists to create a tunable waveplate inside a fused silica waveguide. This method, based on the use of a liquid crystal layer, allows one to effectively change the polarization of light passing through a waveguide. This technological breakthrough opens up new prospects for the development of compact and efficient photonic devices capable of processing large volumes of data. The electro-optical control of polarization provided by the new method could provide the basis for a new class of integrated photonic devices. This opens up great opportunities for ... >>

Primium Seneca keyboard 05.05.2024

Keyboards are an integral part of our daily computer work. However, one of the main problems that users face is noise, especially in the case of premium models. But with the new Seneca keyboard from Norbauer & Co, that may change. Seneca is not just a keyboard, it is the result of five years of development work to create the ideal device. Every aspect of this keyboard, from acoustic properties to mechanical characteristics, has been carefully considered and balanced. One of the key features of Seneca is its silent stabilizers, which solve the noise problem common to many keyboards. In addition, the keyboard supports various key widths, making it convenient for any user. Although Seneca is not yet available for purchase, it is scheduled for release in late summer. Norbauer & Co's Seneca represents new standards in keyboard design. Her ... >>

The world's tallest astronomical observatory opened 04.05.2024

Exploring space and its mysteries is a task that attracts the attention of astronomers from all over the world. In the fresh air of the high mountains, far from city light pollution, the stars and planets reveal their secrets with greater clarity. A new page is opening in the history of astronomy with the opening of the world's highest astronomical observatory - the Atacama Observatory of the University of Tokyo. The Atacama Observatory, located at an altitude of 5640 meters above sea level, opens up new opportunities for astronomers in the study of space. This site has become the highest location for a ground-based telescope, providing researchers with a unique tool for studying infrared waves in the Universe. Although the high altitude location provides clearer skies and less interference from the atmosphere, building an observatory on a high mountain poses enormous difficulties and challenges. However, despite the difficulties, the new observatory opens up broad research prospects for astronomers. ... >>

Controlling objects using air currents 04.05.2024

The development of robotics continues to open up new prospects for us in the field of automation and control of various objects. Recently, Finnish scientists presented an innovative approach to controlling humanoid robots using air currents. This method promises to revolutionize the way objects are manipulated and open new horizons in the field of robotics. The idea of ​​controlling objects using air currents is not new, but until recently, implementing such concepts remained a challenge. Finnish researchers have developed an innovative method that allows robots to manipulate objects using special air jets as "air fingers". The air flow control algorithm, developed by a team of specialists, is based on a thorough study of the movement of objects in the air flow. The air jet control system, carried out using special motors, allows you to direct objects without resorting to physical ... >>

Purebred dogs get sick no more often than purebred dogs 03.05.2024

Caring for the health of our pets is an important aspect of the life of every dog ​​owner. However, there is a common assumption that purebred dogs are more susceptible to diseases compared to mixed dogs. New research led by researchers at the Texas School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences brings new perspective to this question. A study conducted by the Dog Aging Project (DAP) of more than 27 companion dogs found that purebred and mixed dogs were generally equally likely to experience various diseases. Although some breeds may be more susceptible to certain diseases, the overall diagnosis rate is virtually the same between both groups. The Dog Aging Project's chief veterinarian, Dr. Keith Creevy, notes that there are several well-known diseases that are more common in certain breeds of dogs, which supports the notion that purebred dogs are more susceptible to disease. ... >>

Recyclable printed circuit boards 03.05.2024

Electronics play a key role in today's world, but the accompanying rise in e-waste is putting the environment at risk. In response to this problem, researchers at the University of Washington have developed an innovative technology that could change conventional wisdom about circuit board recycling. A team led by scientists from the University of Washington has created a vitrimer printed circuit board that has the unique ability to be recycled multiple times. Using advanced environmentally friendly polymers, the researchers developed a material that can be turned into a jelly-like substance using a special solvent. This opens the way for PCBs to be reused and recycled without significant loss of quality. Vitrimer printed circuit boards (vPCBs) represent significant advances in environmental sustainability. Unlike conventional plastics, which are susceptible to degradation during repeated recycling, jelly-like vitrimer retains its ... >>

Machine for thinning flowers in gardens 02.05.2024

In modern agriculture, technological progress is developing aimed at increasing the efficiency of plant care processes. The innovative Florix flower thinning machine was presented in Italy, designed to optimize the harvesting stage. This tool is equipped with mobile arms, allowing it to be easily adapted to the needs of the garden. The operator can adjust the speed of the thin wires by controlling them from the tractor cab using a joystick. This approach significantly increases the efficiency of the flower thinning process, providing the possibility of individual adjustment to the specific conditions of the garden, as well as the variety and type of fruit grown in it. After testing the Florix machine for two years on various types of fruit, the results were very encouraging. Farmers such as Filiberto Montanari, who has used a Florix machine for several years, have reported a significant reduction in the time and labor required to thin flowers. ... >>

