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Riddles about mushrooms

Riddles for adults and children

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Riddles in Russian | Riddles in Ukrainian

Riddles about mushrooms in Russian

Here's someone important
On a little white leg.
He has a red hat,
There are polka dots on the hat.

She stands pale
She has an edible look.
Bring it home - trouble
That food is poison.
Know that this mushroom is a snag,
Our enemy is pale...

Along forest paths
Many white legs
In multi-colored hats,
Perceptible from afar.
Collect, do not hesitate!

All Antoshka -
Hat and leg.
It will rain -
He will grow up.

Near the forest at the edge,
Decorating the dark forest,
Grew motley, like Parsley,

He was hidden deep
One-two-three - and went out,
And he is in plain sight.
White, I'll find you.

A man entered a pine forest,
Found a slug
Throw - it's a pity
Eat - raw.

I drilled the ground
I left the spine
He himself was born,
Covered with a hat.

Even kids know
Red and white mushrooms
Those that are not friendly with flies.
Don't take them for dinner
This mushroom is inedible
Even though he looks handsome.
Called for a long time
That mushroom is red...

Golden ... -
Very friendly sisters.
They wear red berets
Autumn is brought to the forest in summer.

Chunky, in a new hat
The mushroom in the forest grows like a pine tree.
Happy grandmother and grandfather:
- There will be a festive dinner!
Oh, they grabbed the squirrels in an instant
This white...

Who stands on a strong foot
In the brown leaves by the path?
Got a hat made of grass
There is no head under the cap.

Small, distant,
Passed through the earth
Found the red cap.

On the forest, on the yard,
Worth a man -
Red cap.

At the far forest edge
A bright mushroom stands sadly:
Even though he looks nice.
But it's very poisonous.

I do not argue - not white,
I, brothers, are simpler.
I usually grow
In a birch grove.
In the birch grove
The namesakes met!
Tom Thumb,
The hat is red.

There are no mushrooms friendlier than these, -
Know adults and children -
They grow on stumps in the forest,
Like freckles on your nose.

What kind of guys on stumps
Crowded in a tight bunch?
And they hold umbrellas in their hands,
Caught in a cloud.

He stood in the forest
Nobody took him
In a fashionable red hat
Good for nowhere.

Autumn, rain for the whole day,
Leaf fall and wetness.
Only they are not chilly -
One-legged hats.

Under the bushes
Under the sheets
We hid in the grass
Look for us in the forest yourself
We will not shout to you: "Ay!".

Under the leaves in the clearing
The girls played hide and seek.
Three sisters hid
Light yellow...

spreading the leaves,
In the midst of tall grass
I look at the world
Like a fox from a hole.
And for those who wish
find me
Will have skillful
Become a hunter.

Grow on the edge
redhead girlfriends,
Their names ...

Red ears with a fox top
They lie in the grass - for small hedgehogs.

It looks like an umbrella
Only a hundred times less.
If there is a storm on the horizon,
He is very happy.
If it's raining and warm
He considers himself lucky!

Modest, thin and pale...
This mushroom, imagine, is harmful.
Mushroom gets into the soup -
You will be taken to the hospital.
Because poisonous
And angry at everyone around.
We'll leave in the clearing
This harmful...

Looking down -
handles on the sides.
Beautiful and important
no one needs.

Stood on a strong leg
Now it lies in the basket.

Who has one foot, and that one without a shoe?

Who has a hat without a head,
And the leg without the boot?

At the shady ravine
The touchy mushroom has grown:
Slightly press on the barrel -
Look, already a bruise.

Flower garden without flowers
Under the tree is ready.

What are the yellow sisters
Hiding in the thick grass?
I see them all perfectly
I'll take it home soon.
Very clean, tasty mushroom -
Happy and cook, and mushroom picker.
Those yellow sisters
Are called...

What kind of mushroom stands on a bump
In a red velvet handkerchief?
I was born on a rainy day
Under the young aspen
Round, smooth, beautiful,
With a thick and straight leg.

I grow up in a red cap
Among aspen roots.
You will see me a mile away -
I am called...

I'm under a colored hat
I stand alone on my feet.
I have my habits.
I always play hide and seek.

I stand on a thin leg,
I stand on a smooth leg,
Under the brown hat
With velvet lining.

Riddles about mushrooms in Ukrainian

And my leg:
Brilla on her
I dress.


