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Kalmyk riddles

Riddles for adults and children

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Kalmyk riddles

The lasso, twisted by the mother, cannot be folded

The poor old woman has tiny boots

Without legs, but walks, without wings, but flies

No arms, no legs requires a shirt

Without arms, without legs, but the door opens

Lick a tasteless thing ten times

White cow with snow blanket

The white tablecloth covered the whole earth

Faster than a projectile by half a fathom, faster than the wind by a fathom

In the mountainless steppe, in the waterless desert, the prince fights without shedding blood.

A small house in a big house, five brothers in a small house

A mouse fell into a well

Thirty-two palaces flaunt in the hollow

Lotus flaunts in a small lake

Does not burn in fire and does not sink in water

In the midst of countless enemies, an agile batyr broke through

It is clear in the mind, but not visible to the eye

In a cloud as black as soot, loose snow glistens

Rotten meat in the cupboard

There are many troops in a yurt without doors

The upper felt blanket covered the whole world

Climbed up on the chest and calls uncle

Outside the yurt - a horse, and in the yurt - the end of the rope

In the yard of the listener - a red foal

Reeds grew around the round lake

Getting up early, followed the footsteps of the spider

Getting up early, he began to tar his grandfather's head

A tall white-faced girl bowed morning and evening

Somewhere there was a blow, and the camel's tail flew up

Dirt under the bed

Two brothers are the same height

During the day in the hut, at night on the street

Eating with belly and spitting out with back

Yellow dog gets fat wagging its tail

The foal fell into the ocean - it's not the foal that suffers, but the ocean

Gathered sheepskin behind the ram

Behind the mountain is a hare bed

Behind the mirage, the tip of the peak is visible

Behind the five mountains is the lair of a hunting dog

The back of the head is smooth

The herbs of the southern slope are graceful, the reeds of the northern slope are beautiful

White steamships moored to the banks of a shallow river

Doesn't go to neighbors, but likes to communicate with people

When the gray horse of the desert neighed, ninety-nine mares of nature immediately foaled

When the toothless matchmaker came, they slaughtered a boneless sheep

The stocky old woman jumped up to the top of the railing of the wagon

A short-eared stallion has the voice of a two-year-old foal

The tongue of the lizard is beautiful, the water of the deep well is pure

A bird flew without wings, a man fired without a gun, a cook cooked without fire, a king ate without a mouth

A boat without oars crossed the sea

Shaggy old man with protruding teeth

The horse that the daughter-in-law rides is thin in the lower back

A boy in a felt hat walks and whistles

A boy the size of an ax, and a terrible voice

A boy with a cloudy white eye looks through the formation of troops

The metal worker has wooden legs

Don't touch me or I'll burst

Many people waved their hats

Milk from a mad cow

The mouse fell into the well, the mouse did not suffer, but the well suffered

White bony stallion draped with an infinite number of saddles

Sheep bleated on the bank of a waterless river

Crooked willows grew on the shore of a smooth lake

A strange thing is seen on the shore of the lake

A golden saddle is put on a branched tree

Looks like red silk, tastes sweet like sugar

A red calf is tied up on the mountain

At the bottom of deep hell the stick paces

On the chimney - half a cake

On ice - silver cup

Silver bowl on ice

On the tip sewed a cup of broth

A thousand warriors served in a square that can be struck with a whip

On the pillow - a penny

There are five geese on the shelf

A goat and a bull fight on a shelf

In the middle of a reed lake, non-spillable mercury

Kidneys hang on a strong horse

A sheep fell on a rock, the sheep did not feel pain, but the rock suffered

A black foal ambles on the salt marsh

On the other side of the sea, the camel roared, dust rose in the marked place

On a withered tree, a drop of rain does not linger

Has no legs, but walks, has no neck, but carries

Not a horse, but a swift one, but a body made of iron

Not a shirt, but sewn, not a man, but tells

Unbeliever, but always bows

Can't hang fat

No mane to grab onto, no tail to shrug off flies

The sheep are black and the fence is white

Blue silk blanket and yellow silk mat

Father's forehead frowned, healing tears flowed

Before the ram - a bat

A handkerchief, the size of a palm, is on errands for every neighbor

The ash-hilted whip is impossible to hold in your hand

A blue wolf ran through the hollow of a tree

I don’t walk on the ground, I don’t fly up, I don’t build nests, I don’t give birth to children

A wolf ran through an empty pit

A nonsense letter under the pillow

The lean black horse has eight thousand brands

Fence full of sheep and all blackheads

After starvation, she is dressed in a hundred fur coats

You look - it's cold, but you take it in your hands - it's warm

Barred like a comb, round like the moon

An even circle, a fluffy pillow, a passing thief, a husky dog

You chop, you chop - there are no chips, you prick, prick - there is no blood

Loose khan recovers lying down

With a yard nose and six eyes

With bulging eyes, with protruding ears

With serpentine wooden nails, two arms and one leg

With a short tail, with calf hair

With the help of the little finger and thumb lifted the weight

With a spreading tail, with a hare run

Open mouth but no throat to swallow

From the very early morning a red-bald bull comes from the east

From the other side of the river comes with a fishing rod

Himself the size of a mountain, ears - the size of a hare, eyes - the size of a cup

The most cowardly in nature

The gray-haired old man has eyes with which he looks both at night and during the day

Sits like a cat and looks like a rooster

The rock said "ding" and the camel opened its mouth

No matter how much you chase - you will not catch up, no matter how much you grab - you will not hold

Dogs of the same village bark in one direction

Clench your fist - it fits in the palm of your hand, open it - it doesn't fit even in the steppe

Among animals - a beast, among birds - a bird

The herd, which was at the bend, was gathered by a bay horse

Quietly lies, unexpectedly grabs

He who sows millet on white land, he gets a rich harvest

A three year old cow has three legs

Jerboa without bones flew over the sea

Ten brothers have smooth backs

At the earthen void - meat cork

A very small thing has ninety-nine eyes

Sisters have equal shoulders

Four brothers have one hat

The wide white beshmet has many buttons

Walks, walks - no trace, pricks, pricks - no blood

Skinny horse tangled with nails

A four year old cow has four legs.

What's the sweetest thing in the world?

He walks slowly in goat boots, dressed in a motley coat, and his face is the color of golden milk.

Six-legged two-year-old rambling sheep

The broad-faced yellow old woman has seventy layers of clothes

Rustle in the lower part of the wagon

Grandpa's fur coat cannot be stepped over, grandmother's fur coat cannot be rolled up.

A ticklish guy butted a sheep, and a sheep - a cow, and a cow - the ground

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