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Inseparable friends. Focus secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The illusionist draws three cards from the deck and shows them to the audience. These are three jacks. The performer says that they are three inseparable friends and always and everywhere together. He puts one jack on the bottom of the deck, the second on top, and asks the third to be placed in the middle. Then he invites the viewer to remove the deck, after which he begins to drop one card on the table, first showing them to everyone.

When one of the jacks is in the hands of the artist, he says: "I have no doubt that the rest of our jack's friends are here."

And in fact, all three jacks are together.

Focus secret:

Four jacks are taken out of the deck. One is placed under the bottom, the other three are placed on top (they are then shown to the audience). You need to show quickly so that the audience does not have time to notice the suits of the cards. Then everything goes according to the description. One of the jacks is placed down, under the deck (where it will be next to the other jack), the second is placed on top, and the third is placed in the middle. Then the artist asks the viewer to lift the deck. The jack placed on top will thus connect with the two lower ones. Spectators, not having time to notice their suits at the first show, will take these three jacks for the former ones.

When performing the trick, it is necessary to notice where the jack lies, placed by the viewer in the middle, so as not to accidentally open it in front of the public. If this happens, then you should not lose your temper.

“Look,” you say, “the fourth jack, also a friend of our three friends, is waiting for his comrades,” and, continuing to open the cards, reach three jacks lying together.

"And here are three inseparable friends," you show three jacks, ending this trick.

It is clear that this trick can be done with other cards - kings or queens.

Author: Vadimov A.A.

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