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Sheepskin preparation. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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Incoming for dressing sheepskin Raw materials come in different forms. The best raw material is paired sheepskins. Dry, frozen or salted skins are also processed.

When choosing and purchasing raw materials, a thorough inspection must be carried out. Good raw materials should not have cuts of meat and fat, cuts, putrefactive spots, bald spots, etc. Sheepskins taken from an animal killed in the fall are considered the best.

The preliminary preparation of sheepskins begins with washing the skins. The purpose of washing is to remove dirt, sweat, etc., and for salted skins, the removal of salt as well. Usually washing is carried out on a river or a pond. Sheepskins are placed in a clean place with the wool up and watered from above with water, while moving the shovel up and down the wool, which helps to clean. Such washing is carried out until all the dirt is washed off. Washing can also be done in vats in exactly the same way. The sheepskin is laid out at the bottom of the vat, and water is poured on top, which immediately leaves through the hole at the bottom of the vat. After washing, the sheepskins go to the soak.

Soaking aims to soften the skins. Many combine washing with soaking in one operation. This should not be done, because if the skins are poorly washed, they will easily rot if they lie further in the water. In addition, the vat, in which badly washed skins are soaked, quickly gets dirty.

Dry skins should usually be in water for 2-3 days, a steam room - from several hours to a day, salted ones - up to 2 days. A well-soaked skin has the appearance of a steam skin to the touch. If you take a rump in your hand and hold it tightly, then fingerprints will be clearly visible on such a skin. Soaking is carried out in running water in slatted boxes or baskets. Soaking can also be done in a vat with a large amount of water, in which case the water must be changed after a few hours.

When soaking, it is necessary to ensure that rotting does not occur, which entails hair loss. The addition of a small amount of carbolic acid to water prevents this phenomenon. After soaking, the skins are ready for cleaning. They are taken out of the vats and stacked on sloping boards to drain the water.

The next operation - cleaning the bakhtarma from cuts of meat, fat, veins, connective tissue, etc. is called skinning. The sheepskin is placed on the deck with the wool down and cleaned with a blunt knife - the mezryak. The collar of the skin should be at the top, and the tail at the bottom.

Skinning takes skill. Mezdryak should be held obliquely and obliquely to the line of the ridge of the skin. Careless movements must be guarded against, so as not to cut or cut the skin. They usually begin to scour the top of the collar, then from the bottom, and finally go down to the rump of the skin.

The skinned skin is washed with water on both sides and sorted into fatty and low-fat.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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