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Feedback left Oleg, Vladimir
Thank you for your work!   

Feedback left Vladimir, Berdyansk
Huge work has been done. The site is OUTSTANDING!!!   

Feedback left Victor, Kazakhstan
Why is this captcha needed? Very uncomfortable. 
Answer Charts:
Without captcha, it is very inconvenient for a webmaster. You have to spend a lot of time deleting spam.   

Feedback left Sasha, Ukraine
Thank you very much, very useful site!   

Feedback left Vyacheslav, Ukraine
A huge THANK YOU to the organizers of the library!   

Feedback left Olga Borisovna, Ukraine
I turn to this site when organizing extracurricular work in physics, it contains the necessary information for those who wish to expand their horizons in natural science.   

Feedback left Sergey, Ukraine
A very useful site for antenna builders, both for beginners and experienced radio amateurs. Thanks a lot!   

Feedback left Oleg, Kyiv
Ready-made schemes are published everywhere, but no one wrote why with such parameters. And only on this site I found an article explaining everything. Thank you :)   

Feedback left Maxim, Kaluga (Russia)
I am a resident of the city of Kaluga in Russia, while walking around the city I found a flash drive, and when I studied its contents on a PC, I found photos and articles from your site there! I decided to see if this site exists, and it turned out that this site exists, and this site is yours! I would like to know how this flash drive got thrown away or lost in Russia when the site is Ukrainian? 
Answer Charts:
Photos or articles from any site can be downloaded and written to a USB flash drive. :)   

Feedback left Edward, Ukraine
Very good site, lots of reference material. Many thanks to the creators of the site.   

Feedback left Sergey Ustinov, Kirov (region)
Great site. Without any water. Good luck guys.   

Feedback left Evnik, RB
Well, oh-oh-oh-oh, a big, diverse and pleasant site. I have been using the times for over 15 years, thanks, no matter what.   

Feedback left Victor Trandafilov, RF
Well done! What a job it is to do this!   

Feedback left Igor, Kropivnitsky
Thanks for such a helpful resource. Unfortunately, not all books are on file hosting.   

Feedback left Emelya Pupkin, Krasnoyarsk
And that your site does not find anything on request
HF-UHF circuit converters and 30-300 MHz converters find nothing ... 
Answer Charts:
Use simple queries like a converter.   

Feedback left Ekaterina, Ukraine
Very good site, there is something you will not regret finding.   

Feedback left Kalinin Sergey, Radsad
Very voluminous library, "to dig not to dig". With pleasure they dive into this "abyss" and each time I find what I was looking for and not infrequently something new.   

Feedback left Anatoly, Ukraine
One of the best libraries I've come across. I use 4 years.   

Feedback left Gennady, RF
Your site is a great tutorial for creative people. On tube equipment, the most complete material in comparison with other sites. Seems like you don't need more. Thanks for the noble work!!!   

Feedback left Bushev Roman Mikhailovich, Murmansk
The site is a real storehouse of technical literature, however, firstly, most of the links are not working. Hopefully the administration will fix it. Secondly, it would be better to upload books not to depositfiles and other file hosting services with download limits, but to clouds or give direct links to ftp servers.    

Feedback left Sezin Valery, Pskov
Couldn't download from Deposit... 
Answer Charts:
See below.   

Feedback left Gudiy Sergey, Zaporozhye
I wanted to download books on alternative energy - not a single one was found on the file sharing service 
Answer Charts:
All these books are on file hosting. Download instructions:   

Feedback left Fedor, Peter
Good days. I was looking for a connection diagram for MEO-10 ​​K or ADP-362, but I found the "Automation Library".
Thank you very much, the most valuable books. I would like to be able to financially support your work, a banner with details, eg, poison etc would be handy)   

Feedback left Burmantov Sergey, Yekaterinburg
Thank you! Found what you need.   

Feedback left Ivan Petrovich, Kazakhstan
Hello! Thanks for such a great site!
Log search does not work correctly. Maximum 10 results. Those. you type a request, go through ReCaptcha, click "Search", it gives you the first ten results and links to the rest of the search result pages. When we click on next. page, it loads already without search results (although you can see in the address bar), recaptcha again and all over again. 
Answer Charts:
Thanks for the info, fixed.   

Feedback left Alexander, Barnaul
Ads interfere with downloading. I have limited traffic. Save God!   

Feedback left Nikolai Ivanovich, Zaporozhye
Unfortunately, I could not find on your resource the Panasonic KX-FC253 electric fax circuit or at least a fax circuit similar to it. 
Answer Charts:
Fax schemes:   

Feedback left Maxim, Taganrog
I couldn't find the C437 schematic. 
Answer Charts:
Measuring equipment,
Measuring technology. Schemes and descriptions,
Or use the search, - there is also an Improvement of the Ts437 avometer,   

Feedback left Boris Sergeevich, Ukraine
It is wonderful that you are engaged in such a noble occupation, which is very necessary especially for the younger generation, and for us old people as well. I really liked your resource. Everything is very good, to the point and done with a soul!    

Feedback left Alexander Viktorovich, Rostov-on-Don
Thank you for making a nice site color. Minus - small text.   

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