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Logic riddles

Riddles for adults and children

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Logic riddles in Russian

16 musicians from one brass band play in front of the audience, but no one listens to them. Why?

27 geese go from the house to the pond. 7 of them got lost behind, 12 came back, 8 of them flew over the pond. Question: What are the rest of the geese doing?

4 people stand in a row.
Everyone can only see those standing in front of him, if nothing interferes.
The first sees the second and third.
The second sees the third.
The third one does not see anyone because of the wall.
The fourth also sees no one.
They know they are wearing hats, two black and two white.
But none of them knows what color hat he is wearing.
They are tasked with finding out the color of their hat.
You can’t look at your hat, you can’t look back either.
Question: Which of them in this situation can recognize the color of his hat?

The car is speeding down the highway. The pranksters attached an empty pot to the exhaust pipe at the back on a rope, which rattled loudly. At what speed must the car go in order not to hear the sound of the pan?

The agent needed to infiltrate one "closed" party. The pass inside was a special word-password. The agent hid near the entrance and began to listen. To the guard's question "Twenty-two?" the first visitor answered "Eleven!" and was let in. To the question "Twenty-eight?" the next visitor answered "Fourteen!" and was also let in. "It's all business," thought the agent, and to the guard's question, "Forty-two?" boldly answered "Twenty-one!" and was promptly driven away as a stranger. What should have been the correct answer?

Archaeological expedition in Egypt found a treasure with ancient coins. On each of the coins was minted the date of issue: 50 BC. The chief archaeologist, after looking at the coins, realized that they were ancient forgeries. How did he determine it?

Alcoholics Anonymous believes that any promising recovery program is painful for patients. That's why they say, "You only have to last one day." What day do you think it is?

The balloon is free and motionless in the air. A man got out of his gondola and began to climb up the cable. Where will the balloon move: up or down?

The bank put forward a mortgage offer that seemed too good to be true: as soon as the central bank raises the interest rate, that bank will lower the mortgage rate. And although the reverse offer also worked, the bank came up with its initiative at a time when interest rates were extremely low, but over the next 25 years the Axis expected them to rise. The starting mortgage rate outpaced competition from other banks, and the bank attracted many new customers. Considering that this bank is still thriving to this day, tell me, how did he manage to play such a rather risky game?

A wealthy merchant, dying, left his sons a herd of 17 cows as an inheritance. In total, the merchant had 3 sons. In the will it is specified to distribute the inheritance as follows: the eldest son receives half of the entire herd, the middle son must receive a third of all the cows from the herd, the youngest son must receive a ninth of the herd. How can the brothers divide the flock among themselves according to the terms of the will?

A barrel of water weighs 50 kilograms, what needs to be added to make it weigh 15 kilograms?

The smoking brothers have not spoken to each other since Bertram beat Augustus in a chess game. Until this Black Friday, Bertram had never beaten his brother. Here's how it happened:
"August, I'm ready to bet you on a box of your favorite tobacco that if you and I play two chess games at the same time, I will either win one of them or draw both. My only condition is to play on two different boards, moreover, on one I will play with black, and on the other - with white. In addition, so that you have no doubts about my honesty, I concede to you the right of the first move. Shall we play?"
How did Bertram manage to achieve victory?

The 12-storey building has an elevator. Only 2 people live on the ground floor, from floor to floor the number of inhabitants doubles. On which floor in this house is the elevator call button most often pressed?

In the 16th century, a concept appeared in Holland, which was previously determined by the range of a cannon shot, and now its value is 22 km 224 m. What is it about?

In 1933, two years before the production of Frankenstein, James Weil made a film that became a true celebration of special effects. It is noteworthy that Claude Rance, who played the main role, is practically invisible on the screen during almost the entire film. Which book was filmed by James Weil?

In 1950, one lady turned 50 years old, and in 1960 she was 40 years old. What do you think, what kind of woman is this and how is this possible?

In the 20s, employees of the criminal investigation department used the so-called "signs of concealed wearing" instead of certificates during their operational work. They consisted of service and camouflage tokens. The service badge was hidden under the lapel of his jacket. On the camouflage token, which was screwed on the front side of the lapel, there could be three different patterns: a hunter shooting a duck, a rider overcoming an obstacle, or ... Name the third, most common type of pattern.

In the hospital of St. James sent all the victims of accidents in the city. Most of all there were drivers and passengers injured in the accident. To reduce their number, the city authorities have made the use of seat belts mandatory. Drivers and passengers began to wear these belts, but the number of accidents remained unchanged, and the number of people injured in them who were admitted to the hospital even increased. Why?

There are 4 coins in two wallets, and one wallet has twice as many coins as the other. How is this possible?

At the children's hospital, the young patients loved to play with the adorable teddy bears that were there. Unfortunately, the children liked them so much that the bears began to disappear: underage patients took them home. How did the hospital management solve this problem?

In the entry ?1?2?4?8?16?32?64=27 instead of "?" put the signs "+" or "-" so that the equality becomes true.

In what situation can you get one when you add two to eleven?

In what case will 3 grandfathers, 2 grandmothers, 4 granddaughters, 3 bugs, a cat and 7 mice with a turnip get wet under one umbrella?

In which case is the equality true: 19 + 15 = 10.

In which case, looking at the number 2, do we say "ten"?

There are two coins in the pocket for a total of 15 kopecks. One of them is not a nickel. What are these coins?

Water is poured to the top in a regular cylindrical saucepan. How, without any measurements and devices at hand, is it possible to pour such an amount of water from the pan so that half of its contents remain in it?

Three friends met in a cafe: the sculptor Belov, the violinist Chernov and the artist Ryzhov. "It's great that one of us is white, the other is black, and the third has red hair, but none of us have hair color that matches the last name," the black-haired man remarked. "You're right," Belov said. What color is the artist's hair?

Pets live in the apartment: dogs and cats. Of all the animals, only one is not a dog, and all but one of the pets are cats. How many cats and dogs are there?

There are five first-graders in the class: Anya, Vova, Vika, Sveta and Seryozha.
1. Anyone who loves Vova is friends with Sveta.
2. Those whom Vika considers her enemies are Anya and Sveta. But Vika is friends with Vova and Serezha.
3. Vova is friends with Vika, Anya and Seryozha, but not friends with Sveta.
What is the name of the girl who loves Vova?

There was a fire in the forest, and after extinguishing a dead diver was found on the ashes, although the nearest lake is at least a kilometer away. How did he die?

In the forest, ten sources of dead water beat out from under the ground: from No. 1 to No. 10. From the first nine sources, everyone can take dead water, but source No. 10 is located in Koshchei's cave, which no one except Koshchei himself can get into. The taste and color of dead water is no different from ordinary water, however, if a person drinks from any source, he will die. Only one thing can save him: if he drinks poison from a source whose number is greater. And if he immediately drinks the tenth poison, then nothing will help him. Ivanushka challenged Koshchei to a duel. The conditions of the duel were as follows: each brings a mug of liquid with him and gives it to his opponent to drink. Koschei was delighted: "Hurrah! I will give poison number 10, and Ivanushka will not be able to escape! And I myself will drink the poison that Ivanushka will bring me, I will drink it with my tenth and be saved!" On the appointed day, the opponents met. Both honestly exchanged mugs and drank what was in them. However, it turned out that Koschei died, and Ivanushka remained alive. How did Ivanushka manage to defeat Koshchei?

Which candy has a chill in its name?

Wine is poured into one glass, and the same amount of water is poured into the other. Take a teaspoon of wine from a glass of wine and pour it into a glass of water. Then, having mixed the contents of the glass with water well, take a teaspoon of the resulting solution and pour it back into the glass of wine. What will be more - wine in water or water in wine?

In one despotic country, the king called all the court wise men (their number is not important, we will assume without loss of generality that there are 20 of them) and announced to them the following:
Tomorrow they will all be lined up and blindfolded, then a black or white cap will be put on each head and the bandages will be removed. Everyone will be able to see the color of the hats of those in front of him, but cannot see his own hat and the hats of those behind him. Everyone in the line will be asked the question: What color is your cap? If the sage answers correctly, he will be left alive. If wrong, then he is not worthy to be a sage and he will be executed.
What strategy should the wise men choose to ensure that as many of them as possible survive? They are given exactly one night for reflection and meetings.

In one prison, on the international day of convicts, they organized a contest-game. All prisoners take part in the game. If they win, the administration promises to release them all. Here's what the game is about:
All the prisoners are placed separately in different punishment cells. Then one of the prisoners is released and taken to a special punishment cell with a light bulb. None of the prisoners knows and cannot peep who exactly they are taking to that punishment cell. In a special punishment cell there is 1 light bulb, and the prisoner has the right to turn on / off / leave the light bulb unchanged. Then they close him again in his punishment cell and take any other prisoner (it may be the same one).
This is how the game goes on all day long. The prisoners will win if one of the prisoners comes out of a special punishment cell and says "there were all the prisoners already" and it will be true, otherwise, if it is not true, the game ends.
Before the start of the game, the prisoners can discuss the strategy of the game among themselves, but during the game no one can communicate with anyone. At the start of the game, the light is off.
The task is completely logical, it doesn’t have any tricks like leaving some kind of sign in a special punishment cell, or determining by touch how long a light bulb works ...
Help the prisoners get out of prison!

In one city, all the people were merchants or potters. Merchants have always told lies, and potters have always told the truth. When all the people gathered in the square, each of those gathered said to the others: "You are all merchants!" How many potters were there in this city?

In one city, a new district of 100 houses was built. The sign makers have made and brought a pack of new signs with house numbering from 1 to 100. Count the number of all 9s found in these signs (numbers 9 and 6 are different numbers).

In one class, the students were divided into two groups. Some had to always tell only the truth, while others - only a lie. All students in the class wrote an essay on a free topic, which had to end with the phrase "Everything written here is true" or "Everything written here is false." There were 17 truth-tellers and 18 liars in the class. How many essays turned out with a statement about the veracity of what was written?

The Sberbank branch employs: a cashier, a controller and a manager. Their last names are Borisov, Ivanov and Sidorov. The cashier has no brothers or sisters and is the shortest of all. Sidorov is married to Borisov's sister and taller than the controller. Name the cashier, controller and manager.

The hotel has 7 floors. Four people were accommodated on the first one, on each subsequent - 2 more than on the previous one. On which floor of the hotel is the elevator most often called?

In Aleksin's story "Sasha and Shura" the following conversation took place between the characters: "What is your dog's name?" - "Of course, Bergen." And why "of course", the questioner understood when he learned the breed of the dog. Name her too.

At one time, the mayor Glazunov telegraphed the chairman of the sanitary commission, who was away: "Cholera is on the decline. I will be glad if the Petersburgers finally rest." In a response telegram, the chairman demanded clarification. And what exactly?

In his article "Pushkin, or Truth and Plausibility", Vladimir Nabokov wrote: "In my opinion, the Pushkin era is the last in the run of time, where our imagination can still penetrate without a passport, endowing the details of life with features borrowed from painting. 1840 .. Neither Byron, nor Pushkin, nor Goethe survived to this date... Just think, if Pushkin had lived for another 2-3 years, we would have had..." What exactly?

There are five people in a family: husband, wife, their son, husband's sister and wife's father. Their professions are engineer, lawyer, locksmith, teacher and economist. It is known that a lawyer and a teacher are not blood relatives. The locksmith is younger than the economist, and both play football for the national team of their factory. The engineer is younger than the teacher, but older than his brother's wife. Name each profession.

