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Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

You have two dice in your hand. Throw them on the table. The bottom faces of the cubes are not visible to you. Take the cubes and show these faces to the viewer. Let him add up the glasses you cannot see. Put the cubes aside and correctly name the required sum of the two lower faces.

Focus secret:

You need to know that on dice, the sum of the opposite sides is always seven. If there are 2 points on one side, then there will be 5 on the other. You can see the top side of the cubes.

Let's say there are 4 and 1 on your side, that is, in total - 5. And the total sum of the two opposite sides on both dice is 14. So, to name the amount known to the viewer, subtract 14 from 5. Name it - 9. After all, on the faces the dice that the spectator saw were 3 and 6 points.

Author: V.Postolaty

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