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The magic wand dyes scarves. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The magician shows the audience a yellow silk handkerchief (Fig. 38, A). Making small waves with his left hand, he brings his right hand with a "magic" wand to the handkerchief and lightly touches his left hand with its tip. The audience notices that the handkerchief is getting smaller and smaller; finally, it is not visible: it is clamped in the left hand.

The magician again touches his left hand with a wand - and the handkerchief gradually begins to appear in his left hand, but now it is of a different color, say blue. The blue handkerchief disappears in this way, so that now a red one appears instead. The performer shows the audience a red handkerchief, then does the same: the handkerchief becomes yellow, with which the artist began the number.


"Magic" wand prepared.

Three small silk handkerchiefs: yellow, blue and red.

Focus secret:

The secret of the trick is in the device placed inside the magic wand. The main part of it is a cartridge made of copper (Fig. 38, B), which can be made from a copper hunting rifle cartridge (32 caliber). They put a handkerchief in it. The "magic" wand is made of such a diameter that the cartridge can enter it without much effort and hold firmly inside.

Focus Magic wand colors handkerchiefs
Fig. 38

Part of the stick is shown in Fig. 38, B, dotted line; cartridge is shown in section. There are two such cartridges, one for each end. The stick is painted black, and both ends are nickel-plated or chrome-plated. The rim of the cartridge and its bottom are also nickel-plated on the outside, they form, as it were, one whole with the stick. With the help of the rim, the cartridge is easily removed from the stick.

To successfully complete the trick, the following conditions must be observed: with the left hand, while manipulating handkerchiefs, it is necessary to make swinging movements all the time; the right hand in which the magician holds the wand, he also shakes slightly, but all his attention should be turned to the left hand. At the moment of contact of both hands, you need to look at the right: at this time, the cartridge is removed from the stick and handkerchiefs are exchanged.

Before the performance, the magician charges both patrons with handkerchiefs - blue and red. If you wish, you can have spare cartridges with handkerchiefs of other colors (three more pieces) and show a six-fold "repainting" of the handkerchief, but this can annoy the audience and, moreover, threatens to be exposed. Therefore, try to diversify the methods of manipulation.

Show. In front of everyone, the performer takes a yellow handkerchief in his left hand and lightly touches it with a stick. This is quite enough to have time to remove a cartridge with a blue handkerchief from the wand. Moving the fingers of his left hand, the magician gradually takes the yellow handkerchief inside his palm, creating the illusion of a shrinking handkerchief. When the handkerchief "disappears" (in fact, it lies in the palm of your hand), the illusionist, straightening it with his right hand, with a quick movement imperceptibly takes out a blue handkerchief from the cartridge (lying in his left palm along with the handkerchief). Now the task is to quietly push the yellow handkerchief into the cartridge and gradually, slowly unfold the blue one (under cover of it, you finally push the yellow handkerchief into the cartridge). Touching your left hand again with a stick, put a cartridge with a yellow handkerchief into it, and take out another cartridge with a red one. The rest is clear from the description.

We repeat, you should gesticulate with your hands all the time, making swaying movements, this serves as a good distraction. For the same purpose, you can use slight turns of the body, as well as distract the attention of the audience by directing your gaze.

The number, despite all its outward simplicity, requires very good preparation, long rehearsals in front of a mirror.

Author: Vadimov A.A.

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