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Three bottle caps. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Give three spectators each a lemonade cap, two of which are plain white (colorless) and one is yellow. Offer to hide the lids in a box with three compartments so that you can’t see which one is, and try to guess which compartment contains the lid, for example, the yellow one.

The box is made up of four outer cases and three inner matchbox drawers. When the lids are laid out, turn to the audience, take the box from them and, after a second of reflection, confidently indicate where the hidden lid is hidden.

Focus secret:

In the yellow lid, put a lead circle equal in diameter to the lid under the seal in advance. Give the caps to the audience one at a time so they don't have a chance to compare them.

Focus Three bottle caps

When you get the box in your hand, discreetly take it with your fingertips by the middle. The overweight of one side will immediately show you the desired compartment. If the box remains in balance, then the desired cover is in the center).

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