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Riddles about household appliances

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about household appliances in Russian

There is a box in the bathroom,
Eye transparent and round looks.
It's interesting to look into the eye when
There is water in this box.

What a miracle, what a box?
Himself a singer and himself a storyteller,
And besides, at the same time
Shows movies.

In our kitchen all year round
Santa Claus lives in the closet.

In our house under the window
There is a hot accordion:
She doesn’t sing or play - she heats the house.

In Linen Country
By the river a sheet
The ship is sailing
Back, then forward.
And behind him such a smooth surface -
Not a wrinkle to be seen!

In this little thing
A warm wind has settled.

Hanging pear - you can not eat.

Strokes everything it touches
And if you touch it, it bites.

Every day at 7 am, I'm cracking: it's time to get up!

The whole universe lives in it,
And it's an ordinary thing.

Look under the window
There is an accordion stretched out
But the harmonica does not play -
It warms our apartment.

Shoots like a machine gun
Sew a new dress.

Both in the taiga and in the ocean
He will find any way
Fits in your pocket
And he leads us.

When this friend is with you
You can without roads
Walk north and south
To the west and east.

You turn me on
Turn the screw.
I will wake you up
Only at the right time!

He worries and pleases the sailor,
Reporting weather news.
He rises, then he falls
And always in place.

We don't sleep for a day
We don't sleep at night
Both day and night
We knock, we knock.

We walk at night, we walk during the day
But we're not going anywhere.
We strike regularly every hour,
And you, friends, do not beat us.

On the iron bed
Flowers are blue
Help to cook
Any food.

On my friends screen
That the seas rustle in the fog,
That fruit shakes the garden.
There are cartoons for kids.

On the arm and on the wall
And on the tower above
They walk, they walk smoothly
From sunrise to sunrise.

There is a plate on the wall
An arrow moves across the plate.
This forward arrow
We know the weather.

He does not eat, does not drink, but speaks and sings.

I have no legs, but I walk
There is no mouth, but I will say
When everyone sleeps
And when to get up.

He willingly inhaled the dust,
Didn't get sick or sneezed.

On the wave, on the wave
Music floats to me.

Sleeping on matter
I stick my sharp nose everywhere.
Oh, and I'm angry and hissing.
I really don't like mint.

Turn the magic circle
And my friend will hear me.

Admire, look -
North Pole inside!
There sparkles snow and ice,
Winter lives there.
Forever us this winter
Brought from the store.

I brought the sun
For your window.
Hung to the ceiling -
It became fun at home.

I'll walk a little hot,
And the sheet will be smooth.
I can fix bugs
And put arrows on the trousers.

I see dust - I grumble,
I'll finish and swallow.

With great willingness inhales the dust,
But not sick, not sneezing.

Sits on the roof of all above.

A climber stands on the roof
And catches the news for us.

They knock, they knock - they don't tell you to be bored.
They go, they go, and everything is right there.

They knock, they knock
Don't be bored:
They go, they go
And everything is right here.

Dries dry wind
My mother's curls.

One-eyed artist
Doesn't carry a pencil
But draw right away
Your portrait is excellent.

Four blue suns
Grandma's in the kitchen
Four blue suns
They burned and faded.
Shchi is ripe, pancakes hiss.
Until tomorrow the sun is not needed.

What always goes
And won't leave the place?

This eye is a special eye.
He quickly looks at you
And will be born
The most accurate portrait of you.

I can mow the grass
But not in the meadow.
I want to walk on the cheeks.
Hey stubble, watch out!

I won't boast:
I will rejuvenate all my friends!
They come to me sad -
With wrinkles, with folds,
They leave very cute -
Fun and smooth!
So I'm a reliable friend

I really like to wander through the carpets,
On soft sofas, in dark corners.
I always find delicious dust there
And I buzz loudly with pleasure.

I'll sit under my arm
And I'll tell you what to do:
Or let me walk
Or I'll go to bed.

I'll sit under my arm and tell you what to do:
Either I'll put you to bed, or I'll let you walk.

I puff, I puff
I don't want to get hot anymore.
The lid rattled loudly.
"Drink tea, the water has boiled!"

Riddles about household appliances in Ukrainian

Win so freeze
Trying so hard
What did you see in the cold


Live without a language, do not stand and do not speak, but speak and speak.


The white witch is standing in the kitchen,
The cold vibrates, the products are saved.


In the box - vikno,
Vіknі - cinema.


to squawk you
Axis out!
Do you love cinema?
Then wonder:
Axis out!
Tell everything
All show...
We are friends with him


Vіd vukh to vukh
Live a mess.
Through the fox-bog,
By the steps, by the darts.


Stroking everything that sticks, and sticking - bites.


Looking at the screen in the apartment
We see what is happening in the world.


Two sisters go, go and don't go anywhere.


Wooden screen,
Pigeon vikno.
Graє, rozmovlyає,
Show a movie.


The house is a glass bubble
And the light lives in it.
He sleeps during the day, but when he wakes up,
It will ignite with a bright flame.


Є in our house is a wonderful house:
Winter is a guest in it.
I want to be in the house
I save everything - what I drink and їm.


You know me, children.
I am the sixth letter in the alphabet.
And vin pratsyuє on budovі
І to wear slabs of a hundred.
How to unite us into one,
Then you play the movie.


And not the sun, and not the moon, but shine clearly, like daylight.


Ide fates, and everything follows him.


Ide rokіv dvistі,
stand on the spot,
Lichit human age,
Not a human.


Twisted her finger
Wonderful circle.
Twisted lightly -
Chuli is far away.


Spin around, spin, don't be afraid of anything, walk all the time, not a man.


little hut,
And in nіy - kolіshchatka.


There is a mountain on the mountain, and on that mountain there is a bark, a heart with threads, and fire for an inch.


You don’t think, you don’t guess, but you keep waving your tail.


Do not eat, do not p'є, but walk and b'є.


Don't eat, don't eat, but speak and speak.


Do not eat, do not p'є, but stand that b'є.


Not a person, but to speak.


Not a dog, but on a flail, not a human being, but walking.


You don't need any pans,
No frying pans, no fire,
Everything that stinks can do at once,
I can easily do it myself!


Small, without language, but from a distance to bring news.


Nig not May, but Hodge,
Rota not May, but I will say
When you live, when you sleep,
When the work is started.


Nig is dumb, but a hodge, a company is dumb, but I’ll tell you if you’ll live, if you’ll sleep, if you’ll start the work.


Axis riddle so riddle:
De go -
Get smooth.
Just don't stick your finger,
You will be safe, so you know.
And to take me tobi -
I wash my hand on my hump.


Otse so budinok - one vikno: today at the vikni cinema.


Walk on the dart, disperse the bird.


I round


The nightingale sings in one mist, and the whole world smells it.


The accordion heats the whole house.


Tick-tock, but from the moon, no.


Either cold or hot
At home, leather mene bachiv.
I sleep
I see the heat
I let
From the nose of a couple.


Near the room, near the hutch, on the wall there is a small screen on a string, everything tells me.


The neck has a bath, a sieve is in its nose, a buzzard is on its head, one hand is on the back.


Walk the whole century, not a person.


Tsoka ta tsoka,
Beat Yogo Moroka
Who benefits?
Comedy, that year.


Cherevan in a dream's hut,
Cold in the neck trim.
What hovaє - vіddaє.
Upіznali, hto vіn є?


A black field and woods, a voice rises, you walk along the wires, you will say here, but a little there.


What's the thing, what's the whole beat of the knock?


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