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Riddles about clouds, thunder and lightning

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about clouds, thunder and lightning in Russian

Bass and serious, he has a cool character:
He will growl very menacingly - they will immediately save everyone!

Without wings, but flying, no one beats her, but cries.

Burning without fire
Flying without wings
Runs without legs.

He does not know grief, but sheds tears.

Loudly they gave the command -
Sabers flashed in the sky.

He knocks loudly, shouts loudly, and what he says - do not understand and never be known to the wise.

Sister and brother live
Everyone sees one
Don't hear
Everyone else hears
Don't see.

An ox roared for a hundred villages, a hundred rivers.

The bear roared over all the mountains, over all the seas.

A raven croaked at a hundred villages, at a thousand lakes.

The horse is running
The earth is trembling.

The duck quacked - sensitively to the whole world.

A fire arrow flies
No one will catch her
Neither king nor queen
Not a pretty girl.

The eagle flies
Through the blue sky
Wings spread,
The sun has darkened.

A bird without a wing flies
Beats a hunter without a gun,
The cook fries without fire,
The ram eats without a mouth.

The eagle bird is flying
Carries fire in his teeth
Shoots fire arrows
Nobody will catch her.

A black bird flies
One wing covers the whole earth,
Sprinkles with rain.

No one sees me, but everyone hears, and everyone can see my companion, but no one hears.

It will knock in the sky, but it will be heard on the earth.

Above you, above me
Flew a bag of water
I ran into a distant forest
Loose and disappeared.

Frowning, frowning
Will hit the tears - there will be nothing left.

Noisy, thundered, washed everything and left.
I watered the gardens and orchards of the entire neighborhood.

I have neither fire nor heat, but I set fire to everything.

No legs, but walking
No eyes, but crying.

The fire arrow flies
No one in the world will catch her.

Pirates peacefully drank rum, As from the sky from the "G" suddenly burst ...

Approached, rumbled
Threw arrows to the ground.
We thought it was in trouble.
Turns out it came with water.
Came and spilled
- Plenty of arable land got drunk.

A woman came from a high city, how she began to cry - all the people rejoiced.

Runs through the grove -
Washes and rinses
Ran along the meadow -
The shepherdess bathed.

Malanya passed - a flame was lit;
Pahom came - the house shook.

Molten Arrow
The oak fell down near the village.

He came from the sky, he went to the earth.

It will flash, blink, call someone.

The gray stallion neighs in all kingdoms.

Stronger than the sun
Weaker than the wind
No legs, but walking
No eyes, but crying.

Fuck it!
A woman rides in the mountains
Batog knocks,
Grumbles all over the world.

The tour goes through the mountains, the turkey - through the valleys, the tour whistles, the turkey blinks.

The king will call, the king will blink - he will call someone.

What burns without fire?

I'm huge in autumn
I'm not welcome anywhere.
No one is waiting for me anywhere
I fly everywhere.

Riddles about clouds, thunder and lightning in Ukrainian

Baba lie down
To shed tears.


Without krill, but litaє, nothing її b'є, but weeping.


Bіg kіn bіloboky ponad yar deep;
Yak having fallen - to the whole world zairzhav.


Beat the horses of the bulan, the laces are torn on them, who can stud them, fix the laces on them?


Bila the kobila popid went to heaven, looked back - and there was no way to know.


pissed off
Here I hid.
Don't drink
Don't catch up
Tilky echoed the voice.


Bula sobi Baba Gasya, as soon as she comes - everyone jumps, as long as there is no one - to cry.


We feel everything, but we don’t feel the charge.


Water carrier-torokhty
Above the land of gurkotiv,
Batozhishche shining,
Breezkav with water.


Look: there was cotton wool in the sky
You want to hide the sleep.


Grief is not known, but bitterly weeping.


Grim make up, on the chariot
Jumping in the sky...


Two brothers are close: one is all smelt, but they don’t smell, the other one is smelt, but not smelt.


Rain, thunder, and the sky is dark
The stench is cutting through.
I for a bright day
Illuminate the spirit.


The turquoise cleared the sky with a rapt,
They all screwed up dovkіllya ...


Shouting for a hundred gir, for a hundred thousand cities.


Buy bulani
And drive torn in them,
Don't harness
No gnashing,
Nі z batogom
Їx take over.


Fly an eagle across the blue sky
Creela opened up, closed the sun.


Wet cotton wool is spilled,
Sheds water from the sky.


Not a sack, not a bagnet, not a projectile, not a sword, but a man to die.


Bad weather-Bad weather
Small sirniki.
Like she took them in her hands
Let's fly...


Bad weather, bad weather,
She was deaf.
Yak їy frown they said,
That in us vuha pawned.


One row sim women tax.


Oh, beyond the field, beyond the mountains, the gold whip is in.


He is a bird flying in the sky
And don't be afraid of anyone.
Creel has loosened the blue,
The clear sun has set in.
And yak Grimne gray bird -
From the sky, bliskavits are crying.


The roar was for a hundred gir, for a hundred kroki, for a hundred streams.


Stronger sleep
Weaker wind
Nope, but go,
No eyes, but crying.


Knock, grumble, move a hundred horses to live; you need to figure out what to give to these horses.


Now black, then siva
I walked across the sky;
Stuffing її wind -
Slozzi loosened up.


Walk a woman siva-siva, rozsip peas across the fields.


The awl-motor popid went to heaven, spoke from panami, spoke from princes.


What without a climb is without a tooth
Rosemary oak?


You can grumble in the sky,
Let the terrible beast fly.
A strong board is falling on the ground,
The beast is not given at the hand.
Eyes shine brightly -
All at dem tick zhvavo!


Yak gray-haired kіn zaіrzhav,
Then the whole world zadrizhav.


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