In the old Quebec hotel "Louis XIV" adjoining rooms were connected by a shared bathroom. In the bathroom, on the handles of the doors leading to the rooms, hung a meter long leather belt. And what did the hotel guest do with these belts when he went into the bathroom?

In the turning shop of a repair plant, a turner grinds bushings from bronze blanks. For the manufacture of each bronze bushing, one blank is required. In order to save material, the bronze shavings collected after the manufacture of the bushings are used for remelting and casting of new similar blanks. How many bushings can be made in this way from 36 initially existing identical blanks, if it is known that the chips generated from the manufacture of six bushings are enough for the subsequent smelting of one additional blank?

What is the difference between a soccer player and a street walker?

In the era of sailing ships, when 2 sailboats met, they saluted each other with cannon shots. Shots could show their intentions - friendly or hostile. How?

Vasily, Peter, Semyon and their wives Natalya, Irina, Anna have been together for 151 years. Every husband is 5 years older than his wife. Vasily is 1 year older than Irina. Natalya and Vasily together are 48 years old, Semyon and Natalya are together 52 years old. Who is married to whom, and how old is who? (Age must be expressed in whole numbers.)

Along the street where I live, there are red and blue trams that belong to the same route. The number of both trams is the same. The red trams, as well as the blue ones, run at the same time interval of ten minutes. During the day I make several trips, and at different times. It would seem that the number of trips in the red and blue trams should be approximately the same with a possible slight deviation. However, due to some circumstances, the actual number of trips in red trams is almost 90% of the total number of trips. How can such a phenomenon be explained?

The owners of a well-known shoe manufacturing company implemented a rather unusual original solution, according to which in one city only right shoes were made at a shoe factory, and in another city only left shoes were made. Through this implementation, the firm was able to significantly reduce some of its losses. What do you think caused the company these losses? Theft of shoes (pairs of shoes) by workers from factories.

Returning home from fishing, the fisherman met his friend, who inquired about his catch. But, since our fisherman, in addition to fishing, was also a great lover of all kinds of riddles, he answered his friend as follows: "If I add half the catch and a dozen more fish to the number of fish I caught, then my catch would be exactly a hundred fish." How many fish did the angler catch?

The balloon is carried away by a continuous wind in a southerly direction. In which direction do the flags on his gondola fly?

Is it possible to boil water on an open flame in a paper cup?

A wolf cub, a monkey and a hippopotamus approached the carousel, on which the car and the airplane were spinning. Each of the friends wanted to ride on both. The car and the plane could accommodate only one passenger each. For three visits, each of the friends once rolled on a typewriter and on an airplane. On the first run, the monkey rode on an airplane, and the wolf cub - on a typewriter. During the second run, a wolf cub rode the airplane. Who and what was riding during the third run?

We have all heard the murmur of the stream more than once. Why do you think he murmurs?

Everyone knows that there is a way to put a ship model in a bottle. But how do you get a whole ripe cucumber in the bottle without damaging the bottle?

Everyone knows that the Spaniards used their cavalry with great success in the wars of the Conquest against the Indians, who had no tame mounts, except for unfit for battle llamas and guanacos. Why did the Indians not domesticate wild mustangs, which are easily tamed?

3 friends met: Serova, Zolotareva and Chernova. And they were dressed in this way: one has a black dress, the other has a gray dress,

You fell ill, went to the doctor, who gave you three tablets in jars A and B. The tablets are identical in shape and color, but have a different effect. You must take a pill from jar A and a pill from jar B together every day for three days. The recipe must not be broken. But in the morning after the first day, you saw that there were three tablets on the table, jar B was empty, and jar A had only one tablet. How do you proceed to complete the treatment without violating the prescription?

You are in a hall with four doors and a small window. Three of the four doors are imaginary - that is, there is a blank wall behind them - and only one leads outside .. You have a key that fits all the doors, but you do not know which of the four doors leads outside. You only have one try; if you open one of the doors, then all the locks of the other doors are automatically closed permanently. It is still dark in the room, except that only one candle gives a little light. So, what needs to be done to find that door that leads outside?

You are on top of a cliff 100 meters high. Two trees grow from the rock, one of which grows at the top of the rock at its very cliff, the second - from the wall of the rock at a height of 50 meters, on which you can sit down when descending. You have a rope 75 meters long and a knife to cut this rope. How in this situation can be carried out the descent from the cliff. The length of the rope required for tying knots can be ignored.

You outran the skier who was in second position. What position do you occupy now?

You were going to drink coffee with milk, and managed to pour only coffee into a glass. But you are asked to leave for a few minutes. What should be done to make the coffee hot when you return: pour milk into it immediately before leaving or after when you return, and why?

Released from the hands of children's balloons fly away somewhere. Where? How high can they fly?

Galina wanted to buy one ice cream, but she lacked 6 kopecks. Ivan also wants to buy one ice cream, but he lacks 1 kopeck. Galina and Ivan decided to buy together one ice cream for two, but they still lack one penny. Q: How much does one ice cream cost?

Greenland is a huge island covered in snow and ice. Why did the person who discovered this island call it Greenland, i.e. "Green land"?

Given a word of 4 letters, but it can also be written with 3 letters. You can usually write it down with 6 letters and then 5 letters. Spawning contained 8 letters, and occasionally consists of 7 letters.

Two fickford cords are given. Each of the cords burns exactly 1 hour. Burning is uneven, i.e. for example, half can burn out in five minutes and the other in 55 minutes. The length may vary. Task: fix the time in 45 minutes using these cords.

Two nearby cities lie, In one all the liars, and in the other truth-seekers. Both of them come to visit each other. What is the only question you need to ask a passer-by to find out in which city you are?

Two cities, A and B, are 30 km apart. Two pedestrians leave these cities at the same time towards each other and move without stopping, each at a speed of 5 km / h. But together with the first pedestrian, a fly flies out of city A, which flies 10 km in an hour. The fly overtakes the first pedestrian and flies towards the other one, who left B. Having met him, it immediately turns back to the pedestrian from A. Having met him, it flies back again towards the pedestrian from B, and so it continued its flights back and forth until until the pedestrians meet. Then she calmed down and sat down on the hat of one of the pedestrians. How many kilometers did the fly fly?

Two ships sailing in the ocean, each under the flag of their country, spotted each other from afar, turned off the intended course and rushed towards each other. As they got close, the captains realized that both had come to the wrong conclusion, laughed at it, and parted on friendly terms. Which countries did these ships belong to and what mistake did the captains make?

Two very common devices perform the same function, but one of them has a huge number of moving parts, and the other has none. Electricity is not used in them, they were invented a very long time ago.

Two ships left the ports at the same time and move in the opposite direction at a constant speed. The speed of one ship is 20 km / h, the other - 30 km / h. How far apart will they be exactly one hour before they meet?

Two dacha neighbors were going to build a bridge across the stream dividing their summer cottages. The distance from the stream to the house of each summer resident is different, and the house of one summer resident is located slightly downstream relative to the house of another. How to build a bridge across the stream so that it is at the same distance from both houses?

Two tourists left point A at the same time and went to point B. The first tourist walked at a speed of 5 km/h for half the time he spent on the transition, and then went at a speed of 4 km/h. The second one walked 4 km/h for the first half of the way, and then went 5 km/h. Which of them will arrive at point B first?

The two men were charged with a joint crime. If both pleaded guilty, each received a light sentence. If one did it, but the second did not, then the first was released, and the second was severely punished. If both did not admit their guilt, they were both released from punishment. Why is it better from the point of view of an individual accused to confess, but from the point of view of both, it is more correct not to do so?

The action takes place in room 555 on the fifth floor of a five-star hotel. The man got out of bed, washed, dressed, drank a cup of coffee, went out onto the balcony and found that he was standing without trousers. What happened to him?

George Washington, Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Ludwig van Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte and Nero - which one of them is fundamentally different from the others?

In order to get orange paint, you need to mix yellow paint (6 parts) and red paint (2 parts). How many grams of orange paint can be obtained (maximum) with 3 grams of yellow and 3 grams of red paint?

Why do they leave gaps between the rails, at the points of their joining?

Why did Soviet janitors once cut their brooms?

Quite often, when making weights, a piece of lead or copper is intentionally interspersed in the base metal. What is it for?

He comes home in the form of a "narrative work of oral folk art." He does not compose poetry and does not engage in science. However, we have known him since childhood. And not only to us - the whole world is subject to him. Name him by pronouncing his name in chorus and syllable by syllable.

Is it thrown when it's being used and picked up when it's not needed?

Several Belgian kings were his namesakes. One of the relatives is a member of a famous musical ensemble, the other is a famous farmer. He himself is the author of an appeal addressed to the primordial enemies. Quote this call.

If only a few more people had voted against in the referendum, the proposal would have been approved. How is this possible?

If in the third world war the main weapon will be nuclear, then what will be the main weapon in the fourth world war?

If your boss says that happiness is not in money, then what should you tell him?

If the puzzle you solved before you solved this one was harder than the puzzle you solved after you solved the puzzle you solved before you solved this one, was the puzzle you solved before they figured this one out, harder than this one?

If one cubic meter is divided into its constituent cubic millimeters and joined together by faces in one straight line, then how long will this line be?

If it is upside down, then it is full, and if it is upside down, then it is empty?

If an optimist invents the wheel, then what does a pessimist invent?

If you divide 50 by half and add 50, how much is it?

If work is not a wolf, then what is?

If you cross a Kangaroo and an Elephant, what will happen?

If you want something big and clean, what should you do?

If a person does it once a day, then this is good, but if he does it twice, then this is a crime. What's this?

There are 3 boxes: "A", "B" and "C", in one of them the prize in the other is empty. You choose "A". The presenter knows exactly where the prize is and first opens a deliberately incorrect option "B", showing that it is empty. Then he asks if you want to change your choice? Now you have the opportunity to stay with your option "A", or change it to "C". Should you change your mind and why?

There are three boxes: a box with oranges, a box with apples, and a box with a mixture of apples and oranges. Each box has a label showing what's inside. The tablets were taken and mixed; Now all the signs are in the wrong place. There is one attempt: you can stick your hand into the box, and pull out 1 item from there. After that, you need to hang the signs correctly.

Even in ancient times, this invention was created. It allows a person to see through walls. What do you think this invention is that is still in use today?

Four friends lived. Their names were Albert, Karl, Dietrich and Friedrich. The surnames of the friends are the same as the first names, only in such a way that none of them had the same first and last name, in addition, the surname of Dietrich is not Albert. Determine the surname and first name of each boy, if it is known that the name of the boy whose surname is Friedrich is the surname of the boy whose name is the surname Karla.

Four friends lived. Their names were Albert, Karl, Dietrich and Friedrich. The surnames of friends are the same as the first names, only in such a way that none of them had the same first and last name, in addition, Dietrich's surname is not Albert. Determine the surname and first name of each boy, if it is known that the name of the boy whose surname is Friedrich is the surname of the boy whose name is Karla.

I paid Rs 100 for the book. and there remains to be paid as much as would be left to be paid if it were paid for her as much as was left to be paid. How much does a book cost?

After finishing her work in the office, the future movie superstar went to audition for a modeling agency. There, unfortunately, she was told that she was not tall enough to become a model. But the next morning, she again came to the same agency for auditions and successfully passed them. She did not wear anything to increase her height, such as special shoes or a wig. In addition, it was measured exactly the same way both times. How did she manage to make her dream come true?

Here, in the middle of this terrible desert, lies the lost city of Ishtar. To get to it, I have to walk from the coast to the center of the mainland. Moving along this road, a person can take with him food supplies for no more than five days. I calculated that I could travel at most thirty miles in a day. According to the map, the city is located at a distance of one hundred and twenty miles from the coast. Now I will try to calculate how many people, including myself, are required to have enough supplies to get to the city alone, spend the night there and return to the coast.

