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Riddles about kitchen utensils

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about kitchen utensils in Russian

In a small barn
Keep a hundred fires.

The whole top of the head is in small holes -
Bitter-bitter in bowls.

Rigid, perforated,
Prickly, clumsy.
What will they put on her back?
She will devour everything at once.

Has 4 teeth. Every day he appears at the table, but does not eat anything. What is this?

She is about her cramped house
Just scratched my head
And immediately - as if she had not lived -
Burnt down, poor thing, to the ground.

This is a cramped, cramped house:
One hundred sisters huddle in it.
And any of the sisters
Can flare up like a fire!
Don't mess with your sisters

I keep hot
And I keep it cold.
I am an oven and a refrigerator
I will replace you on the trip.

I puff, I puff
I don't want to get hot anymore.
The lid rattled loudly.
"Drink tea, the water has boiled!"

Riddles about kitchen utensils in Ukrainian

It grew in the fox, it swayed in the flock, the young girls swayed in their arms.


In fox growth, in the night's rest, take it in your arms - it's dancing.


In the box, yagidka, wiimi, lick it and put it back.


The whole century is written, but it is not written.


Dovgo is alive, fed rich.
Having fallen - gone, none of the brushes have picked up.


I strove for the earth,
Spinning around in circles
On the fires pіksya,
At the bazaar,
Years of people;
Like falling, then missing,
I didn’t bury anyone.


They bought a round piece, they thought it was brand new, but it was all in dirka, cowardly in their hands.


They bought a new one that is round, jogging yoga in their hands, and out in dirks.


May 4 teeth. Every day they show up at the table, but there is nothing to eat. What is it?


The guests were dancing on the diryavіm bridge.


A new vessel, but all in dirkah.


Rogaty, she didn’t, ist-ist, and not sity, gives to people, but he himself goes to the bush.


Siv pan on a horse that went to the fire.


There is a hump in front, a hump in the back, nothing is mute, and dirk's head is replaced.


The old otaman, having fallen all the time, then disappeared, not picking up a brush.


The neck has a bath, a sieve is in its nose, a buzzard is on its head, one hand is on the back.


Who will share bread for all of us?


Black pig at the stove gas.


I'm getting richer -
Now from porridge, then from varieties,
Then with borscht, and for an hour - empty,
Soup for appetizers
Hotch from clay, hotch from porcelain,
Navit z krishtal koshtovna,
That meta in me is one -
I am guilty of anniversaries!


I'm lying on the table
I didn't chip anyone
The hour of offense is coming -
You won't get through without me.
Bo without me is impossible
Razrazat stravi nicely.


I'm round, like the sun
I marveled at the end.
I'm sitting in a dungeon
Vihodzhu less to the table.


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