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General concepts of intrinsic motivation. Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational Safety and Health / Legislative basis for labor protection

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Labor occupies at least a third of adult independent life. A number of stages of a person's working life captures earlier and later periods of his life (education, choice of profession, labor and vocational training, type of pension depending on working life, life of a pensioner-veteran of labor associated with his native organization, etc.). Therefore, work, and, consequently, all issues related to it, are of great importance for any person and are always in the field of his attention.

The results achieved by people in the process of work depend not only on the knowledge, skills and abilities of these people. Effective activity is possible only if employees have the appropriate motivation, i.e. desire to work. Positive motivation activates human abilities, negative - inhibits their manifestation.

Motivation includes the internal state of a person, called need, and external factors that affect motivation, called incentive. Human behavior is determined by the needs and incentives that dominate at a given time.

Physiological needs are fundamental to humans. They demand their satisfaction first. The organization of labor and the workplace must take this circumstance into account.

After satisfying physiological needs, the need for security comes to the fore. However, this does not mean that the employee thereby seeks to work safely. Often, his fear of losing his job (the need for social security) due to low productivity pushes him to violate the elementary methods of safe work in order to quickly complete the assigned work.

The next need is the need to be in a group, to enjoy love and respect there. If this group (often called referential group) is dismissive of security measures, then each of its members will do "like everyone else". It is known that the tone in the group is set by its leader, formal or informal. It is necessary to ensure that the formal head (leader) of the group (unit, brigade) is its informal (true) leader with internal motivation to comply with safety requirements. In such working groups (teams, shifts) everything is always in order.

Any person seeks to improve his position in the group, he wants to feel his own significance, confirmed by the recognition of others. In the struggle for this recognition, he is ready to draw attention to himself at any cost, and therefore he can often violate safety rules, trying to quickly do something very important and difficult and thereby distinguish himself.

And finally, many people experience a desire for self-expression, for leadership. They want to realize themselves, to fulfill their destiny.

As the needs at one level are partially satisfied, the needs of the next level become dominant. It is important to keep in mind that only those incentives that satisfy the dominant need are motivating.

For example, it is widely believed that the main factor in effective work is money: the more a person receives, the better he works. Such a belief is not true: if a person is dominated, for example, by the need for close relationships or the need for self-realization, then he will prefer a place where he can satisfy this need to money.

Authors: Fainburg G.Z., Ovsyankin A.D., Potemkin V.I.

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