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Occupational safety of public catering workers. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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Caterers performing various jobs in this industry, for example: collecting dishes from tables in public catering places, cutting bread, peeling root crops and potatoes, deboning meat and poultry, trimming meat and offal can be affected by hazardous and harmful production factors (moving parts mechanical equipment; increased voltage in the electrical circuit; insufficient illumination of the working area; sharp edges, burrs and uneven surfaces of equipment, tools, inventory, containers; physical overload; monotony of work.

Cooks, bakers, waiters, dish washers, kitchen workers, pastry chefs, confectioners, convenience food manufacturers, bartenders, bartenders can also be exposed to hazardous and harmful production factors (moving mechanisms, moving raw materials, semi-finished products, containers; elevated temperature of equipment surfaces, products, increased dust content in the air of the working area; increased noise level at the workplace; increased or reduced air mobility; increased voltage in the electrical circuit; increased level of static electricity; increased level of infrared radiation; sharp edges, burrs and uneven surfaces of equipment, tools, inventory , containers; harmful substances in the air of the working area; physical overload).

If you are a public catering worker, you should know that the Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation dated December 24, 1999 No. 52 approved the Intersectoral Rules for Occupational Safety in Public Catering POT RM-011-2000.

The requirements and norms established in the instructions for labor protection, other regulatory legal acts and operational documentation (design, technological, etc.) must comply with the requirements of the above rules for labor protection in public catering, the standards of the System of Labor Safety Standards (SSBT), standards and specifications for raw materials, materials, products, etc.

Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation of May 24, 2002 No. 36 approved and put into effect on September 1, 2002 Intersectoral standard instructions on labor protection for employees of the public catering system. There are 20 such instructions in total. All of them are developed taking into account the specifics of the activities of each employee in the catering sector and contain basic safety requirements before starting work, during work, in an emergency, after work. On the basis of approved standard instructions, an instruction is developed on labor protection for an employee performing a particular job, taking into account the conditions of his work in a particular organization.

Author: Bobkova O.V.

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