Winter. Yesterday it rained and today it's cold. Evening. You are a city bus driver. 75% filling of the passenger compartment of the bus. As we approached the intersection, we slowed down. There is a small traffic jam ahead. Two lanes of your direction are occupied by cars, gazelles and trucks. All are skidding on ice and cannot move. The road patrol service released one oncoming lane for a detour. We wanted to go in the opposite direction, but it wasn’t there, you start to slip yourself. What to do?

The famous "black penny", the world's first postage stamp, was issued in England in 1840. The principle of paying for mail forwarding with stamps was a huge success and was subsequently adopted throughout the world. However, just a year later, the "black penny" was replaced by the "red penny". Why?

Two people are walking side by side, one of them is the father of the other's son. How can this be?

What plate can not be eaten?

From the letters listed below, it is necessary to form one word: N L D O S V O O O

The following is known:
1) The surname of the locomotive driver, fireman and conductor (but not necessarily in the same order) - Kovalev, Petrov, Smirnov.
2) The names of the passengers are Dr. Kovalev, Dr. Petrov, Dr. Smirnov.
3) Doctor Kovalev lives in A.
4) The conductor lives in the middle of the road between A and B.
5) The passenger, who has the same last name as the conductor, lives in V.
6) Dr. Petrov earns 25000 rubles every month.
7) A passenger who lives very close to the conductor earns exactly 3 times more than the conductor.
8) Smirnov won a game of chess against the fireman.
What is the name of the driver?

It is known that among the nine coins there is one counterfeit, which has less weight than the others. How to determine a counterfeit coin using a weighing pan in two weighings?

We know that the sum of the angles of any triangle is 180 degrees. But one mathematician still found a way to draw a triangle such that each of its angles is 90 degrees and the sum of its angles is 270 degrees. Guess how he did it?

Inventor Thomas Adams worked with the sap of the Mexican sapodia tree. He tried to use it for children's toys, gas masks, shoes and bicycle tires. Nothing, however, worked out, the products came out so unsuccessful that the unlucky experimenter was ready to literally gnaw them with his teeth. But luck nevertheless came to him and Thomas Adams became known as the inventor of ... what?

There is a round deep lake with a diameter of 200 meters and two trees, one of which grows on the shore near the water, the other - in the center of the lake on a small island. A person who cannot swim needs to cross to the island with a rope, the length of which is a little more than 200 meters. How can he do it?

There are seven (and only seven) animals: a lion, a hyena, a poodle with a puppy, a Siamese cat with a kitten, and a Great Dane. One of the animals is called X, and another, different from the first, is called Y. The pupils of a lion differ in shape from the pupils of X. The hyena belongs to the same suborder as Y. Y never touches X. What animal is called Y? It should be noted that in our case the problem has a unique solution.

There are three keys for three suitcases with different locks. Each key only fits one suitcase. Are three samples enough to find the keys to each of them?

There is a number "twelve". How to divide it in half to get two "sevens"?

Three cans are available: one five-liter - completely filled with apple juice, and two empty - two and three liters. Using these three jars, pour over four liters of juice in a five-liter jar.

An Indian who came to the city for the first time in his life saw a white man riding down the street. When he passed by, the Indian said: "The white man is lazy, he even walks while sitting." What exactly was the white man riding if the Indian, seeing him, decided that he was "walking sitting"?

An inspector inspecting a certain school noticed that whenever he asked a class a question, all the students raised their hands in response. Moreover, although the school teacher chose a different student each time, the answer was always correct. How did it work out?

A story from real life. War veteran fought in Afghanistan. The war is over. Peaceful time. The veteran sleeps at home and has a dream. In the dream, he is an officer. He and his soldiers are sitting in a trench and they are shooting back from the Afghans. They are running out of ammo. The Afghans surround them. All soldiers are killed and the officer is left alive because he is an officer. He is taken prisoner and the eldest of the Afghans sets a condition for him. Either he (the officer) will show on the map all the locations of his soldiers or he will be killed. The officer refuses and says that he will not betray his homeland. A masked executioner approaches. He puts the officer's head on its side and cuts his head with an axe. The veteran wakes up from fear, his heart stops and he dies of a heart attack. What doesn't make sense in this story?

Vanya's grandfather was visited by: two grandfathers, two grandmothers, three fathers, three mothers, three sons, three daughters, one mother-in-law, one mother-in-law, one father-in-law, one father-in-law, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law, two brothers and two sisters. So how many guests were there?

How do you think a whole fruit gets into a bottle of fruit wine with a thin neck? At the same time, the fruit is clearly much larger than the neck of the bottle.

Why do you think it is impossible to bury a man who lives in Paris in Rome?

What do you think will happen if liquid oxygen with a temperature = - 183 degrees Celsius, in an amount of about 3-4 liters, is poured from the top into an iron barbecue with burning coals from the top?

What do you think that travels all over the world, but at the same time stays in one place all the time (usually in the corner)?

How do some publishers of dictionaries and atlases protect their publications from pirates who would like to copy them?

How to measure the diameter of a thin wire with only a pencil and a scale ruler?

How can you climb to the top of a tall tree and then jump down onto the asphalt without getting hurt?

How can a rope 1 meter long be placed vertically?

What is the finish line of ground training for an astronaut called?

How to draw 5 liters of water from the river using a 9 liter and 3 liter bucket?

How to make any computer really fast?

How to jump off a 20-meter fire escape without hurting yourself? There is no trampoline at the bottom, no safety rope, etc.

How can a person go 10 days without sleep?

Which bird does not lay eggs, but hatch from them?

What questions (no more than 10) should be asked to the person who guessed the number from 1 to 1000 in order to guess this number by receiving only “yes” and “no” answers?

What mushrooms grow under a birch? - Boletus. What mushrooms grow under the aspen? - Aspen mushrooms. And what mushrooms grow under pines?

What two things can't be eaten for breakfast?

What teeth are the last to appear in humans?

How can you measure the diameter of a thin wire with maximum accuracy, having only a measuring ruler and a pencil?

Which animal has six legs and walks on its head?

Which word starts with three z and ends with three i?

Which word is constantly being mispronounced?

What sign should be placed between 4 and 5 so that the result is less than 5 but greater than 4?

What sign should be placed between the numbers 2 and 3 written next to each other so that a number is obtained that is greater than two, but less than three?

What object cannot be seen even up close in daylight?

What is the best hand to stir coffee with cream and sugar?

What ribbon cannot be woven into a pigtail?

When my father was 31, I was 8 years old, and now my father is twice my age. How old am I now?

When we look at the number 2 and say 10?

When can a person in his house be without a head?

Kolya, Sasha and Yura were interrogated by the police in connection with the theft of a bicycle. Kolya said that Sasha stole the bike. Sasha declared that he was innocent. Yura said that he was not a thief either. The policeman knew that only one of them was telling the truth. Who stole the bike?

The platoon leader needs to transport 10 soldiers across the river. There are no bridges on the river, and not a single soldier wanted to swim across the river. Then the commander saw a boat in which two boys were sitting. The boat could hold either two boys or one soldier. How did the commander ferry the soldiers to the other side using a boat?

Who loves when they give him two identical watches at once?

Who usually goes to bed without taking off their shoes?

Who gets free cheese in a mousetrap?

The blacksmith was brought five chains, three rings in each, and instructed to connect them into one chain. The blacksmith decided to open the four rings and chain them again. Is it possible to perform the same work by uncurling fewer rings?

A grasshopper jumps along a straight line 80 cm forward or 50 cm backward. Can it move exactly 7 m 1 cm from the starting point in less than 70 jumps?

Lena lives on the fourth floor, while going up to her house, she goes up the stairs of 60 steps. Julia lives in the same entrance on the second floor. How many steps does Yulia go up to her house on the second floor?

20 birds flew, three were shot by hunters, how many birds will remain?

A sheet of rectangular paper was folded in half six times. Two holes were drilled through the middle of this folded sheet. How many holes can be counted on the sheet after it is unfolded to its original position?

People who came to one village were often surprised by the local fool. When offered a choice between a shiny 50-cent piece and a crumpled five-dollar bill, he always chose the coin, even though it was worth ten times less than the bill. Why did he never choose the bill?

The boy is walking along the road with the doctor. The boy is the son of a doctor, but the doctor is not the father of the boy. How is this possible?

While changing the wheel of his car, the man dropped all four nuts of his fastening into the sewer grate, from where it was impossible to get them. He had already decided that he was stuck here, but a boy passing by gave him a very sensible idea, which allowed him to go further. What was his idea?

Merlin, the great and wise wizard in the court of King Arthur, loved the following riddle: take four coins and arrange them in such a way that they are all at an equal distance from each other. (If you don't have English coins handy, any other will do.)

Mr. Jones was found dead at his desk in his office. The cause of death was a bullet wound to the head. Detective Bones, who arrived on the scene, among other things, noticed a tape recorder that was lying on the table. Turning on the tape recorder, he was surprised to hear the voice of Mr. Jones, who made the following statement: "This is Jones. Smith just called me. Said he was coming here to shoot me. It's stupid to run, and too late. If he really decided fulfill my threat, then in 10 minutes I will be dead. This tape will help the police find the killer. I can hear his footsteps on the stairs. Doors open ... " At this point, the recording was interrupted, Bones turned off the tape recorder.
- Maybe arrest Smith? asked Lieutenant Wong, Captain Bones' mate.
"No," Bones snapped. - Convinced that the murder was committed by someone else who can imitate Jones' voice well. The recording was made specifically to direct the investigation in the wrong direction.
As subsequent events showed, Bones was right. What made him suspect that something was wrong here?

Mr Williams, Mr Barnet and Mr Edwards live in furnished rooms on Basket Street. One of them is a baker, another is a taxi driver, and the third is a fireman. You must determine the profession of each of them. Here are some tips.
1. Mr. Williams and Mr. Barnet play chess every evening.
2. Mr. Barnet and Mr. Edwards go to baseball together.
3. The taxi driver collects a collection of coins, the fireman collects tin soldiers, and the baker collects stamps.
4. The taxi driver never goes to baseball.
5. Mr. Edwards has never heard of postmarks.

Misha and Sasha played in the attic, where it was rather dirty and dark. Then they went down. Sasha's whole face was gray with dust, but Misha's face remained clean. Despite this, only Misha goes to wash.

Many people know that one square meter consists of one million square millimeters (1000x1000=1000000). But there was one boy who could not believe it. "I will never believe that a million square millimeters can fit in this sheet of paper until I personally count all the cells myself!" - he said, holding in his hands a square meter of special drawing paper, already drawn into millimeter cells. And then one early morning he woke up and began to meticulously count the cells on paper, conscientiously marking each of the counted cells with a pencil. What do you think - could he be convinced that day that a square meter really contains a million square millimeters?

Many of you have noticed that before moving the train forward, the driver often moves the entire train back. What is it for?

Many medieval Russian actors (skomorokhs) entertaining the people at that time, during their performances used rattles made from a bull bladder and the fruits of one plant inside it.

Can a person, being on Earth, see the Sun rising from the west?

Can you name a month when women gossip the least?

Can you light a fire under water?

A young girl at her mother's funeral notices an attractive, well-dressed young man whom she has never seen before and immediately falls in love. This is love at first sight! Now she only thinks about him all the time! A few days pass and she kills her sister. Question: why?

The man tossed and turned in bed for a long time at night and could not fall asleep ...

