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Riddles about water, rivers, lakes and seas

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about water, rivers, lakes and seas in Russian

I run like a ladder
Ringing on the pebbles
From afar by the song
Recognize me.

She ran - she made noise, she fell asleep - she shone.

It pours into it, pours out of it, weaves itself along the ground.

In calm weather - we are nowhere,
And the wind blows - we run on the water.

Two brothers
Looking into the water
They will not converge in a century.

If our hands are in wax,
If there are blots on the nose,
Who then is our first friend,
Will it remove dirt from the face and hands?
What Mom Can't Do Without
No cooking, no washing
Without what, we will say directly,
Man to die?
To make it rain from the sky
To grow ears of bread
For ships to sail
We can't live without...

There is water all around, but there is trouble with drinking.

Runs in summer, sleeps in winter,
Spring has come
She ran again.

They drink me, they pour me, everyone needs me. Who am I?

They drink me
They pour me
Everyone needs me
Who am I?

Not water and not land -
You can't sail on a boat
And you can't walk with your feet.

Not a horse, but running, not a forest, but making noise.

Not the sea, not the land
Ships don't sail
And you can't walk.

No legs, but she does not stand still,
There is a bed, but does not sleep,
Not a boiler, but seething,
Not a thunderstorm, but thundering.
No mouth, but she is never silent.

Autumn rain walked around the city,
The rain has lost its mirror.
The mirror lies on the asphalt,
The wind will blow - it will tremble.

in the middle of the field
The mirror lies
blue glass,
The frame is green.

A sister is stronger than a brother.

Flowing-flowing - will not flow out; run-run-do not run out.

What can't you take away in a sieve?

Riddles about water, rivers, lakes and seas in Ukrainian

Without nіg, but to live; without hands, and sleeves maє.


Beagle - noisy, fell asleep - shone.


Bіlya of our village
Vibіgla іz dzherel:
Between meadows, between fields,
Between steep banks
Gen - wandered to the sea.


Shine, live, viper and everything spins along the lowlands.


Voronko run, and stand dumbfounded.


Two brothers marvel at the water, but they don’t stop.


Live day and night, though you don’t know if the fire is covered by the buva.


Іz-p_d g_rka, z-p_d cool
That duck to the sea
Through the vines on the yars.


Іshov dogov'yaz, near the earth uv'yaz, in the land of all by walking.


Shouting-zniklya behind the mountain
Have fun with me.
I'm screaming
- How can I call you? -
And out like a lamb:
- Be! -
I lie:
- Change! -
And there is a calf:
- Mu! -
I'm angry:
- Aghіy, dashing! -
And she laughs:
- Ha!


Spin, spin, hold on to the shore.


to lie-to-live
And gossip
Yak music.


p'yut me,
I'm lying
We need me,
Who am I?


Mіzh beregіv flowed, flowed.
Frost zmіtsniv - fell down hard.


Around the water, and with a drink - a bida.


Not water and not dry land;


Do not throw, but live, not fox, but make noise.


Do not curse wines, not from metal, but listen - ringing, roaring the earth of wines.


One lives, the other lies, the third bows.


One seems to be:
The second says:
I'm lying...
The third one seems to be:
I do not want
Do not run, do not rush,
I will rather stand
From side to side


One to live, another to lie down, and a third to heal.


According to the price of a pivroku, one should ride a horse, and pivroka - without a horse?


How do you walk on the road, and drive on the road?


Fireplace and herbs
A snake without a head.
ale hiss,
Shche th sedge
And the whip - there is no kіntsya for you!
Take the snake
Pokіl winter
Full of comfort
Don't take it.
Todi quiet down
I freeze.


The Tatars came
People were taken
And the hut was gone.


The sleigh runs, and the bare feet stand.


It's worth it, it's poured outside.


Flow, flow - do not flow; live, live - do not live.


I want without nig, but I live like a pond; I don’t sleep day or night, even if I don’t get up from bed.


What can't you take away in a sieve?


What do you bloom without a nap?


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