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Elixirs for rinsing teeth. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

Directory / Factory technology at home - simple recipes

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Here are some recipes elixirs for rinsing teeth.

1st recipe:

  • Liquid soap 50 g;
  • Cinchona tincture 50 g;
  • Salts 2 g;
  • Glycerin 100 g;
  • Rose water 0,5 liters.

To mix.

2st recipe:

  • Ground anise 100 g;
  • Cloves 25 g;
  • Vanilla 2 g;
  • Cochineal 5 g;
  • Sandalwood powder 5 g.

Infuse with a mixture of 1 liter of alcohol (95°) and 300% water for eight days with frequent shaking, then drain, squeeze out the sediment and add 10% peppermint oil and 4 drops of artificial rose oil to the resulting mixture and filter. This rinse water has a reddish-brown tint and a pleasant and persistent aroma.

3st recipe:

  • Anise oil 3 g;
  • Clove oil 4 g;
  • Vanillin 0,04 g;
  • Peppermint oil 10 g;
  • Artificial rose oil 4 drops.

The mixture is dissolved in 1 liter of alcohol (95°) and 300 g of distilled water are added. Filter after 8 days. The liquid is colorless.

4st recipe:

Dissolve 3% thymol in 0,5 l of alcohol (95°) and add 0,5 l of colorless rinse (see 3rd recipe). Filter after eight days.

5st recipe:

Dissolve 25 g of real eucalyptus oil in 0,5 l of alcohol (95°) and add 0,5 l of ethereal rinse (see 3rd recipe). After 8 days, filter with asbestos wool.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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