The man lived at home alone for two months. No one visited him and he never went outside. By the end of those two months, the man had gone mad. One night he put out the fire, turned off the lights and left it for home. Nobody saw him again. Due to the fact that he left this house, 90 people died. Why did they die?

A man is found murdered in his office. The body of a man is tilted over a desk, a revolver is clutched in his hand, and a voice recorder is on the table. The police turn on the voice recorder of the deceased and immediately hear the message recorded on tape: "I can no longer live. Life no longer makes any sense to me ...". After that, a shot is fired.

We often say: "the boundless sea". Is there really a "borderless sea", that is, a sea that has no shores?

In the East, an old man, dying, bequeathed 19 camels to his three sons. According to the will, the eldest son was to get half of the camels, the middle son - a quarter, and the youngest - a fifth. But the brothers began to argue among themselves, because 19 camels are not divisible, neither by 3, nor by 4, nor by 5. They went to the sage, who also had camels. And the sage was able to judge them, and it seems that everyone remained with his share.
How did the sage divide the camels?

2 bricks were placed on a smooth board - one flat and the other on the edge. Bricks weigh the same. Which brick will slide first if the board is tilted?

The business meeting was attended by a writer, a chemist, a biologist and a doctor. Their names were (in alphabetical order): Anna, Dmitry, Ekaterina and Stas. Dmitry told the biologist that he had just met Ekaterina with donuts. Anna sat opposite the doctor and next to the chemist. The doctor thought to himself that Stas was a stupid name. Name each specialty.

To which question can a logician not answer "No"?

What question do you ask people all day long that you get a different answer each time?

There are a lot of Japanese cars, off-road vehicles, and quite a few minibuses in Kamchatka. However, there are practically no Japanese buses. And not because they have a steering wheel on the right. And why?

On the moon, gravity is about six times less than on Earth. If you launch a helicopter with maximum lifting power on the Moon, how many times higher will it rise than on earth? Rise time is the same = 1 minute.

At the International Congress of Philosophers and Logicians in the eastern city of Phiu Liu, I introduced myself to a new member. He didn't answer, but handed me a business card, one side of which said: "My name is Bill Brewer. The statement on the other side of the card is correct." And on the other side of the card, I saw: "My name is Bill Stewart. The statement on the other side of the card is false." What can you say about the name of this person?

10 candles are lit on the New Year's table. Of these, 3 were extinguished. How many candles will be left?

There are milestones on the side of the highway. The highway leads from point A to point B. Each column shows the distance in kilometers from both point A and point B. The distance from A to B is 999 km. How many kilometer posts on which only 2 different numbers are used for both inscriptions?

On ordinary cup scales lie: on one cup - a cobblestone weighing exactly 2 kg, on the other - an iron weight, also weighing 2 kg. The scales were carefully lowered into the water. Are the cups still in balance?

Four people are standing on one side of the river and a boat is moored at the shore. They all need to get to the other side of the river. It is known that one of them can cross in 1 hour, the second in 2 hours, the third in 5 hours, and the fourth in 10 hours. No more than 2 people can be in the boat at the same time. If there are two people in the boat, then the crossing time should be considered as if the one whose crossing time was longer was crossing. Everyone needs to cross in no more than 18 hours. The boat itself does not move from shore to shore, there must be someone in it.
How should they do it?

On one island there is a boy and an apple tree, on the other island there is a grandmother. There is a bridge between the islands. The boy needs to bring 2 apples to his grandmother, but the bridge can only support one boy and one apple. The bridge can only be crossed once. You can’t swim on water, you can’t fly through the air, you can’t dig a tunnel either. How can he carry the apples?

There were 13 red, 15 green and 17 blue chameleons on the island. If two chameleons of different colors meet, then they simultaneously change their color to a third one (for example, blue and green change to red).

There are 100 knights and 100 knaves living on the island, each of them has at least one friend. Knights always tell the truth, and liars always lie. One morning, each resident said the phrase "All my friends are knights", or "All my friends are liars", and each of the phrases was uttered by exactly 100 people. Find the smallest possible number of pairs of friends, one of whom is a knight and the other a knave.

One water lily floats on the surface of the pond, which constantly divides and grows. Thus, every day the area occupied by water lilies doubles. A month later, the entire surface of the pond is covered. How long will it take to cover the entire surface of the pond with water lilies if initially two water lilies float on the surface?

A flower floats on the surface of the pond, which is constantly dividing and multiplying. Every day, the area occupied by flowers doubles. A month later, the entire pond is covered with flowers. How long will it take for the pond to overgrow with flowers if there are initially two flowers?

A traveler came to the inn. He had no money with him, but he had a six-link silver chain. The owner of the hotel agreed to accept one ring from this chain as payment for the room for each day, but in such a way that he would receive no more than one sawn rings. How should a traveler cut a chain so that he can pay the owner every day for five days?

How much does a working day in a metallurgical shop reduce life?

There are 2 boxes on the table. One of them contains a ring, and the other contains a chain. Each of the caskets has inscriptions, and on the casket with the ring the inscription is correct, and on the casket with the chain the inscription is incorrect. On the box number 1, the inscription - "There is no chain in this box." On the box number 2 - "The ring and the chain are in this box." Which box contains the ring?

There are two glasses on the table: one with wine, the other with water. One spoon of wine was taken from a glass of wine and added to a glass of water. The contents of the latter were thoroughly mixed. After that, they took one spoonful from this glass and poured it back into the glass of wine. Which results in more wine in a glass of water or water in a glass of wine?

Five coins lie in a row on the table: the middle one is up heads, and the rest are up tails. It is allowed to turn over three adjacent coins at the same time. Is it possible with the help of several such flips to put all five coins up heads?

There are two coins on the table, in total they give 3 dollars. One of them is not 1 dollar. What are these two coins?

On the territorial border of two cities (eastern and western), a passenger plane crashed and fell from a high altitude. Question: in which of the cities will the survivors be buried?

Three cookie tins have the labels "Oatmeal Cookies", "Chocolate Cookies" and "Malmond Cookies" mixed up. The banks are closed so you can't look inside. You can only take one cookie from one jar and then arrange the labels correctly. Which jar should I take cookies from?

Three couples danced at a school party. Boys, like girls, were dressed in suits of different colors: red, green and blue. Once at one of the moments next to the girl in green, the young man in red turned to her: "Isn't it true, it turns out funny: none of us have the color of the suit matches the color of the partner's suit." What color suit was the young man dancing with the girl in red?

Name two numbers in which the number of digits is equal to the number of letters that make up the name of each of these numbers.

Let's start counting the fingers on the right hand: the first is the little finger, the second is the ring finger, the third is the middle finger, the fourth is the index finger, the fifth is the thumb, the sixth is the index finger again, the seventh is the middle finger again, the eighth is the ring finger, the ninth is the little finger, the tenth is the ring finger, etc. e. Which finger will be 1992?

It is necessary to understand if there is any pattern in the next series of numbers and what it is: 8 2 9 0 1 5 7 3 4 6.

One boxer won the world championship. At the same time, his coach took all the prize money. How it is?

One gentleman, showing his friend a portrait painted for him by one artist, said: "I have neither sisters nor brothers, but the father of this man was my father's son." Who was in the portrait?

One of your workers insists on being paid in gold. You have a gold bar worth seven days of this employee's salary. It is already marked into seven equal pieces. If you are only allowed to make two cuts of the ingot, and the worker has to be paid at the end of each day, how can you solve this problem?

One of the most ancient paradoxes tells of the teacher of Greek law, Protagoras, who took a poor but very capable young man as a student and agreed to teach him for free, on the condition that when he completed the course of study and won his first lawsuit, he would pay Protagoras a certain amount. The student accepted the conditions of Protagoras, but, having completed his education, did not begin to speak in court. After some time, Protagoras filed a lawsuit against his student, demanding payment of the amount promised to him. Here are the testimonies given by Protagoras and his disciple at the trial.
Student: "If I win this process, then by definition I will not have to pay Protagoras anything. If I lose this process, then I will not win my first lawsuit, and by agreement I must pay Protagoras only after win my first lawsuit. Therefore, win or lose this lawsuit, I still won't have to pay."
Protagoras: "If my former student loses this lawsuit, then by definition he will have to pay me the appropriate amount (after all, it was for the sake of paying the amount due to me that I initiated the process). If my former student wins this lawsuit, then he will win his first lawsuit and by agreement will have to pay me the debt. Therefore, whether he wins this lawsuit or loses, he will have to pay anyway.
Who is right: Protagoras or his disciple?

One king wanted to remove his prime minister, but did not want to offend him too much. He called the prime minister to him, put two sheets of paper in his briefcase and said: "On one sheet I wrote "Go away", and on the second - "Stay". The sheet that you pull out will decide your fate. " The Prime Minister guessed that on both sheets of paper was written "Go away." How, however, did he manage to keep his place under these conditions?

One cadet of a military school wrote the following lines about himself: "I have twenty-five fingers on one hand, the same number on the other, five fingers on each foot." How can it be?

One store is called "seven bells", but there are 8 bells hanging outside the building. Why?

One bear decided to start the journey. He walked a kilometer south, then turned right and walked a kilometer west, then turned another right, walked a kilometer north. It turned out that he came back from where he started the journey. What color is the bear?

The satellite makes one revolution around the Earth in an hour and 40 minutes, and the other in 100 minutes. How can it be?

One offender was put on trial. During the trial, he faced a difficult choice. "The court finds you guilty," the defendant heard. "Before the sentence is carried out, you are given the last word. Everything depends on you: if you tell the truth, you will be hanged, and if you lie, you will be shot." The criminal, without hesitation, blurted out: "They will shoot me." Consider his answer and say what fate fate has in store for him.

One traveler was captured by a tribe whose leader decided that he must die. The leader was a very wise man and gave the traveler the right to choose. The traveler had to say one phrase. If the phrase turned out to be true, then he was thrown from a high cliff. If she was false, then the traveler should have been torn to pieces by lions. But the traveler said such a phrase, after which he was released. What?

One fisherman bought himself a new fishing rod 5 meters long. He has to get home by bus, in which it is forbidden to carry objects longer than 3 meters. The rod does not disassemble and does not bend. How can you pack a fishing rod to take it on the bus?

One fisherman bought himself a new 5 foot rod. He has to get home by public transport, in which the rules prohibit the transport of objects longer than 4 feet. How is it necessary to pack a fishing rod in order to travel in public transport without violating the rules?

One trumpeter could not play in the evening concert - his wife fell ill, and there was no one to replace him. He comes up to the guard and says: "Please, replace me in today's concert. Watchman:" but I don't know a single note! "The watchman agreed. In the evening there is a concert, the orchestra is playing. Now the trumpeters should play a lovely melody. The conductor waved his baton and smiled sweetly at them. Complete silence. Why?

One person ate one egg for breakfast every morning. Where did he get the egg from, if it is known that he did not have any chickens, he never bought eggs, he never borrowed them from anyone, he never stole them, and he never received them as a gift?

One person purchased a talking parrot from a pet store. Moreover, when he bought it, the seller assured him that the parrot would repeat any word it heard. But when a person brought a parrot home, but for several days he could not get a word from him, no matter what the person said to the parrot. The seller in the pet store did not deceive the buyer. How is this possible?

One person stands next to the entrance to one seafood restaurant. An Englishman comes out of a restaurant and says to this man: "They only cook lobsters here." Then, after 5 minutes, an Englishman comes out of the restaurant and says to this man: "only lobsters are cooked here." The person is completely confused and does not understand what is cooked in the restaurant: only lobsters or only lobsters. Can you tell a person what is cooked in this restaurant?

