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Search in the Free archive of schemes of domestic equipment

In our Free technical library You can without registering a large selection of schemes of domestic equipment. Color and black-and-white TVs, tape recorders, radio tape recorders, music centers, amplifiers, tuners, radios, radios, electrophones, car radios, etc. are presented. more than 1000 schemes.

List of schemes of domestic TVs and a link to download the collection here.

List of schemes of domestic audio equipment and a link to download the collection here.

For most of the domestic audio equipment, a detailed technical description of the devices is attached, reference data, wiring diagrams are given.

You can find in which of the technical reference books of the collection a description of a particular device is published using the following form.

Enter the full name of the device or part of it, for example Vega 326 or just Vega.