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1. In one of his literary works, the author discusses wisdom, including biblical analogies. It is assumed that the last name of the author is encrypted in one of the lines. Say this last name.

2. In the sixties in the USA, paradoxically, they printed the phrase “do not bend, pierce or crumple”. Name THEM.

3. When a sea robber from the north of Europe visited Utopia, he managed to prove that this red Utopia was just a beautiful unrealistic myth. And what question, asked during the festive night, did this wanderer answer?

4. Making fun of Kulibin's uncharacteristic appearance for the court, the ladies sometimes approached Kulibin and asked for HIM. To which Kulibin, holding out his hands, said: "So kiss the same, pranksters." Name HIM.

5. According to the aphorism of Sasha Cherny, old dances contribute to an increase in the number of FIRST, and new dances increase the number of SECOND. In the textile industry, the SECOND may be a sign of the FIRST. Name the FIRST and SECOND.

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