Do coniferous and deciduous forests make the same noise?

One woman lived in a twelve-room apartment. She had a clock in every room. One Saturday evening at the end of October, she changed all the clocks to winter time and went to bed. When she woke up the next morning, she found that only two dials showed the correct time. Explain.

One day Alice met a Lion and a Unicorn resting under a tree. They were strange creatures. Leo lied on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and told the truth on all other days of the week. The unicorn behaved differently: he lied on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and told the truth on all other days of the week. They made the following statements:
Leo: "Yesterday was one of the days I lie."
Unicorn: "Yesterday was one of the days I lie too."
From these two statements, Alice was able to deduce what day of the week it was yesterday. What was that day?

One day, the great Sam Cooper, owner of the Balls and Rackets sporting goods store, was testing a new batch of tennis balls. Suddenly he noticed that three of the crates were labeled incorrectly. Being a well-known puzzle lover, he saw this situation as a great opportunity to break his head. Here are the conditions for this puzzle.
Take one tennis ball from any box without looking into it or any other boxes. Knowing the color of only one tennis ball, determine what labels should be on each of these boxes.
Try to solve the problem in ten minutes. Extra time is not allowed.

One evening in 1994, a time traveler pressed a button on his time machine. Seconds later, her digital display showed 1858, then 1859, and suddenly the number 1900 appeared on the display. Can you tell what the next number will appear on the display?

Once Mary, walking with her husband Ralph, met Christopher, who, by the way, was the grandfather of the wife of the only son of her only sister's mother-in-law. Who was Christopher to Ralph and Mary?

Once on vacation at the round table there were five guys from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Perm and Tomsk: Yura, Tolya, Alyosha, Kolya and Vitya. A Muscovite sat between a Tomsk and Vitya, a St. Petersburger between Yura and Tolya, and a Permian and Alyosha sat opposite him. Kolya has never been to St. Petersburg, and Yura has never been to Moscow or Tomsk, and Tolya and Tolya correspond regularly. Determine in which city each of the guys lives.

One day Susan went to the arena to go for a ride. The horse she usually rode was busy, so she took another. Everything was great until something scared the animal. Susan, not having the skills to control this horse, could not calm her down, and the animal rushed straight to the huge fence. Think about what action Susan can perform that will make the horse stand up without the girl falling out of the saddle?

One day, Alice turns to her friend Betty with the words: "I heard a funny anecdote from Katya." And he starts talking about it. But Betty tells her that she knows this anecdote. Alice exclaims: "It turns out that Kathy already told you!" "Not at all," Betty replies, "I've never heard or read it before." Explain how this could happen?

One person was asked: - How old are you?
“Absolutely,” he replied.
- I am older than some of my relatives almost six hundred times.
Could this be?

One master was brought seven chains of 5 links each. He was asked to connect them into one continuous chain. He was able to do this, while he disconnected and reconnected only 5 links. How did he do it?

About twenty cars rush along the highway with a large excess of speed. Despite the fact that there are many witnesses around, not a single complaint has been received by the police. Even if someone complained, it is highly unlikely that the police would do anything. In fact, the police already knew about it! What's happening?

He met her in the desert of Central Asia. A couple of years later, she took his last name, did not live with him. Who are these two?

Two men need to get from 1905 Square to the metro station. One of them was driving a car at an average speed of 40 km / h, and the other was walking, although he ran the first 200 meters at a speed of 15 km / h. The distance between the points is 10 km. How is it that both of them arrived at the same metro station at the same time? They also set off at the same time.

From a full glass of coffee I drank half and added the same amount of milk. Then I drank a third of the resulting coffee with milk and added the same amount of milk. Then I drank a sixth of the resulting coffee with milk, filled the glass with milk to the top and drank it all to the end. What did I end up drinking more: milk or black coffee?

The squad of soldiers went to the bank of the river. It was planned to cross the existing bridge to its opposite bank, but due to repairs it turned out to be closed for crossing. Near the bridge, two boys were fishing from a boat, who gladly agreed to help the soldiers in the crossing. However, their boat was so small that it could keep afloat either one soldier or themselves. But this problem was immediately resolved, and the soldiers successfully crossed with the help of the same boat. How did the crossing take place?

A father named Nikolai and his son and a father named Peter and his son went fishing. The number of fish caught by Nicholas ends in 2, and the number of fish caught by his son ends in 3, the number of fish caught by Peter also ends in 3, and the number of fish caught by his son ends in 4. The number of fish caught by our anglers together, coincides with the square of some natural number. What is the name of Nicholas's son?

A father and two sons went on a hike. On their way they met a river, near the bank of which there was a raft. He stands on the water either a father or two sons. How to cross to the other side of the father and sons?

Going on a business trip, Mr. Johnson gave the key to his office to Mary's secretary and asked her to forward all business correspondence to him. But he forgot to leave Mary the key to his personal mailbox. In time, Mr. Johnson sent Mary the key to his work address so that she could forward the correspondence to him, but Mary did not send him anything. Outraged by Mary's negligence, Mr. Johnson called the office and informed her that he no longer needed her services. But, after listening to the explanations of the secretary, he realized that he was wrong, and apologized to her. So what did Mary say to Mr. Jones?

The very famous English writer Bernard Shaw once visited a restaurant with his colleague. They talked to each other and did not want anyone to disturb them. Here the conductor of the orchestra comes up to Shaw and asks him: "What to play in your honor?" Shaw didn't want any music, of course, and answered very witty, he said: "I would be very grateful to you if you would play...". What do you think, what did Bernard Shaw offer to play the conductor of the orchestra?

Here are four statements, three of which are false. Find them.
2 + 3 = 5.
7 - 3 = 3.
6 - 4 = 2.
9 + 3 = 11.

In front of Leopold the cat are five mouse holes in a row. A mouse hid in one of these holes. Leopold can put his paw in any of the holes and try to catch a mouse. The mouse is afraid of the cat, so after each attempt it will definitely run into the next hole on the right or left. Can a cat be sure to catch a mouse? If so, how should he act?

There are 100 chips on the table in front of a blind mathematician, one side of which is white, the other is black. It is known that at the initial moment 10 of them lie with the white side up, the others with the black side. How can these chips be divided into 2 groups so that each of them has the same number of whites, or not at all?

Petya and Kolya each bought a box of chocolates. Each box contains 12 candies. Petya ate a few sweets from his box, and Kolya ate as many sweets from his box as Petya had left in his box. How many sweets did Petya and Kolya have left for two?

Petya and Misha played in the dirty and dark attic of the house. Then they went down. Petya's face was all dirty, but Misha's face miraculously remained clean. Despite this, only Misha went to wash. Why?

A truck stopped under a low bridge. It could not be moved forward without damaging the roof. To pass, there were not enough some 3 centimeters. The truck driver was completely at a loss until a little girl came up with a simple solution.
What kind?

The conqueror of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from hippo-leukophobia. That is why many ceremonial portraits of the emperor are nothing but the imagination of the artist. But how is he depicted on them?

Put your pocket watch on the table, take a few steps away from it, and listen for its ticking. If the room is quiet enough, then you will hear that your clock is ticking as if intermittently: it ticks for a short time, then it stops for a few seconds, then it starts running again, etc. How can one explain such an uneven running of the clock?

Try to guess which letter you need to add to continue the sequence: A, B, C, D, E, _

Try to name the largest island in Australia: is it "New..."?

Try to count in your head: the number 1000, then add 40, plus another 1000, plus 30, plus another 1000, plus 20, plus 1000, and plus 10. How much did you get?

After seven washes, the length, width and height of the bar of soap had halved. How many washes will the remaining piece last?

Why do the British never open the door in pajamas?

Why does a saucer always have an annular rim on the underside?

Why can't you marry your widow's sister in Michigan?

Why does a wife always iron her husband's pants halfway?

Why did King Kong climb the skyscraper?

Why is it that only a smart person can get into a stupid position?

Why do people go to sleep at night?

Why can't you scare ostriches at the zoo?

Why do birds fly south?

Suppose you need to knock down a concrete wall 20 meters long, 3 meters high and weighing 3 tons. How will you accomplish this task if you have absolutely no tools at your disposal?

Suppose that if a person does not eat for 7 days or sleep for 7 days, then he may die. Suppose a person has not eaten or slept for a week. What should he do first of all by the end of the seventh day to stay alive: eat or sleep?

Suppose there is a bridge over a river 10 km long that can carry a maximum load of 20 tons (very accurate = 20 tons). Suppose that a truck weighing exactly 20 tons has left from one end of this bridge to the other end and starts moving along the bridge. The bridge is still bearing the load. Suddenly, in the middle of the bridge, a sparrow sits on a truck, which weighs a little (like an ordinary sparrow). Question: Will the sparrow's weight upset the balance, which should lead to the collapse of the bridge?

Imagine a bottle of champagne that is about half (height) filled with liquid. An ordinary bottle, made from champagne, has a rather complex shape to measure its volume. Think about how to simply and accurately measure its volume without adding or pouring liquid from the inside, if you know the radius of the bottom of the bottle, the height of the bottle, as well as the formula for the volume of the cylinder and the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbits base?

Imagine a field in which a horse is standing. Suddenly, after a couple of seconds, she instantly disappears from this field. How is this possible?

Imagine that you have bought a garage. There is one lamp hanging inside the garage. There are three switches outside the garage. You don't know exactly which switch turns the lamp on and off in the garage, and which two are just spares. Question: think about how you, being outside the garage, find out exactly which of the switches is working? At the same time, you can look into the garage only once. There are no gaps in the garage.

Imagine that you are running a 1000m race. In the middle of the race, you suddenly overtake the athlete who was in last place. What place among the runners do you now occupy? This situation is impossible, because you cannot overtake the athlete running last, since he is the last one and there cannot be other runners behind him.

Imagine that you came to work in a small but promising company. The director decides to introduce you to his team. He calls three employees: a designer, a programmer and an admin. The first one comes in and cheerfully declares from the threshold: "I am a designer." Following the second, smiling mysteriously: "I'm not a designer." A minute later, a third one enters, looking tired, and, shaking his head, refuses: "I'm not a programmer." The director, leaning back in his chair and stretching out in a sly smile, remarks: "Only one told the truth! How can you guess which of them is who?"

Imagine that a person is in a trap room. There are only 3 doors in this room to exit. One door leads to a room infested with crocodiles. Another door leads into a room with a huge magnifying glass that immediately incinerates anyone who tries to enter the room. The third door leads to a room with hungry lions. A person can only escape by going through one of these rooms. How can a person escape this trap?

Combing dry hair with a plastic comb creates electrical sparks between the comb and the hair. What do you think the voltage of these sparks is?

A guy comes to the hairdresser, they cut his hair, after which the hairdresser asks: "Where do you want to part"? He replies, "right in the middle." Hairdresser: "That's impossible to do." Why?

Escorting a wife or a maid to the market for shopping, the men said the traditional: "***** woman!" Why did she have to do this?

Five diggers dig a 5 m ditch in 5 hours. How many diggers will it take to dig a 100m ditch in 100 hours?

Five boys were playing football in the yard and smashed the window with the ball. Vanya said: "This is either Pasha or Denis." Pasha said: "It was not me or Vova who did it." Mitya said: "In my opinion, one of them is telling the truth, and the other is not." And Vova said: "Mitya, you are mistaken." And my grandmother was sitting on a bench and saw everything. She said that only one boy told a lie, but did not reveal the one who broke the window. But after all you and guess.

