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Thunder box. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

How to make a coin disappear from the box, although you can hear it tinkling in it?

Focus secret:

You will need an oblong box with a sliding lid. It is 5 to 8 cm long and 2,5 cm high outside; inside, it has only 1,5 cm of depth, and the upper edge of the lid is flush with the bottom.

Focus Thunderbox

So, if you put a coin in a box and hold it obliquely to the hole, then the coin will fall by its own weight into the hand of the holder, and the conjurer will take possession of it without the knowledge of the spectator.

A piece of zinc is placed between the real and false bottom of the box, which, if the box is shaken from the side, moves and makes the sound of a coin being shaken in the box. But in the normal position it does not move and is released by pressure on a special part of the outer bottom in contact with the fingers.

Ordinary inspection of the box will reveal nothing but that its interior space is much smaller than its outer dimensions.

This box is used as follows: the magician asks one of the spectators to mark a coin and put it in the box, which he holds for that purpose, as indicated in the figure.

As soon as the coin is placed in the box, it will certainly fall into his hand. Transferring the box to his other hand and pressing the spring, he shakes it to show that the coin is still there.

Then, leaving the box on the table, he proceeds to resolve the trick by secretly placing the coin, which the audience believes is in the box, in another place in which he wants to see it, or make other necessary arrangements.

Having done this and indicating the place where the coin will be, he shakes the box again to show that it is still in the box. Then, saying "pass", he opens the box, which turns out to be empty and proves that the orders were carried out.

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