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Riddles about snakes, lizards, snails

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles in Russian | Riddles in Ukrainian

Riddles about snakes, lizards, snails in Russian

Runs among the stones
Don't run after her.
Grabbed by the tail, but - ah! -
She ran away, and the tail is in her hands.

Be careful:
Not visible in the grass
But grab your leg
Maybe she.

Fast and nimble
I am in a serpentine skin,
And you will catch me by the tail,
You will lose immediately.

All day I walk along the path,
I’ll release it, then I’ll hide the horns.
I'm not in a hurry to get home.
Why hurry me in an empty way?
I carry my house with me
And that's why I'm always at home.

Rolls eyes in all directions.
The tongue showed us without any embarrassment.
There are a million colors and shades on the skin.
Grabbed our dragonfly...

rope twists,
At the end is the head.

Two antennas on top, and she sits in a hut,
She is carried on herself, she crawls very slowly.

arboreal lifestyle,
Smart enough
Change color, just whistle

She, cherishing her head,
much safer
drop your tail and run away
grow a spare.

If the tail loses
The other will increase!

Turns yellow like sand
And green as a leaf.
Under any changes the background
Your suit...

From a thorn bush,
For the leg tyapulya.

The ornament twists.
Don't piss him off - he'll sting!

That emerald snake.
But to catch - go and manage.
And lift her by the tail -
The tail will leave, and - to run.

You can't catch them on a stump -
All that's left is the tail.

Who is green on a leaf,
Light yellow - on the sand?
Who changes color easily?
Give the correct answer!

Who carries his own house?

Ribbon wriggles -
Going to regret.

The forest is quiet, only a ringing is heard,
He shoots his tongue.
It's easy for us to guess
Who shot at the mosquitoes?

And you can't lift your tail!

Past Yurka, Past Verka,
Past all the guys around
Arrow rushing, arrow rushing
And under the gray stone -

I'm not lucky on myself
Own house...

I carry a house on me
From enemies I hide in it.

Not a frog
And not a snake
But both relatives!
It's a predator though small
Feeds on insects and spiders
It's called...

Do not catch them not in the grass,
Not running on the ground!
And if you grab by the tail,
Leave your tail!

Not the stall, not the hut.
There is a horned cattle in it,
Afraid to stick out the horns
Doesn't moo or milk.
Not a cow, not a goat...
I don't know where the eyes are...
Walking is torture for her!
And her name is...

Wears a cool man
Unusual jacket.
It walks without fear -
The jacket changes colors.
Here I climbed a tree
And disappeared into the dense foliage.
Became like a gray bitch
Our cunning man.

She is like a snake
Flickers in the grass.
Tail wags.
The tail will break off -
The new one will live.

Horns climb along the path -
You won't butt?
I touched them a little -
Horns hid again.

Runs up the hillside
Tail - steering wheel.
Grab the ponytail, only - ah! -
Run away! Tail in hand.

Look at the snake without a tail crawling
Soon a new tail will grow!

Lost half a tail!
Only this is not a problem!
She has again
Grows a new one!
Who does this happen to?
Who knows the answer?

Looks like a little snake
Flickers in the grass.
Who will take by the tail
The one with him in his hand will remain!

Spread out on the ground
Runs fast everywhere
Likes to bask on the rocks
You grab it - the tail is in your hands.

Looks like a dinosaur
But several times less!
This lizard is a terrible snake,
Lives in hot countries!

Teremok crawls on itself, he is lucky, the hostess is rich, rich, horned.

There is no smarter animal
it always changes color.
The beast is not used to running
midges take out the tongue.
Who is he, tell me?
Children then...

Rustling, rustling grass, the whip creeps alive.
So he got up and hissed: come, who is very brave.

It is a relative of lizards
What is hidden in the dunes
Only twenty times less
On a stump, squinting your eyes
Stretched to full height
If anything, drop the tail.

This strange beast in an hour
The color changes many times.
If he sits in the foliage,
Painted green.
If it crawls on the sand
The color will be like sand.
It will even become white!
This is indeed ...

I'm going to visit, or I'm going home
I carry my house everywhere.
And if danger awaits on the path,
I - once, and I will hide the horns in it.

I am green baby
And agile even too
If you catch my tail,
I will give - it will be yours.

I run through holes in the ground.
Don't take it by the tail
I'll leave it with him!

I tried to catch her
But only the tail remained in the hand.
And she caught a trace:
Sniffing under a snag - and no!

I'm crawling my way
I carry the house.
I need quite a bit -
Live in peace and in the forest!

I can hide quickly
And quietly hide.
Well, what if you cheat
And catch me by the tail
I give it to you, saying goodbye
I'll drop it, dissolving in the grass.

Riddles about snakes, lizards, snails in Ukrainian

Without hands, without legs, but walking on the ground.


In the wake of the unexpected arrival, he galloped sharply into the water.


Lord, according to the stitches,
Take your hut on your own.
Friends call Yogo Pavlik,
Zvіsno, tserrogaty...


I am not a snake, I am not a beast,
I am not a toad, I am not a bird:
Vipovzaє іz nіr -
Insolent death for komakh.


Ishla Julitta,
Spits with a skull,
Armless, legless,


Edge of the road, on the edge,
Come on, little creature - thin-nosed,
One leg, five legs...
There go...


I love taking communion, warming up in the sun, hiding among people, and people themselves are afraid.


She lay down under an oak tree,
Flared up in a ball.
Get around її,
Watch out...


Not a goat, but a horned one.
Povіlny, vailuvatiy.
Wear dim on you
І hovaєtsya with him.


Teremok carried, on one's own yoga, the owner of riches, riches, horns.


Thin, narrow-witted, climbing on the ground,
yak batig dovge, ta zovsim don’t fight.
People are afraid, milk is alive,
in foxes they are rich, you know the skin.


Who sees the field without leaving his home?


Who should wear their booths on their own?


Who is wearing his own hut?


Who fills the tail,
How do you see the enemy ticking?


Tsya little creature
On your back you carry a hut,
Yak її torkaєshsya -
In mussels hovaєtsya
Tsey little kind Pavlik
Who is it, kids? Well, ...


I'll call in the grass without nig,
I catch frogs and hares.
I'm not lagidna and not good,
I'm big black...


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