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Riddles about fruits and berries

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles about fruits and berries in Russian

Hanging red beads
They are looking at us from the bushes,
These beads are very fond of
Children, birds and bears.

Was green, small,
Then I became scarlet.
I turned black in the sun
And now I'm ripe.

In haymaking - bitter,
And in the cold - sweet,
What is a berry?

The tree does not bloom, but gives a harvest.

Sleeping in the garden in winter
Mustache does not grow.
In summer - with red eyes
And green mustaches.

Like blood, red.
Like honey, delicious.
Like a ball, round
It went into my mouth.

Like a stitch on a track
I see scarlet earrings.
Bent over one
And I hit ten!
I bowed - not lazy,
I picked up a mug with a top.

Little red nesting doll, little white heart.

round, ruddy,
I grow on a branch;
adults love me
And little kids.

Small as a mouse
Red as blood
Tasty like honey.

On the branch - sweets stuffed with honey,
And the skin on a branch of a hedgehog breed.

On the bake, the stumps have many thin stems,
Each thin stalk holds a scarlet light,
We rake the stalks - we collect the lights.

Himself scarlet, sugar - the caftan is green, velvet.

Himself with a cam
red barrel,
You touch - smoothly,
And take a bite - sweet.

Sitting next to us
Looks with black eyes.
Black, sweet, small
And the guys are nice.

I am a drop of summer on a thin leg,
Weave boxes and baskets for me.
Whoever loves me is glad to bow.
And the name was given to me by my native land.

Riddles about fruits and berries in Ukrainian

No hands, no legs, but a fork on the stove.


Big through the plate, zachepivs that and hang.


The oak is clear, red in the middle.


Green on top, and little red in the middle.


І licorice, і brown
Black grone in me
And the red ones are already sour,
More green.


Іz chervonim tiltsem,
From the heart-stone,
And the taste - well,
What's up, itself
Your mouth is jumping -
There is no patience!


Little fruits, mov
earrings hung.
Red - licorice, green - more sour.


Not hot and not salty,
And licorice and red.
What is the name of Tsey Tovstun?


little pannochka
Hiding in the cold -
Little red bitch,
White stump.


The garden bed smells small -
Shvidko grew sisters, -
Chepurushki chubby
Hooked at the grass.
Black dots on the faces...


The gray whale hung over the plate.


Sit sir on the hump
We have a red capturka,
Who will not pass - spin the croc,
Shchob zіrvat kapturok.


Let me tell you a riddle:
At night, I spilled the river
I near the valley, on the sand,
Having planted a small hut.
Hut without windows, without doors, -
Yak do not be wiser, you can not get in;
There's a lot of people
And lasoshchiv - do not cross!
Well, how can I go there?
Want to be tobi de-nebud schіlka ...
I go there, I go here -
Niyak: no animal, no prichіlka.
I wonder - from the lozi ide Rizak, -
Yogo small and big know:
Sokiri our brother-in-law,
According to all usyudah vin buvaє.
Pobachiv that I go there:
"What, - feed, - is there nothing here?"
"Oh, my dove! - I say, -
What are you eating? You know Libon."
Vіn tsyuk - i cut the hut.
"Well, - kazhe - liz, schob not cortilo!"
I'm so healthy, already screaming:
"Well done! From the garne it was!"
I at once ruined all,
Sob they didn’t give lassoshchiv;
Hazyaynuvati himself soiled,
Already the teeth began to dance.
I'm through an adventure
Like a hut thuja
I, dyakuyuchi Rizak,
I'm savoring scholitechka now.
From bachte, like an old lasun
Weave riddles for you by learning ...


Just the one I live:
And then the whole hour is a bone: I lie with my tassel, neither alive nor dead.


All two sisters are related
Green - similar,
Such insults are similar,
What can you not tease,
And then let's go up -
І sisters rozpodіbnyatsya:
One redemption,
And insha - pochornіє.


I'm zhovtenka, I'm small,
Mov honey malt.
On the tower I reach
I warm the sun.


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