Rivers without water, cities without people, forests without animals. Where is it?

Four aspens grew,

Four aspens grew, Each with four large branches, Each large branch with four small branches, Each small branch with four apples. How many apples are there?

Russian, with German punctuality. What is this person?

Fishermen Adam, Bauer, Christiansen, and Daze (abbreviated as A, B, C, and D, after the first Latin letters of their names), having weighed their catch, established the following: (1) D caught more than C. (2) A and B together caught as many as C and D (together). (3) A and D together caught less than B and C (together).
Arrange the results of weighing the catches a, b, c and d of fishermen A, B, C and D in order of magnitude.

Reg and Alan ordered a $3 double whiskey at the bar.
Reg said to Alan: I'll bet you $1 you can't gulp down your double whiskey.
Alan said to Reg, wanting to swindle him for a cheap drink: I'll bet you $2 I can't drink yours.

Near the shore there is a ship with a rope ladder launched into the water, which has 10 steps. The distance between them is 30 cm. The lowest step touches the surface of the water. The ocean is very calm today, but the tide begins, which raises the water by 15 cm in an hour. In how many hours will the third step of the rope ladder be covered with water?

Next to the dead climber is a rifle from which one shot was fired. This shot caused the man's death. However, the man was not shot, as no wounds were found on his body. How did the man die?

A steel ladder was lowered from the side of the ship. The bottom 4 steps of the ladder are submerged in water. Each step is 5 cm thick; the distance between two adjacent steps is 30 cm. The tide began, at which the water level began to rise at a rate of 40 cm per hour. How many stairs do you think will be under water after 2 hours?

What is the Japanese favorite sushi?

Today is not Sunday, and tomorrow is not Wednesday. Yesterday was not Friday, and the day before yesterday was not Monday. Tomorrow is not Sunday, and yesterday was not Sunday. The day after tomorrow is neither Saturday nor Sunday. Yesterday was neither Monday nor Wednesday. The day before yesterday was not Wednesday, and tomorrow is not Tuesday. Yes, and today is not Wednesday. What day of the week is it today, given that one of the statements on the list is false?

Sergey and Olya agreed to meet on a date at the entrance to the park at exactly 9 pm. But that's bad luck, and Sergei and Olya's clocks go wrong! Sergey's watch is 3 minutes behind, but he thinks the opposite, that they are 2 minutes ahead. Olya's clock is 2 minutes fast, but she thinks it is 3 minutes behind. Which one of them do you think will be late for a date?

A girl is sitting, and you cannot sit in her place, even if she gets up and leaves. Where is she sitting?

The racehorse was tied to a 20-meter rope. The owner, who tied her, forgot about the horse and left for 2 days in a neighboring village. A trough with oats was located 150 meters from the horse. When the owner came home two days later, he remembered the horse. When he approached her, he was surprised, because the horse ate half of all the oats in the trough during the two days of his absence. How did she do it?

How many animals did Moses put on his ark?

What is the result of multiplying three tens by four tens?

How many times can 10 be subtracted from 100?

How many fish could Noah catch with a fishing rod while sailing on his ark during the flood?

How much does a photo album cost if this album costs 10 euros plus half of the album?

How many three-wheeled scooters can be assembled if there are 52 large front wheels and 72 rear wheels in stock?

How many eggs can you fit in an empty basket that is 30 cm in diameter and each egg is 5 cm in diameter?

The customs officer, who controlled the goods sent abroad, seemed suspicious to the plastic bowling balls of one of the firms. They weighed the same as wooden ones of the same size. The balls were not massive, but the walls were equally hard everywhere. The employee thought that there was a cavity inside each ball where contraband goods could be hidden. And, indeed, with the help of a very simple experiment without the use of special equipment, the customs officer established that smuggling was hidden in one of the 12 balls. When the ball was opened, there was a diamond decoration. How did you find this ball?

The watchman sits with his eyes closed, but does not sleep. And then what?

The Sultan gave a commoner the chance to marry one of his hundred daughters. The commoner will be introduced to their daughters in turn. When the daughter introduces herself, the commoner is told her dowry. The commoner has only one chance to accept or reject each daughter; he cannot return to his previously rejected daughter. The condition of the Sultan is that a commoner is allowed to marry only the daughter with the largest dowry. What is the best strategy for a commoner, given that he knows nothing about dowry distribution.

The sum of which two natural numbers is equal to their product?

It is believed that there is a good reason why bird eggs have one end blunter than the other. What is this reason?

Sir Roger not only looks dandy, but also has a reputation as an excellent swordsman. One early morning, going to the next duel, of which there were so many in his life, he was looking for a pair of stockings of the same color. Sir Roger knew that there were ten pairs of white stockings and ten pairs of black stockings in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe, but the light of the single candle was so dim that he could not make out the colors. Determine the minimum number of stockings that Sir Roger must take out of the drawer in order to find a pair of identical stockings.

The mother-in-law did not like her son-in-law very much and wanted to poison him. But the son-in-law was careful and always ate only what the mother-in-law also ate. Once at dinner, the mother-in-law cut a piece of meat in half, ate one half herself, and gave the other to her son-in-law. He died after that. How did she manage to do it?

What you have not lost, you have; you have not lost the horns, therefore you have them. What is the logical error of this ancient sophism, which is called "Horned"?

Only for three minutes a day does the fiery eye of the sun god Ra look into the sanctuary of the goddess Isis. A huge mirror collects the light, turning it into heat, and the priests bake sacrificial white wheat cakes in precious oil. The brazier can only fit two cakes, but although it is hot, even in a sunny flame it takes a whole minute to bake both cakes on one side. And you must certainly cook three cakes - one for each of the main gods: the solar Ra, the gloomy Isis and the mighty Osiris. How to cope with this task?

A three-digit number consists of increasing (from left to right) digits. If this number is read, then all words will begin with the same letter. What is this number?

The three friends played golf together all season. At the end of the season they decided to find out who played better and found out: 1. David finished the game in front of Robert more often than he finished behind him.
2. Robert finished the angle before Bailey more often than after him.
3. Bailey finished the game before David more often than finished after him. A heated debate flared up, how to determine the best player, because all the statements are true?

Three hens lay three eggs in three days. How many eggs will 12 similar hens lay in 12 days?

Three water sports enthusiasts have one boat. They found a way so that no outsider could steal it. To do this, they keep it on a chain, which is closed with three locks. Each of the lovers has only one key (all keys are from different locks), but still he can take the boat using only his own key. How do they do it?

Three outfits out of turn - for a soldier this is a punishment, but for whom is this an encouragement?

Three guys entered the game store. There they stacked up for $10 and bought a CD with a new game for $30. When they left the store, the owner of the store remembered that there was a discount today and sent the saleswoman to catch up with them and give them back 5 dollars. On the way, the girl thought that she would give the guys 3 dollars, and take 2 for herself for a run. In the end, she did just that, gave them only $ 3, and kept two for herself. And now do the math: each of the guys ended up spending only $9, the girl got two dollars, as a result, we get 9 * 3 + 2 = $29. Where did the other dollar go?

Abdullah had fifteen sheep. All but fourteen died. How many sheep does Abdullah have left?

In your hands are two absolutely identical-looking metal cylinders, one of which is a magnet. How, without interacting with other objects, can you determine which of the cylinders is a magnet?

In your hands are two absolutely identical-looking metal cylinders, one of which is a magnet. How, without interacting with other objects, can you determine which of the cylinders is a magnet?

You have two cords (wicks). Each cord, ignited from the end, burns completely to the ground in exactly one hour, but burns at an uneven rate. How to use these cords and a lighter to measure the time in 45 minutes?

You have chalk and a lot of wagons linked together. It is known that the first car is coupled with the last one. There is not a single point from where one could see all the cars. It is also known that any punks painted anything on them and there is no (!) Possibility to identify the car. How can you count wagons?

Two people are standing at the entrance to the museum. One of them is the father of the other's son. How is this possible?

Which fruit has all the sweet pulp inside and the seeds outside?

Who has millions of ribs and only two spines?

The boy has two coins. In total, they amount to 3 rubles. One of them is not 1 ruble. What are coins?

A boy has as many sisters as brothers, and his sister has half as many sisters as brothers. How many sisters and brothers are there in the family?

I have two coins for a total of 15 kopecks. One of them is not a nickel. What are these coins?

She has five fingers, but she is not a living being. What is it?

One person has an apartment with 10 rooms. Every room has a clock. On a Friday night in October, he changed all the clocks to winter time. The next morning, he discovered that only one clock showed the correct time. Guess why?

The height and width of the first square window are 40 cm each. The height and width of the second square window are also 40 cm each. The area of ​​the second window is 2 times larger. How is this possible?

Sly Reg got in trouble when he tried to get at least something from the local authorities. Far from all street lamps worked, and those that did were either very dim or poorly lit. Despite many phone calls, letters, faxes and emails on the Internet, the local authorities did nothing to eliminate the damage. Nor did it matter whether Reg was tactful or harsh with them. Then he had an idea.

A person has all the winning numbers for next week's lottery on a piece of paper. But he has little chance of winning. Why?

The teacher drew a rectangle on the blackboard. Janos claimed it was a square. Imre believed that the quadrilateral is a trapezoid. Maria thought the blackboard was a rhombus. Eve called the quadrilateral a parallelogram. After listening to each and studying in detail the properties of the quadrilateral, the teacher found that exactly 3 out of 4 statements are true and exactly 1 statement is false. What quadrilateral did the teacher draw on the blackboard?

The French royal charter prescribed: when two officers meet, the one whose rank is lower is the first to salute. And what does the decree say about the situation when two officers with equal military ranks meet? Who should salute first?

Sly Reg took another handkerchief and blew his nose. It's like you've got a bad cold, Shy Alan said.
"Yes," Reg said, "I went to Antarctica to take pictures there. It's a wonderful unpolluted place, perfect for filming. We spent three weeks there, filming mountain ranges and ice floes. In one place near the Antarctic Circle. But the second It's not been a very good week - I wet my feet and caught a cold. Now I'm in the worst stage of a cold. Thank you for taking care of my health." Great story, but what's wrong with it?

The hostess needs to bake 6 pies. How can she cope in 15 minutes if only 4 pies are placed in the pan, and the pie should be baked for 5 minutes on each side?

A 15 link chain broke into 5 pieces. How to connect it in 6 steps.

A cup of coffee with a cube of sugar costs $1. It is known that coffee is more expensive than a cube of sugar for 10 dollar. How much does coffee itself cost, and how much does a cube of sugar cost?

The person lives on the 17th floor. He takes the elevator to his floor only in rainy weather or when one of his neighbors is in the elevator with him. If the weather is good and he is alone in the elevator, then he goes to the 9th floor, and then he goes up the stairs to the 17th floor ... Why?

The man is on the island. Due to a long drought, the grass and bushes on the island were very dry. Suddenly, a fire broke out at one end of the island, and the wind drove the fire towards the man. A person cannot escape in the sea, as many sharks swim in the sea near the shore. There are no shores without vegetation on the island. How can a person be saved?

A man jumps from a chair. In his hands he holds scales, on the cup of which lies a load of 10 kg. At what division will the scale needle stand during the fall?

The man looks at the portrait. "Whose portrait are you looking at?" - they ask him, and the man answers: "In the family I grew up alone, like a finger, alone. And yet the father of the one in the portrait is the son of my father." Whose portrait is the person looking at?

The man looks at the portrait. "Whose portrait are you looking at?" - they ask him, and the man answers: "In the family I grew up alone, like a finger, alone. And yet the father of the one in the portrait is the son of my father." Whose portrait is the person looking at?

