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Riddles with weighings and transfusions

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles with weighing and transfusions in Russian

The winemaker usually sells his wine in 3 and 5 liter sizes and only uses jars of this size for this. One of the buyers wanted to buy 1 liter. How did the winemaker measure out 1 liter to him using his own pitchers?

There are 13 coins, of which only one is fake, and it is not known whether it is lighter than real or heavier. You need to find this coin in three weighings. Scales - standard for tasks of this type: two cups without weights.

There are 9 coins. There are only scales. Scales are ordinary, laboratory (cup). One of the 9 coins is lighter than all the others. How to determine which coin is lighter? Coins on the scales can be weighed only 2 times.

3 Maharajas with their three peris approached the bank of the Ganges River, intending to cross to the other side. But local customs did not allow any peri to remain in a boat or on the shore with someone else's Maharaja, if there was no one nearby. There was only one boat on the shore, designed for 2 people. Fortunately, customs did not forbid any of the peris to drive the boat herself. How, under such conditions, can everyone cross to the opposite shore?

There are ten numbered hats on the table. Each hat contains ten gold coins. One of the hats contains counterfeit coins. A real coin weighs 10 grams, and a fake one only 9. A scale with a scale in grams is given to help. How to determine which of the hats contains counterfeit coins, using the scales for only one weighing? Scales can weigh no more than 750 grams.

In front of you is a jug that contains 4 liters of wine. You need to divide these 4 liters equally between two comrades, but you only have two empty jugs from the dishes: one that holds 2,5 liters and the other that holds 1,5 liters. How to divide 4 liters of wine into two using only these three vessels?

Tanya is standing on the bank of the river. She has two earthenware jars: one is 5 liters, and Tanya remembers only about the second that it holds either 3 or 4 liters. Help Tanya determine the capacity of the second jug. (Looking into the jug, you can not understand how much water is in it.).

Riddles with weighing and transfusions in Ukrainian

Vinorob zazvichay sell your wine for 3 and 5 liters and vikoristovu for that glider only this size. One of the buyers wants to buy 1 liter. How is a wine grower seeing yoma 1 liter crusty with wet gleams?


3 maharajas from three yards came to the bank of the river Ganges, trying to cross to the other bank. Ale mіstsevі zvichaї did not allow the yearly feather to be left in the chovnі, or on the birch tree from someone else's maharaja, as if the entrustment would not be his own. On the birch, there was less than one choven, repayments for 2 people. Fortunately, the zvichas did not hinder the future of their own reign. How, for such minds, can we move to the opposite coast?


Є 13 coins, only one of them is false, moreover, it is unknown, it is easier than the right one or more important. It is necessary to know the qiu coin for three zvazhuvannya. Terezi - standard for the head of the type: two cups without weights.


Є 9 coins. Only one vag. Terezi zvichayny, laboratory (cups). One of 9 coins is lighter, lower is all else. How to designate a coin as a light one? Coins on vaga can only be called 2 times.


There are ten numbered capelyukhs on the table. At the skin drop lie ten gold coins. In one of the droplets there are counterfeit coins. The right coin is worth 10 grams, and only 9 grams are added. How can one signify in a capelyuhіv false coins, vicarious vagaries only for one zvazhuvannya? Wags can weigh no more than 750 grams.


In front of you is a glechik, which will take 4 liters of wine. You need to share 4 liters between two comrades, but you have only two empty glaciers for dishes: one that holds 2,5 liters, the other that holds 1,5 liters. How to pour 4 liters of wine for two for the help of only three vessels?


Tanya is standing on the birch of the river. She has two clay gliders: one - for 5 liters, and about the other Tanya remembers only those who drink wine, sometimes 3, sometimes 4 liters. Help Tanya to designate the capacity of another fleck. (Looking into the glechik, you can’t understand, skilki in a new water.).


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