Sisters grew in the fox,
Live and savory...


There is only one in me -
Chobitka can't
And even if I'm headless, -
I wear a hat.


Born into a warm plank,
I curled up with a parasol,
Maybe I’d shave off the fox,
Yakby friend leg maw!


You are about a marvelous marvel
I'll tell you truthfully.
What are small animals
Couldn't guess?
The fox passed.
- Big bowl!
A jay flew by.
- Garna parasolka!
A їzhak mirkuє:
- Don't you hear anyone?
The parasol is fresh,
Nache zha zha!


Viyshov blush on the wall,
Vdyagsya in white clothes,
Taking a red droplet -
I've got it all wrong!


Mushrooms are beautiful -
Droplets in them, mov in oil.
I pick mushroom pickers


All in hats-brills
Hidden bushes,
Bo yak videmo on the way -
Let's go to borscht right away!


Є kapelyuh, but do not maє head,
E leg, but there is no cherevika.


Є hat - no head,
Є leg - dumb cherevika.


I big and small
tied up in shavings,
and board and one-footer
not to be afraid of anitrishka;
lіs - loves їх edge.
And how they sound - guess.


I high, I thin,
dark hats,
Grow on stumps


The drops in them are bright:
Yellow, Sir, Green,
Check, love, threes, -
I'll take you...


Kindrat, my brother, cross the earth, know the cap.


Kindrat, my brother, cross the earth, know the red hat.


If it's a lie, it's good to go
Help people go, boova,
So wear a hat
The new one has a head.
And Mikita Borovy
Put on a hat, like everything,
She doesn't shake her head.
What is the hat on?
On the nose!


Krasen mushroom tsey hoch kudi,
Don't take it by the hand!
Skin fly yogo know
How to pat - get out vtіkaє!


Only the leg is the head,
Anі hands, nі nіg mute.
To marvel at something new
You need to dodge low.


People, beast, fly, -
Whom I would not streak, -
Never a drop
However, I did not know.
And who marveled at the new -
Toi youmu immediately dodges.


Small, white, and put a woman out of the cart.


small, chubby,
Break the earth through,
Know the red hat.


Not a leaf, not a gill - they grow at the guy.


The legs are thin.
Shiї, mov flowers.
Round heads.
І on the stump, th near the stump
We have a great day.


They licked all the stumps
Mami - tata, blue daughters:
First, the threads are all thin,
Vishukani and chepurnenki.


Mushroom under the birch,
The order of the woman and the son of a bitch ...
With a kumi stink tree,
Good know їх mi!


Born under an oak tree,
I curled up with a parasol,
Maybe, I would shave off the fox,
Yakby friend leg maw.


The growth of the bіla wasps zvichno


Grow your own at the fox,
At the fox in the cold.
Kapelyuh on your own maє,
She doesn't know at all.


Appearing in the midst of the green,
I curled up with a drop,
Standing on a hump
Asking for a goat.
What's up, kids? Tse -...


Stand at a cost
On one note
May I wear a hat,
She does not visit anyone.


Stand a lad under a stump
Curling his head with a brilkom.


Who has his head down.


At the fox at the road
Who wants to stand on one lower,
Hidden under a leaf,
Tse small...
Yak in the basket do not want
Then don't fall for the eyes!


A warm plank was born,
I curled up with a parasol.


Hotch droplets maє,
She does not do yoga to anyone.


Who beat the road in the nut
Is there standing in the middle of the grass?
Without chobits - a single low,
Kapelyukh - without a head.
Mabut, want to goat
Cute cei...


You know the mushroom
Who is yogo chipping -
If the mother of the problem
That is not green.
Vdyag vin a little red hat,
Not old but new
Having sprinkled some sour cream,
Shchob didn’t grab anything.


Qi mushrooms are small,
Іz twins in them are sisters.
On the foxes mandruyut pishki,
Wear rizhi sandals.


Qi strings mushrooms
They took the stumps.
Their hats are round.
Call them...


The hat is brown, the bottom is mitzna,
This mushroom is the best, and the skin price is known,
To that bazhaє mustache mushroom picker
In the great fox to know...


Yak krіz earth vіn іshov,
Garnu knows the hat.
Kolo stitches becoming yakraz,
I put it on display.
Oh diva,
Come on bi liz
Into the thick of the air
Like the hats of the foxes
Children will come soon.


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