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How to put a match. Physical experiments

Entertaining experiments in physics

Entertaining experiences at home / Physics experiments for children

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How to put a pointed match? How to make her stand upside down?

There is a very simple way to do this. Cut a circle out of cardboard, pierce it exactly in the center and put it on a match. It turned out a toy well known to you - a spinning top.

Roll it between your fingers and place it on the table. While the top is spinning, it stands.

How to put a match

This experience is so simple that you will hardly do it. After all, everything is clear. It is more interesting to make a wooden top in the shape of a cone, or head over heels, as it is also called. But you can’t cut a good head over heels by hand, you need to turn it on a lathe in a school workshop. To prevent the tip from dulling so quickly, hammer a gramophone needle into it. Its blunt end will serve as an excellent base for head over heels. Only you need to hammer the needle exactly along the axis. Mow - the top will spin very badly.

Kubar is interesting in that it can be adjusted all the time, spurred on with a whip. And while head over heels, he will stand on the edge. Even jumping from the blow of the whip, he will not bend over and, having lowered himself, will rotate all the same straight. And if you push him to the side, he still won’t bend, but bounce.

The conclusion is clear. A spinning top maintains the direction of its axis.

Author: Galpershtein L.Ya.

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