Advanced Infrared Microscope 02.05.2024

Microscopes play an important role in scientific research, allowing scientists to delve into structures and processes invisible to the eye. However, various microscopy methods have their limitations, and among them was the limitation of resolution when using the infrared range. But the latest achievements of Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo open up new prospects for studying the microworld. Scientists from the University of Tokyo have unveiled a new microscope that will revolutionize the capabilities of infrared microscopy. This advanced instrument allows you to see the internal structures of living bacteria with amazing clarity on the nanometer scale. Typically, mid-infrared microscopes are limited by low resolution, but the latest development from Japanese researchers overcomes these limitations. According to scientists, the developed microscope allows creating images with a resolution of up to 120 nanometers, which is 30 times higher than the resolution of traditional microscopes. ... >>

Air trap for insects 01.05.2024

Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the economy, and pest control is an integral part of this process. A team of scientists from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research - Central Potato Research Institute (ICAR-CPRI), Shimla, has come up with an innovative solution to this problem - a wind-powered insect air trap. This device addresses the shortcomings of traditional pest control methods by providing real-time insect population data. The trap is powered entirely by wind energy, making it an environmentally friendly solution that requires no power. Its unique design allows you to monitor both harmful and beneficial insects, providing a complete overview of the population in any agricultural area. "By assessing target pests at the right time, we can take necessary measures to control both insect pests and diseases," says Kapil Kumar Sharma, lead researcher on this study. ... >>

The threat of space debris to the Earth's magnetic field 01.05.2024

More and more often we hear about an increase in the amount of space debris surrounding our planet. However, it is not only active satellites and spacecraft that contribute to this problem, but also debris from old missions. The growing number of satellites launched by companies like SpaceX creates not only opportunities for the development of the Internet, but also serious threats to space security. Experts are now turning their attention to the potential implications for the Earth's magnetic field. Dr. Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics emphasizes that companies are rapidly deploying satellite constellations, and the number of satellites could grow to 100 in the next decade. The rapid development of these cosmic armadas of satellites can lead to contamination of the Earth's plasma environment with dangerous debris and a threat to the stability of the magnetosphere. Metal debris from used rockets can disrupt the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Both of these systems play a key role in protecting the atmosphere and maintaining ... >>

Solidification of bulk substances 30.04.2024

There are quite a few mysteries in the world of science, and one of them is the strange behavior of bulk materials. They may behave like a solid but suddenly turn into a flowing liquid. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of many researchers, and we may finally be getting closer to solving this mystery. Imagine sand in an hourglass. It usually flows freely, but in some cases its particles begin to get stuck, turning from a liquid to a solid. This transition has important implications for many areas, from drug production to construction. Researchers from the USA have attempted to describe this phenomenon and come closer to understanding it. In the study, the scientists conducted simulations in the laboratory using data from bags of polystyrene beads. They found that the vibrations within these sets had specific frequencies, meaning that only certain types of vibrations could travel through the material. Received ... >>

Implanted brain stimulator 30.04.2024

In recent years, scientific research in the field of neurotechnology has made enormous progress, opening new horizons for the treatment of various psychiatric and neurological disorders. One of the significant achievements was the creation of the smallest implanted brain stimulator, presented by a laboratory at Rice University. Called Digitally Programmable Over-brain Therapeutic (DOT), this innovative device promises to revolutionize treatments by providing more autonomy and accessibility to patients. The implant, developed in collaboration with Motif Neurotech and clinicians, introduces an innovative approach to brain stimulation. It is powered through an external transmitter using magnetoelectric power transfer, eliminating the need for wires and large batteries typical of existing technologies. This makes the procedure less invasive and provides more opportunities to improve patients' quality of life. In addition to its use in treatment, resist ... >>

The perception of time depends on what one is looking at 29.04.2024

Research in the field of the psychology of time continues to surprise us with its results. Recent discoveries by scientists from George Mason University (USA) turned out to be quite remarkable: they discovered that what we look at can greatly influence our sense of time. During the experiment, 52 participants took a series of tests, estimating the duration of viewing various images. The results were surprising: the size and detail of the images had a significant impact on the perception of time. Larger, less cluttered scenes created the illusion of time slowing down, while smaller, busier images gave the feeling of time speeding up. Researchers suggest that visual clutter or detail overload can make it difficult to perceive the world around us, which in turn can lead to faster perception of time. Thus, it was shown that our perception of time is closely related to what we look at. Larger and smaller ... >>

