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When and from whom was the previously awarded Grammy Music Award taken away?

In 1987, producer Boney M conceived a new project called Milli Vanilli. However, the appearance of the main performers did not meet the expectations of the youth audience, and it so happened that the face of the group was two dancers who always sang "to the plywood". Soon the group gained super popularity all over the world, but it did not last long, and the musicians were exposed. The disc-producing company began to return money for the album to everyone who wanted it, and the duo was taken away from the previously awarded Grammy Award - the only case in the history of this musical award.

What are sardines?

Sardines are small yellowish green fish that belong to the herring family. Their maximum size is approximately 25 centimeters. Smoked sardines are eaten, like other herrings. But usually sardines are caught when they have not yet reached full growth, and canned food is prepared from them. Caught fish is first placed in fresh water tanks.

The sardines are then gutted, decapitated and descaled. After that, the fish is aged in saline and laid out in large cuvettes, which are passed through the dryer. Finally, the sardines are boiled for about five minutes in boiling oil. Then, after cooling, they are laid out in small flat tins and again filled with oil to prevent drying out.

One of the species of sardines that are found in the Pacific coast of North America, gives the largest catch by weight of all commercial fish. About 560 million kilograms of this fish are caught in one season!

Sardines imported from Europe are found mainly in the Mediterranean and off the west coast of France. By the way, the name "sardine" comes from the name of the island of Sardinia, near which for the first time this fish began to be harvested in large quantities. Most of the sardines caught off the Pacific coast are not used for canning at all, but are processed into oil to make soaps and paints, and are also used to make poultry and livestock feed.

The female sardine lays during the season, mainly in April and May, from 100 to 300 thousand eggs. The offspring appears from the eggs in about three days, and after three months it begins to gather in schools. Sardines feed on small plants and microorganisms, and in turn serve as food for larger fish, such as salmon.

Sardines move in huge shoals close to the surface of the water.

Is there life in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the name given to the vast region adjacent to the South Pole. It includes Antarctica - the fifth largest of the earth's continents, slightly smaller than Europe and the United States combined.

This continent is the coldest and dullest part of the Earth's surface. It is surrounded on all sides by the most severe seas on the planet. Strong, harsh winds and snowstorms always rage on it, and its entire territory is covered with eternal snow and ice. It is so cold there that the whole mainland is a huge lifeless desert.

What is under the ice sheets of Antarctica? It is difficult to say, because it is still too poorly understood. The researchers managed to find deposits of coal and small veins of valuable minerals. However, their extraction is so difficult and expensive that they remain intact. Of the plants, only the most primitive forms exist there: mosses, lichens, lower fungi and algae, which have no nutritional value. Therefore, only such animals and birds live there that can get food from the sea.

Among the birds, skuas, polar gulls and several varieties of penguins should be mentioned. Penguins live and lay their eggs on the coast of the continent. Their wings are poorly developed and therefore penguins cannot fly, but they swim well. Seals and whales live in Antarctic waters.

Whaling is the only industry that thrives in the Antarctic regions. At one time, it reached such proportions that international agreements were required to put the capture of whales under control and thereby prevent their complete destruction.

What natural disasters claim the most human lives?

Cyclones and typhoons, or rather, their consequences. Over 60 years, from 1947 to 2006, more than 2 million people became their victims.

What is blood pressure?

Many older people have high blood pressure. It is generally accepted that 15-20 percent of the deaths of older people over fifty in the US are due to high blood pressure! What is blood pressure? This is the pressure exerted on the blood by the heart and arteries. When the left ventricle of the heart contracts, it pushes blood into the arteries. The main arteries must dilate to allow this blood to pass through.

But the muscular lining of the arteries resists this pressure, and the blood is forced out into the body's smaller blood vessels. Therefore, blood pressure is the level of blood pressure that appears as a result of the work of the heart and the resistance of the walls of the arteries.

There are ways to measure blood pressure, and a certain pressure value is considered normal for a certain age of a person. But in some people, this pressure begins to exceed normal, and this phenomenon is called hypertension, that is, high blood pressure. This can happen for many reasons, such as nervous tension or malfunction of the endocrine glands or kidneys. It is usually difficult to find out all the reasons. And in most cases, the pressure can be elevated without any unpleasant symptoms.

In other cases, the condition deteriorates rapidly. What happens is that the small blood vessels of the circulatory system resist the flow of blood. Then certain symptoms may appear. Palpitations, headache, dizziness, and a feeling of tiredness may occur.

Medicine has numerous remedies for the treatment of such a condition, depending on the specific case. These remedies include rest, changing activities, a weight-reducing diet, a low-salt diet, surgery, and so on.

What is margin?

This is the difference between the selling and buying prices of an exchange commodity, on the size of which the profit of a firm that buys and sells these goods depends.

In a broader sense, the difference between interest rates, securities rates, commodity prices and other indicators in different conditions of sale, purchase, lending, etc.

How and why did Ariadne help Theseus defeat the Minotaur?

When Theseus arrived in Crete to fight the monstrous Minotaur, Aphrodite arranged for Ariadne, the daughter of the Cretan king Minos, to fall in love with him at first sight.

According to another version, Ariadne fell in love with Theseus at a wrestling competition when she saw how he threw the former winner over himself three times in a row and pressed him to the ground with his shoulders. "I will help you kill my half-brother the Minotaur," she secretly promised him, "if you take me to Athens and make me your wife." Theseus gladly accepted this offer and vowed to marry Ariadne.

Daedalus, the famous builder of the Labyrinth, had previously given Ariadne a magical ball of thread and taught her how to enter and exit the Labyrinth. She had to open the door and tie the free end of the thread to the door lintel, and then follow the ball, which, becoming smaller and smaller with each step, would lead through cunning turns and transitions to the inner room where the Minotaur lives.

Ariadne gave this ball to Theseus and ordered him to follow the ball until it leads him to a sleeping monster, who should be grabbed by the hair and sacrificed to Poseidon. He will find his way back by winding the thread into a ball.

Theseus did everything as he was told, after which Ariadne secretly fled with him.

When did you start collecting honey?

Honey is one of the most amazing products of nature. It has been used by man since ancient times, when it was the only source of sugar. In the old days, honey was used for medicinal purposes: alcoholic beverages were made from it, used in a mixture with wine. In Egypt, honey was one of the embalming agents for mummification.

In ancient India, honey served as a preservative to preserve fruit and was also used in cooking. Honey is mentioned in the Bible, in the Koran, in the works of ancient Greek authors. Therefore, as we can see, the use of honey goes far back in history.

Currently, honey finds a variety of uses. It imparts flavor to food, fruits, sweets and confectionery. It is also used in ice cream, for medical purposes, for feeding young children. For athletes, it serves as a source of energy.

Honey has disinfectant properties, and therefore it is used in the treatment of wounds and cuts. Honey is used in hand salves, cigarettes, antifreeze, and even golf balls!

Why did Marvel create a new hearing aid-wearing superhero?

Marvel employees have received a letter asking for help from the mother of 4-year-old boy Anthony Smith. The child was almost completely deaf, and he needed to wear a hearing aid, but he refused to do this, since superheroes do not use such devices. Marvel immediately remembered one of the Hawkeye comics when he was forced to wear a hearing aid due to an injury. The artists created the special, pairing Hawkeye with a new The Blue Ear character inspired by Anthony, who said, "With my machine, I can hear calls for help from anyone in need!" Having received these drawings as a gift from Marvel, the boy began to put on the device with pleasure.

Who is hunting the man?

For crocodiles, predatory representatives of the cat family and for piranha fish, a person is food and an object of hunting.

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