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Why does dandruff appear? Detailed answer

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Why does dandruff appear?

Medicine still does not know the exact answer to the question of the causes of dandruff. Dandruff can be considered a scalp disease in which small flakes appear on the scalp and hair. The scientific name for this phenomenon is seborrheic eczema. There is a lot of evidence that this condition of the scalp is caused by some kind of infection. But this has not yet been conclusively proven, and the causative agent of such an infection has not been found.

We know that dandruff almost always occurs when certain glands associated with the hair roots become overactive. They are called sebaceous glands and produce a substance called sebum. This substance forms scales or flakes, and because of this, the head begins to itch.

Sometimes dandruff appears if the amount of fungal formations or bacteria on the head exceeds the usual norm. But, probably, these factors do not have a big impact on dandruff. They just make things worse. Of course, if dandruff causes severe itching and the person itches, then this can lead to infection, since these microorganisms can penetrate deep into the damaged skin.

In cases where dandruff is minor, it is enough to wash your hair once or twice a week and massage your head thoroughly to get rid of excess oil and dandruff flakes. Such measures can help in many cases. But in difficult situations, when even washing your hair can cause discomfort, you need to go to the doctor.

Author: Likum A.

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How is it established that animals do not distinguish colors?

Scientists have conducted special experiments to determine whether animals can distinguish colors. All they can say with certainty from these experiments is that some of the animals are color blind.

Take, for example, a dog. They made a sound and gave her food. When she got used to it, it was enough just to repeat this sound, as the dog salivated. When the same experiment was repeated, using this or that color instead of sound, nothing came of it. This led to the conclusion that dogs do not distinguish colors.

Similar experiments were carried out with cats. They were tried to be fed at the signal of one of the six colors. But if instead of a color signal they were shown just something gray, they did not notice the difference and constantly confused the signals. This means that cats also do not distinguish colors.

It is known that monkeys distinguish colors, and experiments have proven this. They were taught to take food from a locker whose door was painted a certain color, and they never approached doors that were painted in other colors and there was nothing behind them. But scientists admit that this issue is still not well understood. And, perhaps, further experiments will expand our understanding of animals. For example, it turned out that horses distinguish between green and yellow, and also distinguish them from gray. Things are much worse with red and blue.

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The causes of allergies to exercise are unknown. In many cases, an allergic reaction is associated with eating a certain food shortly before exercising; most often in combination with exercise, strong allergens such as wheat, tomatoes, peanuts, seafood and corn cause allergies.

In other forms of allergies, food has nothing to do with it; the reaction is provoked by airborne fungal spores, plant pollen and just dust. For some people, they cause a runny nose and breathing problems on their own, for others only when combined with exercise.

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