The man wants to be turned on. But when it turns on, the person gets angry and tries to turn it off immediately.

How are the buttons on the phone fundamentally different from the buttons on the calculator?

What can you share with a friend only once?

What is the difference between the treatment of dishes in the women's hostel and in the men's hostel?

How does a man's jacket differ from the jungle, according to women?

What took 19 years to enter into itself?

Four employees of one firm were late for 2 hours for work. They explained to their boss that they were late by the fact that all four of them were driving in the same car to work and, halfway through, the car had a flat tire. Their boss did not believe the explanations and called each one separately to the office and interrogated them one more time. In the end, he saw through their deceit and the fact that, at least, the tire of the car was not flat. How could he install it?

Four brothers gathered for a disco. When they left the house, everyone made a mistake and accidentally took not their hat and jacket, but their two brothers. Mikhail took the jacket of the one whose hat Philip had taken. While Philip's jacket was taken by the one who took Michael's hat. Semyon took Dmitry's hat. Whose jackets and hats did the brothers take?

Which is greater - the number 997 or the number 998?

Which is greater: the sum of all the numbers or their product?

What happens if you chase two Kenyans?

What is in Austria in first place, in Brazil in third place, and in Holland in fifth place?

What came first, the egg or the chicken?

What does it mean when you are called dad, although you do not have children?

What is lighter than a fluff, but it is almost impossible to hold it even for 5 minutes.

What lies inside each saffron apple?

What makes a person the best?

What can you see with your eyes closed?

What can you hold without touching it with your hands?

What did Malevich actually draw in his picture - a black square?

What should be done to avoid hitting the fingers with a hammer when hammering nails?

What comes in the army on command - lights out?

What is exactly in the center of London?

What can't a magnifying glass magnify in a triangle?

What is unusual about the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"? (Translation: A quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog).

What needs to be done so that words do not diverge from deeds?

What lifts you up and down and keeps you in the same place all the time?

What is easy to pick up from the ground, but difficult to throw far?

What keeps running after it's turned off?

What grows on a melon tree?

What is as big as the Eiffel Tower, but does not weigh an ounce?

What is a subtle joke from the point of view of mathematicians?

What do the smartest people in the world place between heaven and earth?

What is it: they themselves do not burn, but they have to be extinguished?

Manholes are used so that people can get into sewers or get to other underground utilities. In the vast majority of cases, manhole covers are round, not square or rectangular. Why?

To find the pirate treasure, you need to go from the old oak 12 steps to the north and 5 steps to the south, then 4 to the north and 11 to the south. Where is the treasure buried?

How many takeoffs do you need to make to become a top pilot?

An electric train is moving north at 100 km/h and the wind is blowing from the west at 10 km/h. In which direction does the smoke from the train move?

This is a brain teaser for kids. Can you solve it?
= 8809 6
= 7111 0
= 2172 0
= 6666 4
= 1111 0
= 3213 0
= 7662 2
= 9312 1
= 0000 4
= 2222 0
= 3333 0
= 5555 0
= 8193 3
= 8096 5
= 7777 0
= 9999 4
= 7756 1
= 6855 3
= 9881 5
= 5531 0
2581 =?

This is a well-known ancient task, where the peasant needs to transfer a wolf, a goat and cabbage across the river. The boat is so small that in addition to the peasant, only one more (passenger) can fit in it. But if you leave a wolf with a goat, then the wolf will eat it, if you leave the goat with cabbage, then the cabbage will be eaten. How to be a peasant?

It is present twice per second, twice per minute, and never per hour. What's this?

This message about a planted bomb can be ignored by the police. If so, where will it be placed?

This list was compiled in the first century BC and has remained unchanged to this day, although hundreds of attempts have been made to change this list. What are we talking about?

Yuri Olesha, who suffered from chronic lack of money in old age, characterized himself with the help of the work of the Nobel laureate. True, adding the word "debt" to the end of the name. Reproduce this feature.

Logic riddles in Ukrainian

Batko Mykola from the synom and father Petro from the synom set out to fish fish. The number of ribs captured by Mykola ends at 2, and the number of ribs captured by Yogo Sin - by 3, the number of ribs captured by Peter also ends at 3, and the number of ribs captured by Yogo Sin - by 4. The number of ribs captured by our fishermen at once, zbіgaєtsya from the square of the deaky natural number. How to call Sin Mikoli?


The Kurt brothers do not move one after another, like Bertram having won the checker's game from Augustus. Until Black Friday, Bertram never once played with his brother. From yak tse vіdbulosya:
- Augustus, I'm ready to fight with you about the outpost on the box of your beloved tyutyun, so, as we play two checks with you at the same time, I'll either win one of them, or I'll offend you. My only mind is to play on two different boards, and on one I play in black, and on the other - white. In addition, so that you do not have doubts about my honesty, I give up your right to the first move. Are we playing?
By what rank did Bertramov reach victory?


There is an elevator in the 12-surface booth. On the first version, there are only 2 people, from top to top, a large number of bagmen swell together. On which version in which booth is the elevator call button more often pressed?


In one day, on the all-world day, convicts ruled a competition-gru. From grі take the fate of us in the 'yaznі and at times I will win the administration of obіtsyaє all their release. Axis y why polagaє gra:
All v'yazniv to be imprisoned in different punishment cells. Let's let one of them out and take him to a special punishment cell with a light bulb. Nobody from the v'yazniv knows and can't look at whom to lead in that punishment cell. A special punishment cell has 1 light bulb and may have the right to turn on / turn off / deactivate the light bulb without changing it. Then we’ll start to flicker again in the punishment cell and take a sufficient amount of other punishment (you can also use the same one).
So the whole day continues. V'yaznі play as if it's like a iz v'yaznіv vyyde і from a special punishment cell and say "here they were all in a yaznі" and it would be true, otherwise, if it was not true, it would end.
Before the cob of gris, you can discuss the strategy of gris with yourself, but at the hour of gris, none of them can talk to each other. On the cob the light is off.
The task is entirely on logic, there can’t be any tricks like deleting such a sign in a special punishment cell, otherwise a light bulb will be assigned to the dotik ...
Help in yaznyam to get out of prison!


Wine is poured into one flask, and the same amount of water is poured into another. From flasks with wine take a teaspoon of wine and pour it into a flask with water. Then, having mixed the bottles well with water, take a teaspoonful and pour it back to the bottle with wine. Why does it show more - wine by the water or water by the wine?


There are two sisters in the boy, and brothers and brothers, and in the other there are two less sisters, lower brothers. How many sisters and brothers in your family?


Vasil, Peter, Semyon and their squads of Natalia, Irina, Hanni at once 151 rivers. A leather man is older than his squad by 5 years. Vasil is 1 river older than Irina. Natalia and Vasil are 48 years old at once, Semyon and Natalia are 52 years old at the same time. Who has friendship for whom, how many fates for whom? (Vіk is guilty of buti expressions in whole numbers.)


You fell ill, went to the doctor who gave you three needles in jars of A and B. You are guilty of a skin day, drink at once a drink from a jar And that drink from a jar B, so for three days. The recipe cannot be broken. Ale vranci after the first day, you blew, that there were three buns on the table, the jar was empty, and in the jar A there was only one bun. How do you feel about finishing the lure without destroying the recipe?


Looks like coming:
1) The title of a locomotive driver, a stoker and a conductor (but not obov'yazkovo in the same order) - Kovalov, Petrov, Smirnov.
2) The names of the passengers - Dr. Kovalyov, Dr. Petrov, Dr. Smirnov.
3) Doctor Kovalyov lives in A.
4) The conductor lives in the middle of the road from A to B.
5) The passenger, who wears the same nickname as the conductor, lives with V.
6) Dr. Petrov earns 25000 carbs.
7) A passenger who lives closer to the conductor, earns exactly 3 times more than the conductor.
8) Smirnov won a game of checks with the stoker.
What is the name of the machinist?


Galina wanted to buy one ice cream, but she didn’t get 6 kopecks. Ivan also wants to buy one frost, but you don’t get 1 kopeck for you. Galina and Ivan decided to buy one frosty for two at once, but they still don’t get one penny. Meals: how many can you eat one frost?


You are given two Bickford cords. Skin cords burn exactly 1 year. The mountain is uneven, so, for example, half can burn for five quilin, and another for 55 quilin. Dovzhina can be different. Task: fix an hour at 45 hvilin for help with these cords.


Two places, A and B, change on the road 30 km one way. From these places at the same time one walks one to one, two walkers and collapse, without stumbling, skin speed is 5 km / year. Ale, at the same time with the first walker from the place A fly flew, which flew 10 km in a year. Fly ahead of the first walker and fly nazustrich to another, which wiyshov z B. Zustriv yogo, turn back to the pishokhod A. Zustrivshi yogo, again fly back nazustrich pishohod B, and so continued her favors forward and back doti, until the pishohodi did not shoot . Then she calmed down and the strength of one of the walkers on the drops. How many kilometers did a fly fly?


Two tourists left point A and went to point B at the same time. The other half crosses the road at 5 km/year, and then travels at 4 km/year. Which of them arrived at point B earlier?


George Washington, Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Ludwig van Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte and Nero - who among them fundamentally disagrees with others?


Chotiri lived a friend. Stinks of small names Albert, Karl, Dietrich and Friedrich. The nicknames of friends are the same as those names, only so, that none of them had the same name and nickname, moreover, the nickname of Dietrich is not Albert. Designate the name of the skin lad, as you know, the name of the lad, which name is Friedrich, the name of that lad, the name of which is the name of Karl.


Koval was brought five lancets, three in a leather one, and they handed them back to them in one lance. Koval vyrishiv rozkriti chotiri kіltsya and renew their kuvati. Chi can not vikonat the same robot, having opened a smaller ring?


If we marvel at the number 2, but we say 10?


Konik stribaє uzdovzh straight forward 80 cm or back 50 cm. What can win less lower for 7 stribkіv vddalitsya from the cob point exactly 1 m 70 cm?


Lanciug from 15 lanoks was torn into 5 parts. Yak yogo zadnati for 6 days.


Only for three hvilin a day does the half-moon eye of the sun god Ra look at the sanctuary of the goddess Izidi. The majestic mirror picks up the light, transforming it into a heat, and the sacrificial cakes of white wheat boil on expensive butter. Only two cakes are placed on the brazier, but if you want it to be baked out, you need a whole piece of fluff in the drowsy half-moon, so that you can protect the insults of the cake from one side. And it is necessary to cook three shortcakes at once - one each from the head gods: sleepy Ra, gloomy Izidi and mighty Osiris. How to get out of these tasks?


The person looks at the portrait. "Whose portrait are you looking at?" - inquire from the new one, and the person replies: "At this, I am one, like a finger, one. And after all, the father of the one in the portrait is the son of my father." Whose portrait is the person looking at?


Merlin, the great and wise enchanter at the court of King Arthur, loving the ensuing riddle: wrap some coins and roll them in such a manner that they would be one in the same in the equal country. (Because you don’t have any English coins under your hand, it’s fine if you don’t).


Mister Jones is dead at his writing table in his office. The cause of death was a wound to the head. Detective Bons, who had arrived at the bottom of the floor, among other things, turned his attention to the tape recorder, which was lying on the table. Turning on the tape recorder, vіn, on his zdivuvannya, sensing the voice of Mr. Jones, as if he would come to the statement: "Speak Jones. Just call me Smith. Saying, sho їde here, to shoot me. in all seriousness virishiv zdіysnit your threat, then in 10 minutes I'll be dead. This record will help the police know to drive it in. I can smell it at the gatherings.
- Maybe arrest Smith? - energized by Lieutenant Wong, assistant to Captain Bons.
- Ni, - Bones sighed. - Perekonaniy, scho vbivstvo zrobiv xtos іnshiy, hto vmіє good inherit the voice of Jones. A record of the corruptions is especially in order to direct the investigation along the hellish path. Yak showed the offensive steps, Bons mauration. What made Yogo suspect that the wrong ones are here?


