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Riddles about musical instruments

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about musical instruments in Russian

And what are these miracles?
We hear voices in the forest
The boys are sitting by the fire
They sing and look at her.
To suddenly sound
Pinch the string for a start.
And there are seven or six strings,
We cannot count her merits.
It is easy for everyone to sing under it,
Tell me, what's her name?

Carved in the forest
smoothly carved,
What is the name?

In the hands you will take it,
Then stretch, then squeeze!
Ringing, elegant,
Russian, two-row.
Playing, just touch,
What is her name?

Inside is empty
And the voice is thick.
He himself is silent
And they beat - grumbles.

Smooth bow movements tremble the strings,
The motive murmurs from afar, sings about the lunar wind.
How clear the overflowing sounds are, they have joy and a smile.
A dreamy motive sounds, it plays ...

At dinner they eat soup,
By evening they will speak
wooden girls,
Musical sisters.
Play a little too
On beautiful bright...

The string rings, she sings,
And everyone can hear her song.
Six strings play anything
And that tool is always fashionable.
He will never get old.
That instrument is called...

Know that they are neighbors with a drum.
They are made of copper.
In time, you need to wave your hands,
Hit loudly, then rest.
Their party is not a trifle, not a trifle,
Music also has...

We call the instrument a piano,
I have a hard time playing it.
Louder, quieter, louder, quieter -
Everyone will hear my game.
I hit the keys zealously
My tool is...

As if the girl sang
And the room seemed to light up.
The melody glides so flexibly.
Everything is quiet: playing ...

Musician, singer, storyteller,
And all - a pipe and a box.

name without error
The instrument is slightly larger than a violin.
He is her closest friend
But a little lower sound.
There are strings and a bow,
Not new to music!

He will shine in the sun
Gives a gentle sound.
In jazz, he is the very first,

He writes music for us
Melodies are playing
He will put poems on a waltz.
Who composes songs?

Let's sing the song together
The school will play a song.
Complicated, harmonious and friendly.
Let's sing together guys.
The corridor is full of songs -
This is how our...

I'm empty
thick voice,
The shot beats
Walking helps.

He is like an older brother to the violin,
I am glad to help her in the orchestra.
He is a true friend of Alto,
It has a bass sound.
He is a bow giant,
Big important gentleman.

It's easy to go hiking with me,
Fun on the road with me
And I'm a screamer, and I'm a brawler,
I am sonorous, round...

Three strings, plays loudly
That tool is a cocked hat.
Quickly find out
What is it?

He has a pleated shirt
He loves to squat,
He dances and sings -
If it gets into your hands.
Forty buttons on it
With mother-of-pearl fire.
merry fellow, not a brawler
Our vociferous...

What is this instrument the height of a whole house?
In pipes, dressed in wood, decorations on it.
This sonorous giant has many voices.
He is either affectionate or strict, but his name is ...

I'm on stage in the twilight
I will go out in an elegant tailcoat.
I wave a thin wand -
The violins will pour
The harpist stirs the string,
The pipes will resonate.
How well the orchestra plays!
Well, I'm in it - the most important!

I stand on three legs
Legs in black boots.
White teeth, pedal.
What is my name? ...

Riddles about musical instruments in Ukrainian

Youmu drum for brother
In the dance to love the wines circle:
Vidbivaє rhythm, ring
І beautifully bubonic.


Boom Boom Boom,
What is so playful?


In the forest of virizana,
Smoothly vitesana,
Sleep, flood,
How is it called?


In the orchestra
That fuck me
How to play.


Cheerful bird merrily sleeps,
Throw a ram with its tail.


Von, as the kvity are called,
They fill with a wonderful ringing.


A thin voice,
Make all the little ones happy,
You are on it all,
Who's out - do you know?
Doo-doo-doo, vіt-vіt-vіt!
You are my name to name.
Not a stick, not a chick,
Call me...


Trees, not Polish,
Six little girls,
Have fun sleeping.


I was born here,
I stumbled in the hut,
Bula nima and lifeless
Now speak and sleep.


