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Weightlessness and vegetable oil. Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

Entertaining experiences at home / Physics experiments for children

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You, of course, know that in the cockpit of a spaceship during free flight, all objects lose weight. Pencils, notebooks float in the air like balloons. Yes, pencils - irons, and they would float if only they were taken on a space flight!

Well, liquids in zero gravity "do not want" to fill glasses, pots and other utensils. They "do not want" to submissively take the form of the vessel into which they are poured. No, liquids flutter in the air, gathering into neat ball drops! This is why astronauts are not allowed to drink from glasses and eat soup from bowls. They have to squeeze liquid directly into their mouths from a tube that looks like a tube of toothpaste, only bigger.

Do you want to observe liquid in zero gravity? No, not yet in a spaceship, but at home, in the kitchen. It is quite possible, although the experience is difficult.

For the experiment, three liquids are needed: water, vegetable oil and alcohol. Oil is lighter than water, and if you pour it into a jar of water, it will collect in a layer on the surface. And if you pour the same oil into alcohol, it will gather in a layer at the bottom. So alcohol is even lighter than oil.

If alcohol is added to a glass of water, then the oil added to this mixture will sink in alcohol, but will not sink in water. It should float on the border of water and alcohol. The difficulty of our experience lies precisely in the fact that it is necessary to very carefully, very carefully pour alcohol into a glass of water so that these liquids do not mix. To do this, first pour water up to half, and then slowly drain the alcohol along the wall of the glass.

Weightlessness and vegetable oil

Filling the glass almost to the top, carefully pour a teaspoon of vegetable oil into it. Perhaps you expected that it would spread in a layer on the border of alcohol and water? Nothing like it! But the oil was in a state of weightlessness. It seems to "float" on the interface. And, as if in the cockpit of a spaceship, this "weightless" oil will gather into a ball, completely even and smooth! Unless it is flattened, if the water and alcohol at the border are still a little mixed up.

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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