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Red tanned sheepskin. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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Consider ways red tanned sheepskin.

Namaznaya (simple) oak

Sheepskin is tanned after processing it in kvass, cleaning the flesh on the frame and combing the hair. The skins, stretched on frames and spread on the table with the wool down, are smeared from the inside side with tanning willow or oak juice with a strength of 1 ° Be.

The tannic juice is applied with a rag or a piece of sheepskin until the sheepskin no longer absorbs the tannic juice. Next, the sheepskins are dried, and if it turns out that the sheepskin is not well purged, the lubrication is repeated with stronger juice. Tanning willow sap can be prepared by dousing 100 kg of willow bark with 250 liters (20 buckets) of hot soft water. The resulting amount of juice is enough for 50-100 sheepskins.

Through (perch) oak

For this tanning method, you need to have 5 vats No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1,8 m deep and 1,3 m in diameter. 1 kg of willow bark are placed in vat No. 50 for tanning for 100 sheepskins and doused with 100 buckets hot water. When the resulting juice has cooled, it is poured into vat No. 2. Sheepskins are folded in half with wool inside, sewn together in three or four places with a thread and immersed in oak juice. In these first sheepskin juices remain a day. After that, they are taken out and squeezed. Squeezed out sheepskins are folded onto a wrapping board. Next, the sheepskins are placed in vat No. 3 so that they lie along its walls.

Sheepskins should touch the walls of the vat with a ridge, and each subsequent sheepskin should cover the bottom by at least one fourth. When a row is laid to the circumference, then they begin to lay the second row, and so on, until the tub is laid halfway.

Then the sheepskins are covered from above with a rather thick layer of wet bark remaining in vat No. 1. Then the juice of vat No. 2 is poured so that it stands 4 cm above the sheepskins. You can scoop up juices with a copper, clay or wooden ladle. You can't use iron. Sheepskins remain in tub No. 3 for 3 days. During this time, 2-3 bulkheads are made daily.

The bulkhead consists in the fact that 2-3 people run their hands under the lowest sheepskins and turn them carefully along the radius of the vat. After 3 days, the sheepskins are taken out and transferred to vat No. 4; proceed in exactly the same way as was done for vat No. 3, but with the difference that here the sheepskins should be laid up with the side that lay in vat No. 3 below, and vice versa. Tanning bark is taken from vats No. 1 and No. 3. In this position, the sheepskin is left for 3 days, during which it is sorted out 3-4 times.

By the end of 3 days, a fresh strong solution of tannic juice is prepared. To do this, take 100 kg of coarsely crushed bark, place it in vat No. 1 and pour 30 buckets of boiling water over it; when the juice has cooled down, pour it into vat No. 5, Then the sheepskins are taken out, the bark is rinsed from them, squeezed and placed in vat No. 5, The sheepskins are here for a day, after which they are taken out, dried without wringing out and, finally, kneaded with a hook , stretched on the frame and cleaned with pumice.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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