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Toilet pastes, waters, alcohols, etc. Simple recipes and tips

Factory technologies - simple recipes

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Pastes are made from vegetable substances containing fats, which have the ability to form an emulsion with water. Toilet pastes They do not contain the slightest admixture of alkalis, and therefore they are the most gentle means for the skin of the face and hands, to give it elasticity and softness. Since all emulsions containing fat are easily decomposed and spoiled, it is recommended that the vessels with the prepared paste be hermetically sealed and stored in a cool place. However, a small admixture of salicylic acid (up to 0,5% of the weight of the preserved mass) is sufficient to protect the mass from decomposition.

Almond paste

  • Bitter almonds 3 kg;
  • Bergamot oil 300 g;
  • Lemon oil 100 g;
  • Alcohol 2 l;
  • Rose water 4 g.

Put bitter almonds in a sieve and lower them for a few seconds in boiling water, after which the almond skin is easily peeled off. Peeled almonds are carefully crushed in a mortar. Pour into a glazed pot, standing in another pot filled with boiling water, and pour over the almonds with two liters of rose water, preheated to a boil. Stirring and heating is continued until a homogeneous mass is obtained from almond flour and rose water, which is recognized by the disappearance of white grains. Then the pot is slightly cooled, and the remainder of rose water and essential oils dissolved in wine alcohol are added to the mixture. The almond flipper should be of an oily, homogeneous composition, which is easily achieved by thorough mixing.

Honey almond paste

  • Bitter almonds 1 kg;
  • Honey 2 kg;
  • Almond oil 2 kg;
  • Egg yolk 30 pieces;
  • Bergamot oil 30 g;
  • Lemon oil 20 g;
  • Clove oil 20 g.

Egg yolks, honey and almond oil are mixed, and peeled almonds and essential oils are added to this mixture.


  • Wheat flour 4 kg;
  • Almond bran 1 kg;
  • Violet root 1 kg;
  • Essences from roses 1 l;
  • Glycerin 0,4 l.

From the above products, a kind of dough is prepared, which is diluted with water before use.

Glycerin paste

  • Glycerin cream 250 g;
  • Almond oil 400 g;
  • Rose water 350 g;
  • Spermaceti 100 g;
  • Wax 32 g;
  • Rose oil 4 g.

Melt the wax and spermaceti with moderate heat, add almond oil. Stir thoroughly and add glycerin mixed with rose water and rose oil, which can be replaced with some other good-smelling oil.

If the preparation is prepared for the summer, then it is useful to increase the amount of wax by 50%, since as a result of this the paste receives a greater density.

Glycerin jelly

  • Glycerin 1 kg;
  • Almond oil 3 kg;
  • Orange peel oils 10 g;
  • Soap 150 g;
  • Thyme oil 20 g.

Glycerin "Velor"

  • Glycerin 500 g;
  • Musk tinctures 0,5 g;
  • Orange blossom water 60 g;
  • Rose oil 2 drops;
  • Water 1,2 kg.

Condensed glycerin

  • Glycerin 200 g;
  • Gelatin 12 g;
  • Honey 30 g;
  • Water 100 g.

Glycerin is mixed with water and honey and gelatin are added when heated. Cool and aromatize with any perfume and essential oils.

Camphor Ice Vaseline

  • Camphor in the form of a coarse powder 200 g;
  • Paraffin 200 g;
  • Glycerin 200 g;
  • White wax 500 g;
  • White vaseline 800 g

Vaseline, paraffin and wax are heated, mixed and camphor is added. By heating and hanging, a homogeneous mixture is obtained, to which glycerin is added at the end. The mixture is allowed to cool, without stopping stirring until it hardens.

Toilet ammonia

1st recipe:

  • Ammonia (28%) 0,5 l;
  • Water 8 l;
  • Spazhnikov oil 25 drops.

Mix and pour into bottles.

  • Ammonia 300 g;
  • Borax 30 g;
  • Violet oil 110 g;
  • Alcohol 300 g;
  • Boiled or distilled water about 3 liters.

Mix and filter

Roman massage cream

  • Casein 200 g;
  • Boric acid 14 g;
  • Rose water 56 g;
  • Benzoinon sodium salt 28 g;
  • Glycerin 56 g.

Mix well and add a few drops of liquid carmine for coloring. If the cream is too thick, add glycerin.

Author: Korolev V.A.

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