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To help the erudite. Database on the history, geography, biology, science, technology, sport, culture, traditions of the peoples of the world. According to the materials of the press and the Internet.

Random interesting facts:

The average native speaker of English uses about 800 words a day, while someone who speaks German uses about 4000. This is due to the much greater complexity of German grammar. The average English word has 2,2 inflected forms, German has 5, and French has as many as 7.



The world consumes 81 million barrels of oil daily (158 liters per barrel).



According to Canadian physicists and ornithologists, by studying the isotopic composition of moisture captured from the atmosphere by the feathers of migratory birds, one can trace the route of their flight.



Under a law passed by the European Parliament, from now on it is allowed to add to chocolate instead of cocoa butter a similar-tasting butter from the seeds of a tallow tree growing in Africa. It is ten times cheaper than cocoa butter. Until now, tallow tree oil has been used in Europe only in soap making and cosmetics, although in Africa it is used as food.



The North Star has more than 40 names in different star catalogs and different star naming systems.

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