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Make your clothes waterproof. Chemical experiments

Entertaining experiments in chemistry

Entertaining experiences at home / Chemistry experiments for children

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Dissolve in two liters of water 300 grams of borax, 120 grams of Glauber's salt and 80 grams of dextrin. Apply this solution hot to your clothes. Air dry without wringing, then iron with a hot iron.

At the same time, the fabric acquires water-repellent properties, as if it were saturated with oil: water runs off the clothes without wetting it.

Author: Shkurko D.I.

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In fact, Harvard scientists have created an intermediate cyborg environment, a kind of nervous system made of biotissue and electronics, which can register its acidity, chemistry, oxygen content and other important characteristics in a biological environment and form a “response” if necessary.

The work began with two-dimensional structures, after which they moved on to 3D structures. On a polymer substrate, scientists grew a network of electrodes capable of measuring the electrical activity of cells using their microtransistors. Then the substrate was dissolved, and the remaining mass was something like a porous sponge. At the next stage, living tissue cells - nerve cells or heart muscle cells - were seeded into this sponge. In the end, scientists learned how to artificially create a biological tissue that has electronics in it, capable of registering electrical signals from cells located deep inside the tissue, and at the same time not damaging them in any way.

Achieving the Harvard group in the first place can radically change the situation in organ transplantation, allowing them to be grown with electronics already built into them, recording the state, reaction to drugs, etc. The scientists are now planning to do the same with blood vessel tissue.

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