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Turning a handkerchief into an egg. Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

Directory / Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

The magician shows the audience a blue silk handkerchief with flowers painted on it. Then he begins to fill it with his right hand inside his left palm. Clutching the handkerchief in his fist, he puts his right hand in his pocket and immediately takes it out again. Onlookers notice that a corner of a blue handkerchief sticks out of the pocket. The illusionist, as if nothing had happened, brings his right hand to his left and, making rubbing movements, opens his fist - instead of a handkerchief, a chicken egg appeared in his hand.

The performer, as if following the viewer's gaze, looks in bewilderment at the corner of a blue handkerchief sticking out of his pocket. After a short pause, he embarrassedly begins to slowly pull a handkerchief out of his pocket with his right hand and pulls out a huge blue silk patch on which a comic face is drawn. Slyly, smiling and shaking the audience with his finger, he puts this large handkerchief on the table. Then he slowly turns the egg in his left hand, and the audience sees a blue corner of a scarf sticking out of the egg (Fig. 232). Taking the corner with his hand, the illusionist says that he hid the handkerchief in the egg shell, and immediately pulls out the handkerchief.

Focus Turning a handkerchief into an egg
Fig. 232

- I hope everyone understands how this is done? - asks the performer. - If you want, I will teach you. You hide the egg shell in your left hand. (The magician does everything he explains.) I take the handkerchief with my right hand and begin to imperceptibly tuck it into the shell, which I hold in my left hand. As you can see, the scarf is gone. I put my right hand into my pocket, as if hiding a handkerchief, and I myself pull out the tip of a large handkerchief, which I had previously placed there. In fact, I put a handkerchief in the egg shell.

The performer shows the egg and slowly turns it. Spectators see that the tip of a blue handkerchief protrudes from the hole in the shell.

- You see, - says the magician, - the tip of the handkerchief is visible in the shell. - He again turns the egg in his hand and continues: - Maybe you think that this is a shell, and not a real egg?

With these words, he breaks the egg, releases its content into a glass, standing on a plate, which is served by an assistant.

- I hope now you understand how this is done? - finishes the illusionist, smiling slyly.


Blue silk scarf with painted flowers (shawl size 35x25 cm).

Silk blue scarf measuring 75x75 cm with a face painted on it

Egg shell with a hole.

A real chicken egg with a glued corner of a blue handkerchief.

Plate and glass.

Focus secret:

The secret is divided into two parts. The disappearance of the handkerchief and the appearance of the shell have already been explained.

Now let's find out how the shell "turns" into a real egg. It happens like this. A real egg is prepared for the number. A hole is drawn in its middle so that the viewers from a distance get the impression that this is a shell empty inside. A small corner of blue silk is glued to the drawn hole (Fig. 232). All this is taken by the audience for a shell with a handkerchief.

The replacement of the shell with a handkerchief tucked into it for a real egg with an attached corner goes like this. The egg is placed in the left pocket beforehand. When the magician takes out a large handkerchief from his right pocket, he puts his left hand with the shell and handkerchief in it for a moment into his left pocket, where he exchanges the shell for a real egg. He immediately takes it out, holding it in his hand. Turning, he opens his hand and shows an egg in it. Then he slowly turns it around and the audience sees a drawn hole with a corner of a handkerchief. Then the illusionist again slowly turns the egg, at this time quietly tears off a corner from it and hides it, and the egg breaks and pours the white and yolk into a glass.

It is clear that the method of disappearance can be taken from the previous issue. Then it remains only to discreetly remove from the karma to the egg with a glued corner. Spectators follow the imaginary explanation with interest and are pleasantly surprised to see the final trick when you break a real egg.

Author: Vadimov A.A.

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