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It was in the early 90s. I worked in a TV studio as a mechanic. Our boss was one person, let's say, not very well versed in technology. :) Most of all he knew how to lead and manage. :) Imported equipment began to get to us for repairs more and more often. And somehow Sonya was brought in for repairs. I took it apart, poked around and got up from the table. And then the boss comes into the room, with another check. He walks back and forth and comes to my table. He looks at Sonya's stuffing: and in it is a monochassis, control and a kinescope board. That is, offal is 3 times less than our 3USCT and 5 times less than UPIMok. He looks, looks, his face changes and how he screams: "Damn, they just brought the telly for repair, and already half of the blocks were stolen!" :)


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