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Riddles with a tricky answer

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles with a tricky answer in Russian

In some city, a new order was introduced. Now everyone who wanted to enter the city was stopped by the guards at the entrance and asked the same question: "Why do you want to enter the city?" If a person, in response to this question, spoke the truth, then they drowned him in a pond, and if it was not true, they hung him on the gallows. For a long time, no one could enter the city after passing through this ordeal. But there was such a daredevil who said that he could pass without being drowned in a pond or hanged on a gallows. Boasted and... passed! What did he say to the guard?

In a certain state there was such a custom: Everyone condemned to death, before death, drew lots. He took out one of the two pieces of paper from the drawer. On one was written "Death", on the other - "Life". If he took out a piece of paper "Death" - he was executed, "life" - released.
One person who lived in this country had enemies who slandered him and forced him to be executed. The day before the draw, they snuck into the court and replaced the piece of paper with the inscription "Life" in the box with a piece of paper with the inscription "Death". Thus, there were now 2 pieces of paper in the box, and "Death" was written on both. The man should have been executed anyway.
But the man's friends learned of the enemy's tricks and warned him. They advised the convict to tell the court about everything, so that the court would replace the papers and the correct lot would be drawn. But the defendant said everything was fine. In the morning in court, he went to the box and pulled out one piece of paper ... He did something ... and was released!
What did he do?

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that a lucky player can win exactly as much as other players lose, Sam Lloyd, the greatest puzzle inventor of all time, believes that there are games with better conditions for players. Listen to his story:
- Four merry fellows sat down to play,
And they played all night until dawn;
They played for money, not just for fun
Everyone had their own account
Well, when they began to count the winnings,
Turns out it's the same for everyone!
Can you explain this paradox?
If no one lost, how did they all win?

There is a basement in which there are 3 light bulbs. The switches for these light bulbs are located outside the basement so that even with the doors to the basement open, it is not visible whether the light bulbs are on. How, having entered the basement only 1 time, to determine which of the 3 switches corresponds to which light bulb?

A hat was put on the head of each of the three wise men. It is known that there are only 5 hats: 3 black and 2 white. The wise man can see the hats on the other two wise men, but does not know which one he is wearing. Each wise man needs to guess what hat he is wearing and say the answer after 2 minutes. They are allowed to speculate aloud about their hat, but nothing about the others.
It is known that before that they communicated and agreed on the course of their opinions and actions.
How did they do it?

Once a father said to his sons: "Saddle your horses and ride from one city to another. Whose horse comes to the finish line last, he will receive a reward." The sons mounted their horses and barely dragged along. Towards the wise man, asks what's the matter, why they drive so slowly. They tell. He said only two words to them, and in less than a minute they were already galloping to the finish line with all their might. What did he tell them?

I do not have a pocket (wrist) clock, but only a wall clock that has stopped. I went to my friend, whose watch always shows the perfect time, found out what time it was and, without staying long with him, returned home. At home, I quickly calculated everything and put the hands of my watch in the position that corresponds to the correct time.

Riddles with a tricky answer in Ukrainian

Superbly accepted thoughts about those that a happy gravel can play evenly, skilki play other graves, Sam Lloyd, the biggest wine-maker of puzzles of all hours and peoples, vvazha, what is it? by the minds of the day for engravings. Listen to yoga rhyme:
- Chotiri merry silly grati,
I played the whole night until the sweatshirt;
The stench played for pennies, and not just for fun,
The skin buv has its own rahunok,
Well, if they began to pidrakhovuvat wingrash,
It turned out that we were in good luck!
Can you explain the paradox?
If you haven’t lost anyone, how have you played all the stinks?


Є pіdval, who knows 3 light bulbs. Vimikachi, in the light of these light bulbs, change the position of the basement so that when you open the doors at the basement, you can’t see that the light bulbs are burning. Yak, uveyshovshi only 1 time at the bottom, signify, yak z 3 vimikachiv, yak light bulbs?


Droplets were put on the head of the skin three of the three wise men. Apparently, there are 5 capes in total: 3 black ones and 2 white ones. A sage can bachiti drops on two other wise men, but he doesn’t know which one to use. It is necessary for the skin wise man to guess, like a new drop and say in 2 hvilin. You are allowed to speak out loud about your own drops, but nothing about others.
Apparently, they talked to the stench and thought about the head of their thoughts and diy.
How did they stink?


Once having said to his sons: "Saddle your horses, then go from one place to another. Whose horse will come to the finish line, that one will conquer the city." Blue forces on horses and ice weave. Nazustrich sage, ask why on the right, why stink so rightly. You tell. Vіn їm having said two words, and it didn’t pass, the stench was already galloping to the finish line. What did you say to them?


In the deakіy state, the buv sounds like this: Skin condemned to death, a foal before death. Vіn vystavav from the box one of the two papritsіv. On one boulo is written "Death", on the other - "Life". Yakshto vіn having taken out the papirets "Death" - they scribbled it, "life" - let it go.
In one of the people who lived near this country, there were foes, like they blew it, and they did it, so they spent it. The day before the foal, the stench made their way to the court and replaced the paper with the inscription "Life" in the box with the paper with the inscription "Death". In such a way, the box now had 2 papers, and on both it was written "Death". The people were guilty of stratiti in any kind of sloppiness.
But the friends of those people found out about the cunning enemies and got ahead of yoga. The stench pleased the condemned to tell the court about everything, so that the court would replace the papers and carry out the correct foal. Ale of litigation saying that everything is bad. Ranking wine pіdіyshov at the judge to the box and the hero zvіdti one papiret ... Zrobiv schos ... and buv zvіlneniy!
What wine did you grow?


A new order was introduced at the deacom’s district. Now the dermal, who wanted to eat in the place, at the entrance the guards called out and asked the same food: "Now do you want to go into the place?" If a person told the truth on a chain, then they drowned him in the headquarters, and if it was not true, they hung it on a shibenitsa. For a long time, no one could go to the place, having passed through the test. Ale knows such a smilie who, having said, that you can get through without being drowned at the rate, or we will increase on shibenitsy. Boasting th ... proishov! What are you talking about?


I don’t have a small intestinal (wrist) yearbook, but only a real one, which is zupinivsya. I’m going to my friend, for whom the year-book will ideally show the hour, having reached the time of the year, not hovering at the new one for a long time, turning back home. At home, I quickly cheered everything up and put the arrows of my anniversary at the position, which confirms the right hour.
How I stubbed it, and how my thoughts were, how I didn’t know how long it would take to get to my friend?


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