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Sprains and ruptures of ligaments. Health care

Fundamentals of First Aid (OPMP)

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Sprains and ruptures of ligaments occur with violent movement in the joint. The ligament is stretched from the side opposite to the direction of movement. Ligaments of the ankle and knee joints are most often damaged.

Signs: pain, swelling, bruising, dysfunction, all symptoms are localized in the joint area. As a rule, microruptures of individual fibers of the damaged ligament occur. With a complete rupture, intense pain occurs, resembling a knife stab; movement in the direction opposite to the torn ligament is not limited (pathological mobility).

First aid: applying a pressure bandage to the area of ​​the damaged joint, cold, elevated position of the limb, with severe pain, immobilization (immobilization) with the help of a transport ladder tire or improvised means, the introduction of narcotic analgesics (analgin, baralgin, etc.).

Necessary equipment: a bandage, an ice pack or a heating pad with cold water, a roller from improvised means to ensure an elevated position, a 5% alcohol solution of iodine, cotton wool, transport ladder tires, narcotic analgesics in a syringe tube (analgin, etc.).

Authors: Aizman R.I., Krivoshchekov S.G.

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