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Need an article from a technical magazine? Take advantage of our article archive search.

You can easily find out in which journal, indicating the year and number, the article you are interested in was published. A magazine with an article, a book or a collection can be without registering download in our Free technical library. In it you will find for yourself a lot of interesting and useful things.

The search is conducted in the database of more than 200000 articles popular books, magazines and collections:

Automation library, Electrician's library, Radioamator's notebook, To help the radio amateur, HF magazine, HF and VHF, Kvant, Constructor, Mass radio library, Model designer, Science and life, Electronics news, Popular mechanics, Radio, Radioamator, Radioamator-best, Radio business, Radio design, Radio yearbook, Radio components, Radio designer, Radio amateur, Radio world, Radio circuit, Radio hobby, Repair and service, Electronic equipment repair, Self, Service center, Power electronics, Circuitry, Technique - youth, Chemistry and life, EKiS (Electronic components and systems ), Electrician, Electronics, Junior Technician, I am an electrician (more).

Enter the title of the article or part of it. For example: "car battery charger" or simply "charger". You can also use truncated words to get the maximum number of search results, for example: "antenna", "metal detector", "welder".