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Candle in a hoop. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Take a candle out of your pocket and light it. Take a hoop and, holding it in front of you, place a burning candle on the rim. In front of everyone's eyes, the candle will slowly rise up. When it is in the center of the hoop, circle the hoop around the candle several times. The burning candle at the same time will continue to soar in space.

Focus Candle in a hoop

Then the candle will also slowly fall on the rim. Remove the candle from the hoop, extinguish it and put both objects on the table - the trick is over.

Focus secret:

The candle moves in space with the help of a thin thread invisible to the audience, sewn through the candle, tied in a loop and thrown over the neck. After placing a burning candle in a hoop and balancing it, put a loop on your thumbs.

Hold the hoop with your hands from the sides so that the thumbs are inside it. The hoop with a candle should be at such a distance from your body that the thread worn on the thumbs and thrown over the neck is taut.

Focus Candle in a hoop

By moving the hoop away from you and towards you, you will make the candle move in space inside the hoop. When the candle is in the very center of the hoop, circle it several times around the thread with the candle.

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