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Riddles about time, day and night

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about time, day and night in Russian

It has no legs and no wings,
It flies fast, you can't catch up with it.

There are twelve bazaars in the city, each bazaar has thirty people, each has twenty-four children.

It was yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow.

The tree has grown from earth to heaven.
This tree has twelve branches.
Each knot has four nests.
Each nest contains seven eggs.
And the seventh is red.

Two sisters next to each other
They run circle after circle.
Shorty - just one time
The one above is every hour.

Twelve brothers
They roam one after another
They don't bypass each other.

Every day at 7 am, I'm cracking: it's time to get up!

Dies in the evening, revives in the morning.

You turn me on
Turn the screw.
I will wake you up
Only at the right time!

We don't sleep for a day
We don't sleep at night
Both day and night
We knock, we knock.

We walk at night, we walk during the day
But we're not going anywhere.
We strike regularly every hour,
And you, friends, do not beat us.

On the arm and on the wall
And on the tower above
They walk, they walk smoothly
From sunrise to sunrise.

I have no legs, but I walk
There is no mouth, but I will say
When everyone sleeps
And when to get up.

The bridge stretched for seven miles,
And at the end of the bridge - a golden milestone.

Seven brothers:
Same years, different names.

There is an oak, there are twelve branches on the oak,
Each branch has four shoots,
On each process there are seven rods.

They knock, they knock - they don't tell you to be bored.
They go, they go, and everything is right there.

They knock, they knock
Don't be bored:
They go, they go
And everything is right here.

I have a tree
It has twelve branches;
Each branch has thirty leaves;
One side of the sheet is black,
The other is white.

The tail lies in place
The head is running around.

What cannot be returned?

What kind of birds are flying by?
By death in each flock.
They fly in a string,
They don't turn back.

Riddles about time, day and night in Ukrainian

Live, live, do not look back.


Vechir with a serpentine curves the earth,
For a moment everything was quiet, everything zasinaє.
Vechir lead your sister behind you ...
Mіsyachnu, dawn pannochku ...


Twelve youths came out,
let out f'fifty-two falcons ta
three hundred and sixty five swans.


Vіn the first one is thrown,
Chepurate, wash yourself,
Viide from the tower is thin,
Grab some land.
E taka in a new turbota -
Raise everyone to work.


Twelve brothers walk one by one, one does not bypass one.


Two sisters go, go and don't go anywhere.


A wondrous guest came to ganok,
Another zamoviv on snіdanok
Temryavi and three nights.
Yak poїv - rozplyuschiv eyes.


Curling to the titka - night,
Pozіhnuv, rasplyushchiv eyes.
All click on snidanok,
Move on, now...


The animal is in the world, the lie is alive.


І day Ide,
I nothing else,
І third day,
I somy.
Don't wait
Vіdlіk vede,
I don't see it.
And not languishing for a century,
To that, I want a ringing heart to beat,
What stiltki would not go to you,
Vіn z mіstsya not budge.


Ide fates, and everything follows him.


Ide rokіv dvistі,
stand on the spot,
Lichit human age,
Not a human.


Spin around, spin, don't be afraid of anything, walk all the time, not a man.


Fly over the world black bird,
Let's sleep well in the world.


Flying birds on twelve legs, that one egg was carried.


The fox forked us people.


The bird waved its krill - it covered the pіvsvіta with a black inline.


On this brethren, litami all equal, and names different.
Guess what, who are we?


Not water and not land - you don’t splash on the chovn and you don’t walk with your feet.


You don’t think, you don’t guess, but you keep waving your tail.


Do not eat, do not p'є, but stand that b'є.


Not a dog, but on a flail, not a human being, but walking.


Do not grow old, do not die, but all beggar, take away.


Don't knock, don't grumble, but you'll see.


Nig not May, but Hodge,
Rota not May, but I will say
When you live, when you sleep,
When the work is started.


Nig is dumb, but a hodge, a company is dumb, but I’ll tell you if you’ll live, if you’ll sleep, if you’ll start the work.


One in a row this woman is pulling.


The first animal is alone to walk around the guardian charіvna.


Priyshov black vіl, putting palisades, and priyshov white - putting.


With the brothers of the vіkom equal, the names of the different.


Siry bik at vikno - nickname.


Syria led all people forward.


There is an oak tree, and on it there are twelve hulls, and on the skin hull there are nests of chotiri, and in the skin nest there are seven birds each.


Quietly sneaked up
I looked to the court.
Vіn remembering the guest at once,
Posіrіv i zovsіm zgas.


Tick-tock, but from the moon, no.


The book has six sheets of simple, somy gold.


At the municipality - twelve rinks, at the skin market - thirty people each, at the skin market - twenty chotiri children.


Walk the whole century, not a person.


The black cow overcame the whole world.


The black cow overcame all people, and the white cow fought all people.


Black cloth lize at the window.


What to live without a guard,
Do not stand on the hvilina.
Do not grow old, do not die,
And all beggar, take away?


What is it for the city
Fell to the top
I didn’t drink fish -
Copperhead discount,
I will not duckweed,
And the golden grains?


What's the thing, what's the whole beat of the knock?


What a guest, what darkness is.


What is a piece and a day, and no knock?


What is going on, do not collapse from the mist?


What is the guest, what is the darkness?


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