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Which is cool, which is raw? Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

Entertaining experiences at home / Physics experiments for children

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Why spinning top keeps spinning even after you take your hand away? Another type of inertia is at work here - the inertia of rotation. An interesting experiment is based on the inertia of rotation with eggs - raw and hard-boiled.

Pull a rubber ring along the length of each of these eggs. Hang both eggs on wire hooks tied with string. Now turn each egg several times so that the threads twist an equal number of turns.

When you release the eggs, the cool thing will quickly spin in one direction, then in the opposite direction, again and again ... So it will spin for quite some time before finally stopping. But a raw egg will stop almost immediately. Why? Yes, because the cool egg rotates as one. And the raw content is semi-liquid, it is weakly connected with the shell.

The thread, unwinding, causes the shell to rotate. The shell is "gaining momentum", but the semi-liquid content lags behind the rotation of the shell due to the inertia of rest and slows down.

You can make a similar experience easier by not hanging the eggs, but by twisting them with your fingers on the bottom of a plate or on a smooth table. Cool will spin for a long time, raw will stop almost immediately. By the way, this is a reliable way to distinguish a hard-boiled egg from a raw one without breaking the shells.

Which is cool, which is raw?

This experience has an interesting continuation. After letting a hard-boiled egg spin like a top on a plate, put your hand on it for a moment to stop it. You will immediately take your hand away, but it will all be over. Rotation will not resume. It's clear.

But the raw egg behaves more mysteriously. If, after stopping it, you remove your hand fast enough, the rotation will resume! What's the matter here? Of course, in the inertia of rotation. After all, the contents, although lagging behind and slowing down, nevertheless also rotated. And when you stopped the shell, the rotation of the contents still continued by inertia. He removed his hand - the roles have changed. Now the contents will entrain the shell in its rotation!

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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