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Riddles about clothes and shoes

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about clothes and shoes in Russian

Come on, guys, who can guess:
Are two fur coats enough for ten brothers?

They beat me with sticks
Press me with stones
Pout, don't pout, stick your head over your head,
Dance all day long and you will go to rest.

Two huts are small, their walls are warm and soft.
Five young brothers each live peacefully in them.

I wear fields on my head,
But this is not land at all.

We are happy to overtake each other.
You look, my friend, do not fall.
Always good, easy

Guess who we are?
On a clear day, we sit at home.
If it rains, we have work -
Stomp - spank in the swamps.

Five pantries - one door.

I'm sitting on horseback
I don't know on whom
meeting a friend,
I'll jump off - I'll welcome you.

Riddles about clothes and shoes in Ukrainian

Any body, any spirit, maє company, shkir and vuha.


Day with legs, and at night without legs.


I sit on top
To whom, I don't know
I'll give a well-known -
I'll jump to the bottom.


The vzimku is cold,
Mom gets a fur coat
What to put on your head
Why didn't the children freeze?


Greet the vzimka, why is it rude
Hutrya, warm ...


Dovgi vuha, she doesn’t zaєts, fluffy, she’s not kitty.


Zhovti, black and white,
Stink walk forever in pairs.


Having blocked the yard for five sheep.


Crush the ice, cut the ice,
Leave a marvelous trace.
That shvidka stink yak,
Qi are sparkling...


Not a bed of wine, not a comrade,
And hug the sound.
Don’t start, but just walk,
When it gets cold.


Not stepping on the threshold,
I already know two roads,
Surprised - offended equal,
One per skin leg.


Small two huts,
They have soft and warm walls.
Five small brothers
Living in huts is quiet.


Offended are similar, like brothers, double up, wherever you go;
Under the bed, if everyone is sleeping, under the table, if they are eating.


One roll for five sheep.


If we go by one road, we know two roads, if we go by two, we can use one.


I weave a crochet for four sheep, and on the heel it’s okremo.


Five comirchins - one door.


Get the top of the sidzhu, I don’t know - on whom, I know the zustrіnu - I’ll go, I’ll graft.


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