Mr. Williams, Mr. Barnet and Mr. Edwards live in furnished rooms on Basket Street. One of them is a baker, another is a taxi driver, and the third is a fireman. You are to blame for the profession of a dermatologist. From a sprat of hints.
1. Mr. Williams and Mr. Barnet are playing at the checker's house at night.
2. Mr. Barnet and Mr. Edwards go to baseball at the same time.
3. The taxi driver collects a collection of coins, the fireman - tin soldiers, and the baker - stamps.
4. Taxi driver never go to baseball.
5. Mr. Edwards never said anything about postage stamps.


On one birch of the river there are chotir people, and on the banks of the moorings there are chauvin. We will need to cross over to the other bank of the river. It seems that one of them can cross in 1 year, another in 2 years, the third in 5 years, and the fourth in 10 years. No more than 2 people can be accommodated at the chauvin at the same time. If there are two people in a chovn, then the time to cross the next respect so it’s better to cross the one whose hour you cross over. It is necessary for everyone to cross over no more than 18 years. Chauvin himself does not move from coast to coast, someone else is to blame.
How can I fix it?


A mandrivnik arrived at the door of the house. The new one didn’t have a penny, but a silver lancet from six lanks. The owner of the hotel had the good fortune to accept in payment for the room for a skin day one ring from each lancet, but so, having cut no more than one ring of wine. How mandrivnikova varto cut a lancet, so that you could cry for the owner of the day for five days?


At the gathering, one old man, dying, sang 19 camels to his three sons. The older son was responsible for the order for half of the camels, the middle one - a quarter, and the youngest - five parts. Ale, the brothers began to quarrel with each other, even if 19 camels did not divide, not by 3, not by 4, not by 5. Go stink to the wise man, who also had camels. And the sage could judge them, and the skin would be dry with his part.
How did the sage split the camels?


There are kilometers of steps on the Uzbek highway. The highway leads from point A to point B. On the skin stop, a distance is marked in kilometers, both to point A, and to point B. The distance from A to B is 999 km. On how many kilometers of stovpah for both written vikoristan only 2 different numbers?


One Vedmіd Virishiv is more expensive. Turning right-handed, then turning right-handed and turning right-handed, then turning right-handed, passing a kilometer to pivnich. It turned out that the stars came there and rose more expensive. What color witch?


Once the great Sem Cooper, manager of the sports shop "M'yachi ta Racketki", reviewed a new batch of tennis balls. Rapporteur of the wines mentioned that the labels on three boxes were incorrectly affixed. Being a known lover of puzzles, you will be able to shake your head in this situation. Axis of the puzzle.
Take one shady ball from any box, without looking into either the other or the other boxes. Knowing the color of only one tennis ball, designate the labels on the skin of these boxes.
Try to unlock the job for ten quilin. Vikoristovuvati dodatkovy hour is not allowed.


In front of the blind mathematician, there are 100 chips on the table, one side of which is white, the other is black. It seems that at the cob moment 10 of them lie on the white side of the burn, otherwise - on the black. In some way, you can divide the chips into 2 groups so that the skin of them would have the same number of two, or wouldn’t they?


Under the low bridge, a vantage was creaking. Yogo could not be pushed forward without slacking off. What would it be like to get through, it didn’t stick out like 3 centimeters. The chauffeur of the caboose changed his shoes until the little girl uttered a simple rozvyazok to you.


At the hour of the summer picnic, the chotiri and friends of the bet drank 32 lemonade puffs. The friends sang: Zhanna - 1 puff, Jacqueline - 2 puffs, Coleta - 3 puffs and Aneta - 4 puffs. The men did not give up to the squads: Monsieur Pont drank the style, the skils of his squad, Monsieur Dubois - more than their squads, Monsieur Peyzan - the morning Monsieur Fontaine - four times more than their squads.
How to call Madame Pont, Dubois, Peyzan and Fontaine?


Instructed to stand on the shore of the ship with the launching of a motuzkoy drabina, which can take 10 gatherings. Vіdstan mіzh them 30 cm. The ocean is calm this year, but the tide begins to rise, which raises water by 15 cm a year.


Fishermen Adam, Bauer, Christiansen and Daze (abbreviated as A, B, C and D - according to the first Latin letters of their names), calling their catch, set forward: (1) D caught more, lower C. (2) A and B at a time stylki w, skilki C and D (at once) were caught. (3) A and D were caught less at the same time, lower B and C (together).
Calculate the results for catches a, b, c and d. fishermen A, B, C and D in size.


Ser Roger does not only look like a chepurun, but he has a reputation as a swordsman. One time early vrantsі, zbirayuchis on chergovu duel, which was so rich in yoga life, vin shukav a couple of punches of the same color. Sir Roger, knowing that in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe there were ten pairs of white panties and ten pairs of black ones, but the light of a single candle was so dark that wine could not be picked out in a moment. Decide on the minimum number of panches, for it is the fault of Sir Roger, who was taken out of the box, to pick up a couple of the same.


The sum of these two natural numbers is equal to the given sum?


Three amateurs of water sports can win one choven. They blamed the way, so that none of the third parties could win it. For this stink, try yoga on the lancet, which is locked with three locks. The skin of an amateur can only have one key (all the keys in different locks), but still you can take a chauvin, victorious with only one of your keys. How can I get into them?


Here, near the center of the city of stingy empty spaces, there is a ruined place Ishtar. For now, until a new distance, I am guilty of all the pishki from saving to the center of the mainland. Ruhayuchis on tsіy dorozi, a person can take from himself food supplies no more than nіzh for five days. I hoped that I could go about thirty miles more in a day. Judging from the map, the place is within a hundred and twenty miles of the coast. At once I will try to cheer up, as many people as I need, including myself, so that I have enough reserves for one in order to get to the place, spend the night there and turn to safety.


Two hamants have 4 coins, moreover, there are more double coins in one hamant, and less in the other. How can you booty?


The entry ?1?2?4?8?16?32?64=27 has a "?" put signs "+" or "-" so that jealousy has become true.


There are two coins at the gut for a total sum of 15 kopecks. One of them is not a n'yatak. What are the coins?


It is in the house of an ancient order, de peasants, it is necessary to translate the wovka, goat and cabbage through the river. The chauvin is so small that in the New Crimea a peasant can fit only one (passenger). And if you kill a goat with a goat, then for sure yoga, if you kill a goat with cabbage, then cabbage will be eaten. How are the peasants?


Tsya riddle on kmіtlivіst for children. Can you untie it?
= 8809 6
= 7111 0
= 2172 0
= 6666 4
= 1111 0
= 3213 0
= 7662 2
= 9312 1
= 0000 4
= 2222 0
= 3333 0
= 5555 0
= 8193 3
= 8096 5
= 7777 0
= 9999 4
= 7756 1
= 6855 3
= 9881 5
= 5531 0
2581 =?


Tsya task vіdoma z davnіh chasіv. In Vietnamese villages, old painters love to ask young people. So the task is to move from generation to generation.
For a year, 100 buffaloes prepared 100 pieces of sine.
Young buffalo, what's the cost, for 5 rings of son.
Recumbent juvenile buffalo z'їdaє 3 rinds of sіna.
Three old buffaloes give 1 piece of sin.
How many young buffaloes stand, how many lie down and how many old buffaloes?


What is bigger: the sum of all the numbers or your own dobutok?


What can't you make a magnifying glass into a tricutnik?


In order to know the pirate's belongings, you need to go through the old oak tree 12 krokiv for pivnich and 5 krokiv for pivnich, then 4 for pivnich and 11 for pivden. De zaritium belongings?


How to measure the diameter of a thin dart, looming in order only an olive and a scale line?


What kind of sign should be put next to each other with the numbers 2 and 3, so that the number came up, more than two, or less than three?


What kind of food (maximum 10) is it necessary to guess a number from 1 to 1000, so that only the answers "so" and "n_" can be guessed on them?


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In the world of the ocean, where the mysterious and unknown coexists with the studied, sperm whales, with their huge brains, are of particular interest to science. Researchers, working with a huge array of audio recordings collected during the Dominica Sperm Whale Project (DSWP) - more than 8000 recordings, seek to unravel the secrets of their communication and understand the structure and complexity of the language of these mysterious creatures. By studying in detail the recordings of 60 sperm whales in the eastern Caribbean, scientists have revealed surprising features of their communication, revealing the complexity of their language. "Our observations indicate that these whales have a highly developed combinatorial communication system, including rubato and ornaments, which indicates their ability to quickly adapt and vary during communication. Despite significant differences in evolution, sperm whales have elements in their communication that are characteristic of human communication," says Shane Gero, a biologist at Carleton University and director of the CETI project. Issl ... >>

Electron spin for quantum information transfer 18.05.2024

The transfer of quantum information remains one of the key tasks of modern science. Recent advances in the use of electron spin to expand the capabilities of information transfer in quantum systems have become very important. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are pushing the frontiers of quantum information science by experimenting with the possibilities of electron spin. Electron spin, a natural quantum bit, is a potentially powerful means for storing and transmitting information in quantum systems. Magnon wave packets, collective excitations of electron spin, have revealed their potential to transmit quantum information over significant distances. The work of Berkeley Lab researchers has revolutionized the way such excitations propagate in antiferromagnets, opening up new prospects for quantum technologies. Using pairs of laser pulses, scientists disrupted antiferromagnetic order in one place and simultaneously studied it in another, creating ... >>

Sound-absorbing silk 17.05.2024

In a world where noise is becoming increasingly intrusive, the emergence of innovative materials that can reduce its impact is of great interest. MIT researchers have unveiled a new sound-absorbing silk fabric that promises to revolutionize quiet spaces. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has made significant breakthroughs in the field of sound absorption. Researchers have developed a special silk fabric that can effectively absorb sound and create cozy, quiet environments. The fabric, thinner than a human hair, contains a unique vibrating fiber that is activated when voltage is applied to it. This feature allows the fabric to be used to suppress sound waves in two different ways. The first method uses fabric vibrations to generate sound waves that cover and cancel out unwanted noise, similar to noise-canceling headphones. This p ... >>

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Samsung eUFS Flash Chips for Automotive Systems 29.09.2017

Samsung Electronics announced the industry's first Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) embedded flash memory chips for automotive on-board equipment.

UFS is a general flash storage specification for various electronic devices. Compared to the widely used eMMC memory, UFS chips provide a significant increase in performance while reducing power consumption.

The new Samsung eUFS chips are designed for use in advanced driver assistance systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS), next-generation dashboards, and infotainment systems.

Products with a capacity of 64 and 128 GB are presented. They are made in accordance with the JEDEC UFS 2.1 standard. The declared data read speed reaches 850 MB / s, which is approximately 3,4 times faster than eMMC 5.0 memory. The number of input / output operations per second (IOPS) when reading reaches 45 - this is about 000 times more than eMMC.

The Samsung eUFS Chip Controller contains a temperature sensor that allows you to monitor the state of the chips and control the approach of the temperature to critical values.

Samsung announces the start of production of new eUFS products. Thus, such chips will soon appear in the systems of connected cars and vehicles with a self-governing complex.

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