I was born here,
At the hut she stumbled.
Bula nima and lifeless -
Now speak and sleep.
Who knows her well
Before that, swear;
And who is not in harmony її take,
Already to the soul out there.
Be so shy
Cho th cradle do not smoke,
In the eyes of a slozin to shine
I feel sick to my heart.
Then how to get excited,
Mustache to settle down:
Get such a garmider
Scho th bass tovstyuchy buzzing.
Fathers and panimatonki,
I boys, and girls
Already do not sweat - bіzhat,
Three sips before dancing.
Usim, usim potishno,
And zablukki too much ...
When I am ЇЇ loving,
If you're squatting stupid.
Oh, children - our quotes!
The litters have grown old:
Now do not push the tropac ...
Guess who she is?
What a joy,
Tsіkavaya pridonka,
What can you cry and sleep,
І fry, і potіshat?


Hit your teeth - you're done,
You will feel the spiv of miracles.


And the tree is not half-hearted, the sixth little girl is happy - we sing merrily.


Alive dead b'є,
Alive movchit, and the dead roar.


Behind the fox, behind the pralice
Siri will roar.


I'm going to the city,
I'll pull the tail, -
There's a glow.


I see my head, I make my heart, I will give you drink - you will speak.


Keyboards black and white row,
Let's burn the pedals with gold...
You won’t carry me with you at the case.
With the mighty forte, caressing the piano,
I to that є that is supra-right,
Who is calling us...


love me, respect me
That b'yut me, if they play.
To this instrumental medium
Є place on the table every day.


I can loudly and quietly
I play for the little ones.
You coward me lightly,
Bubonci ring at once
And if you want to feel the makeup,
Then hit me harder!


On our instruments
Є і strings, і pedal.
Who is wine?
Bezperechno, tse - know our ...


Well, the violin is great -
I can't see my eyes.
The sound is low, baritone.
Tse i є...


Oh, garno over there graє,
The skin of the word wimovlyaє.
Want and may three strings,
That spivochі vsі stinks.
Ask the know-it-all:
- Who is it? What is it?


Axis Kazakh tool -
Two strings on a double deck.
Taking akin yogo ta y gra:
Seeing everyone - ...


Stick with dirkami
I nimble fingers, -
Any її hear
In the fox on the halyavts.


I put the pipe to my lips - it calms down in the heart of the bіl.
This instrument is quiet, lower; called...


Lady lie down
On my shoulder
Type of marriage
Already a tear is flowing.


Himself from the wilha and from the oak,
In the mouth white, black teeth,
Hit your teeth - you're done,
You will feel the spiv of miracles.


He himself is empty, his voice is thick, rіb vіdbivaє, pick up children.


I don’t go to the church myself,
And invite others there.


Sim track in it є
The skin gives a voice,
Like a grave torkne all this,
Become fun usim.


A dry tree sleeps merrily, and throws its tail over the shore.


Tra-ta-ta, tra-ta-ta
Shkira above, tezh below
Inside is emptiness.


It was chopped from the fox, taken for firewood, crying in the hands.


The fox was born
Worked in the minestern,
And cry in your arms.


The new one has three folds,
And graє, like twins.


glorify Ukraine,
I don't know words,
Tug people rozgaє
Multi-string spiv.
Have a trip її with you
Brav Cossack Mamai,
Mov clear leliyav zbroyu.
Who's out: Guess?


I want to be empty myself and naked,
I can voice, I'm not a qualia,
To all the soldiers in the ranks
I am giving the command.


Who knows her well
Before that, look around.
And who is not in harmony її take,
Already to the soul out there.


More recently, elderberry
I grew up popіd mountain.
They cut the nail,


What kind of guest came to dim?
Skilki gudzikiv on him!
And why don't you push them, -
Start the guest to sleep!


What are you crying, but can't you cry?


Yak to the hands of її take
I rose with mіhami,
Shche y natisnesh gudziki -
Crying out the sounds of music.
Axis listen to the crumbs,
Who is sleeping?


Yak promin - Yaskravim,
Greetings, as the sun is warmly golden.
Buvay vіn grіznim, like that hurricane.
Vin - bait flute,
Glorious - ...


Like a string string stick,
I will sing loudly.
May I lower my soul,
what to laugh and read.


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