RCYL bicycle made from recycled plastic 29.04.2024

The issue of environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in the world of modern technology. In this context, the advent of a bicycle made from recycled plastic is attracting attention as an effective solution to the problem of environmental pollution. The idea for a bicycle made from recycled plastic came from the head of the German company igus, Frank Blaise, as a result of observing the limited lifespan of rental bicycles in Florida. Although the original prototype bike had a plastic frame, wheels, cranks and bearings, some components were still made of metal. Since then, the team has been looking for ways to increase the proportion of plastic parts in the design. The now renamed RCYL bike is made up of 92% plastic, with half of its material coming from recycled plastic waste, including used fishing nets. Durable plastic ball bearings do not require lubrication. Among the non-plastic components of a bicycle you can ... >>

Girls learn faster than boys 28.04.2024

Research in the field of child development has always been of interest to science and society. However, the role of the microbiome, the body's internal ecosystem, in this process remains a poorly understood area. Recent discoveries by scientists at the University of Alberta shed light on the important influence of gut bacteria on infant cognitive development. A study conducted on 400 babies, led by Professor of Pediatrics Anita Kozyrskaya, revealed interesting patterns in the development of boys and girls. It turns out that certain gut bacteria, such as Bacteroidetes, are important for the development of cognitive and language skills in boys. “It has long been known that at an early age girls usually outperform boys in terms of cognition and speech,” explains Professor Kozyrskaya. Although differences in the microbiome between boys and girls are not significant, girls often have higher numbers of Bacteroidetes bacteria. This circumstance is probably due ... >>

Bacterial vampirism 28.04.2024

Some of the deadliest bacteria react to human blood and rush to it, since its serum contains substances that serve as food for them. American scientists studied this phenomenon, which was called “bacterial vampirism.” The Enterobacteriaceae family of bacteria includes both representatives of the normal microflora of the human body and a large number of pathogens, including salmonella and E. coli. Some enterobacteriaceae are associated with gastrointestinal bleeding and bacteremia and are considered a leading cause of death from sepsis in people with inflammatory bowel disease. However, the behavior of these microorganisms and the mechanisms that encourage them to enter the bloodstream are not well understood. A team of specialists from the University of Washington and the University of Oregon (both in the USA) took on the task of filling the gap. Researchers have found that blood serum attracts at least three types of pathogenic bacteria: Salmonella enterica, Esch ... >>

Loneliness shortens life expectancy 27.04.2024

Social connections play an important role in our lives, but how does the lack of them affect longevity? Researchers from Japan, a country with a high life expectancy, have turned their attention to this issue and presented new results confirming the detrimental impact of loneliness on our health and life expectancy. Recent scientific work by Japanese scientists has shed light on the impact of loneliness on life expectancy. It turned out that loneliness not only increases the risk of developing various diseases in older people, but also shortens their life in general. Loneliness has long been considered a risk factor for various diseases, especially in older people, who often face intellectual decline and other age-related problems. New research confirms that social interaction is critical to maintaining health and longevity. Experts have found that older people living alone live on average 3-5 years shorter than their younger counterparts. ... >>

Tourist submarine Triton 660/9 AVA 27.04.2024

The world of tourism is seeing increasingly innovative ways to dive into the underwater world, and one of the latest achievements in this field is the Triton 660/9 AVA submarine. Designed for underwater cruising, this innovative vehicle promises passengers an incredible experience exploring the depths of the ocean in comfortable conditions. Triton Submarines has unveiled the Triton 660/9 AVA, a new submarine for the American tourism industry. This unique submersible, which can accommodate up to nine people, offers passengers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the underwater world while cruising, thanks to a transparent viewing glass allowing them to enjoy magnificent views of marine life. The boat is capable of descending to a depth of 200 meters and is designed for eight passengers and one pilot. The Triton 660/9 AVA can accelerate to speeds of up to 3 knots (5,5 km/h) and stay underwater for up to 12 hours. Thanks to the huge panoramic glass that makes up the main part of the body ... >>

Not all carrots are equally healthy 26.04.2024

Carrots have long been recognized as one of the healthiest foods due to their beta-carotene content, a substance that is converted into vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining vision and cardiovascular health. However, recent research shows that not all people benefit equally from eating carrots due to genetic differences. Scientists at the University of Illinois studied the effects of beta-carotene on cardiovascular health, finding that its effectiveness depends on each person's genetic makeup. It turns out that the activity of the enzyme that converts beta-carotene into vitamin A varies between individuals, which determines how efficiently the body uses it. During the study, scientists analyzed blood samples and DNA from more than 700 healthy young people. They found a correlation between enzyme activity and levels of bad cholesterol, and also found that genetic variations that affect enzyme activity are associated with cholesterol levels. ... >>

