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Audio equipment

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Machineless solar power plants

Section Alternative energy sources. In machineless solar power plants, the energy of solar radiation is directly converted into electrical energy, without an intermediate transition to mechanical energy. For direct conversion, turbines and power generators are not needed. ... >>

Adjustable current stabilizer, 16 volts 7 amps

Section Chargers, batteries, galvanic cells. When charging car batteries, it is recommended to maintain the average charging current at a constant level. Usually, in current stabilizers, a transistor is used as a regulating element. In the process of operation, a lot of power is dissipated on it, and in connection with this, bulky heat sinks have to be used. The efficiency of such devices is very low. A similar device with higher efficiency is described below. ... >>

Active HF switch

Section Nodes of amateur radio equipment. In sports KB equipment, high-frequency switches (usually according to the T-shaped attenuator scheme) made without diodes have found wide application. In the closed state, they provide good decoupling between stages, but introduce relatively large losses in the open state, especially when operating on a low-resistance load. The figure shows a variant of a high-frequency switch assembled on transistors. It is also made according to the scheme of a T-shaped attenuator, but in comparison with the prototype on diodes, it introduces lower losses in the open state. Moreover, it effectively works as a buffer stage, since the transistors VT1 and VT3, through which the RF signal passes, are connected in a common collector circuit. ... >>

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Articles on audio technology

Articles on audio engineering; audio equipment schemes; descriptions of audio equipment: 191 articles



Latest news of science and technology, new electronics:

The speech of sperm whales is similar to that of humans 18.05.2024

In the world of the ocean, where the mysterious and unknown coexists with the studied, sperm whales, with their huge brains, are of particular interest to science. Researchers, working with a huge array of audio recordings collected during the Dominica Sperm Whale Project (DSWP) - more than 8000 recordings, seek to unravel the secrets of their communication and understand the structure and complexity of the language of these mysterious creatures. By studying in detail the recordings of 60 sperm whales in the eastern Caribbean, scientists have revealed surprising features of their communication, revealing the complexity of their language. "Our observations indicate that these whales have a highly developed combinatorial communication system, including rubato and ornaments, which indicates their ability to quickly adapt and vary during communication. Despite significant differences in evolution, sperm whales have elements in their communication that are characteristic of human communication," says Shane Gero, a biologist at Carleton University and director of the CETI project. Issl ... >>

Electron spin for quantum information transfer 18.05.2024

The transfer of quantum information remains one of the key tasks of modern science. Recent advances in the use of electron spin to expand the capabilities of information transfer in quantum systems have become very important. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are pushing the frontiers of quantum information science by experimenting with the possibilities of electron spin. Electron spin, a natural quantum bit, is a potentially powerful means for storing and transmitting information in quantum systems. Magnon wave packets, collective excitations of electron spin, have revealed their potential to transmit quantum information over significant distances. The work of Berkeley Lab researchers has revolutionized the way such excitations propagate in antiferromagnets, opening up new prospects for quantum technologies. Using pairs of laser pulses, scientists disrupted antiferromagnetic order in one place and simultaneously studied it in another, creating ... >>

Sound-absorbing silk 17.05.2024

In a world where noise is becoming increasingly intrusive, the emergence of innovative materials that can reduce its impact is of great interest. MIT researchers have unveiled a new sound-absorbing silk fabric that promises to revolutionize quiet spaces. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made significant breakthroughs in the field of sound absorption. Researchers have developed a special silk fabric that can effectively absorb sound and create cozy, quiet environments. The fabric, thinner than a human hair, contains a unique vibrating fiber that is activated when voltage is applied to it. This feature allows the fabric to be used to suppress sound waves in two different ways. The first method uses fabric vibrations to generate sound waves that cover and cancel out unwanted noise, similar to noise-canceling headphones. This p ... >>

Random news from the Archive

Toshiba TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG wearable ICs 11.06.2017

Toshiba announced the release of the TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG chips for wearable devices, medical devices, IoT devices, toys, remote controls, and other products that require Bluetooth LE 4.2 support and low power consumption. According to the last parameter, the TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG are the best in the class - at least, the manufacturer believes so.

In transmit mode, the new microcircuits consume a current of 3,3 mA, operating at a supply voltage of 3 V. The high-efficiency built-in DC-DC converter, in particular, has made it possible to ensure low power consumption. The current consumption in sleep mode is 50 nA. The TC3567CFSG chip is designed for a supply voltage of 1,9-3,6 V, TC3567DFSG - 1,8-3,6 V.

Another benefit of the TC3567CFSG and TC3567DFSG is a built-in 32B random number generator, a feature claimed to help improve security in IoT products.

Both models are configured with an ARM Cortex-M0 CPU. There are UART, I2C, SPI and GPIO interfaces.

The TC3567CFSG integrates 128 KB of flash memory so that only seven external components are enough for a typical power-up. The TC3567DFSG does not have flash memory. This further reduced power consumption. Toshiba estimates that the TC3567DFSG-based beacon can operate on a single CR2032 battery for more than two years.

For microcircuits designed to operate at temperatures from -40 ° C to 85 ° C, a 40 x 5 mm QFN5 package with a lead pitch of 0,4 mm was chosen.

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