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Need to know the name of the TV chassis? Take advantage of the convenient search chassis-model TV sets of import and domestic production. In our Free technical library free and without registration you can download a large TV Model and Chassis Compliance Guide, where, in addition, the functional composition, the names of remote controls and line transformers are given. The total number of firms considered in the directory - over 250. Total number of models - more 50000. Download guide Match model-chassis of TVs.

We recommend the following search options:

1. Look for the model you need excluding hyphens.
2. If the search results are unsuccessful, try shortening or changing your query.

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Attention! On Free technical library (more than 100000 articles, book titles and abstracts) search with this search form.

Enter the name of the company and model or just the model of the TV. For example: "Panasonic TC2150RS" or "TC2150".