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"Сильнее всех побед - прощение"

Johann Schiller


Those who get wet in the rain are not afraid of dew.

African proverb


Trahit sua quemque voluptas.

Everyone has their own passion.


Random phraseology:

Super task.


The highest goal to be achieved.


The author of the expression is one of the founders of the Moscow Art Theater, director Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky (1863-1938). He explained the essence of this term in his book The Actor's Work on Himself (Ch. XV).


Where and for how much can you clone your favorite dog?

South Korean scientist Hwang Wooseok was the first to clone a dog in 2005. Now his company is engaged in commercial cloning of dogs, the cost of one clone is $100. A complete match of the character and appearance of your beloved pet and a cloned puppy is not guaranteed - for example, Dalmatians will have different spots. The procedure itself is still far from perfect: the success rate of fertilization of the donor female is only 000%, and even in this case, puppies can be born sick. In this case, the company performs repeated cloning, as it guarantees the client a healthy puppy.


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