Superconductor driven by magnetism 26.04.2024

Modern science strives not only to increase the efficiency of technologies based on superconductors, but also to develop methods for more precisely controlling the flow of electrons. In this context, physicists are considering new approaches based on the effect of magnetic fields on superconductivity. Recent research shows that magnetism-controlled superconductors may be possible, opening up new prospects in fields ranging from electronics to magnetic systems. One of the key advances in this field is the use of topological insulators to control superconductivity. In the past, the application of external magnetic fields could disrupt the properties of superconductors, but with the help of topological insulators, it has been possible to create an exotic state of superconductivity that can be precisely controlled when exposed to a magnetic field. The researchers were able to create a two-dimensional topological insulator using mercury, manganese and tellurium. This opened the door to opportunity ... >>

Boosting Brain Productivity 25.04.2024

Much of what we do to improve productivity involves being active—working out, having fun, or other forms of activity. But what if the secret to effectiveness lies in something more passive, like sleep? Scientists from the University Medical Center Freiburg conducted a study to find out which type of rest is most beneficial for brain recovery and increased productivity. In the experiment, which involved 66 people, scientists divided them into three groups. The first group watched a video and played table tennis for an hour. The second group spent this time sleeping. The last group was simply in a darkened room without any external stimuli. The experiment revealed that the participants in the second group who were sleeping had the greatest brain productivity. Scientists explain this by the fact that during sleep, typical brain activity occurs, which is necessary for the communication of nerve cells and its restoration. ... >>

Process technology A16 (1,6 nm) 25.04.2024

Every year, progress in the field of microchip production brings new technological advances and prospects for future devices. The latest word in this area is the A16 (1,6 nm) process technology from TSMC. TSMC introduced the new A16 (1,6 nm) process technology, which opens up new horizons in the field of chip production. This technology significantly increases the logic density of chips, while providing increased performance and data processing speed. It is planned to begin production of processors based on TSMC's A16 process technology in 2026. The new technology includes innovative nanoplastic transistors and a new backplane power supply solution, which allows for an 8-10% increase in speed and a 15-20% reduction in power consumption compared to previous processes. In addition, TSMC announced the introduction of System-on-Wafer (SoW) technology, which allows multiple dies to be combined on a single wafer to increase processing power and save space. Apple processors are also used ... >>

A common feature of all happy couples 24.04.2024

In search of a happy and healthy relationship, couples may look to various aspects such as respect, trust and fidelity. However, scientists from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) and the University of Bamberg have found that one key trait may play an important role in relationship satisfaction: the level of power in a couple. Let's look at how this affects happiness and stability in relationships. The study, conducted by researchers from Martin Luther University and the University of Bamberg, included a survey of 181 couples who had lived together for at least one month and had been in relationships for an average of eight years. Survey participants assessed various aspects of their relationships by filling out a questionnaire. The results of the study showed that those couples where both partners experienced a high level of power were happy. Power was understood as the ability to influence others and avoid similar influence in the opposite direction. In the context of couple relationships, this refers to the ability ... >>

Super-reliable chip for artificial intelligence 24.04.2024

As artificial intelligence technologies advance, it becomes increasingly important to ensure the security of the chips used in these systems. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have unveiled a new type of chip that not only provides high levels of data security, but also maintains high performance in machine learning applications. MIT scientists have created an innovative chip that has become a significant breakthrough in the field of security in the field of artificial intelligence. Designed specifically for applications that process sensitive user data, this chip offers a high level of security without sacrificing performance. The main advantage of the new chip is the use of digital computing technology directly in memory (IMC), which minimizes data transfer between the device and the server. This not only increases the speed of data processing, but also reduces the likelihood of information leakage through various attacks, so ... >>

Europe is warming faster than other continents 23.04.2024

Europe is facing dramatic climate change, and the consequences are becoming more and more acute. Data from two leading climate monitoring organizations suggests the continent is warming significantly faster than the global average. A joint report by the UN World Meteorological Organization and EU climate agency Copernicus on the state of the climate in Europe over the past year has revealed that the continent is experiencing a rise in temperatures double the global average. An average temperature increase of 2,3 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels puts Europe in a difficult position. This rise in temperature is 1,3 degrees Celsius above the global average, and is no longer just a statistic, but a fact that has a serious impact on people's lives. Heat-related deaths are increasing across the continent, highlighting the importance of adapting to new climate conditions. The terrible consequences of extreme weather conditions ... >>

The world's largest 3D printer has been built 23.04.2024

3D printing technologies continue to demonstrate their potential in areas ranging from medicine to industry. The world's largest 3D printer was recently unveiled at the University of Maine, promising to change the way construction is done and address some of today's problems, such as the affordable housing shortage and environmental impacts. The University of Maine has unveiled the world's largest 3D printer, called Factory of the Future 1.0, which is four times larger than previous models. This printer opens up new perspectives in the field of 3D printing, especially in the context of bio-based housing construction. The new printer, housed at the university's Center for Advanced Structures and Composites, represents a significant step forward in 3D printing research. It expands the technology's capabilities to offer a potential solution to homelessness and the affordable housing shortage. The printer can create objects sized ... >>

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