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Card manipulation. Tips for a magician

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Volts are the basis of many card tricks. Here is one of them. The magician invites the viewer to draw from the deck and remember (without showing the artist) any card. When the card is taken out, the manipulator opens the deck somewhere in the middle, holding half of it in the left and the other in the right hand (Fig. 13, A).

In the middle of the deck opened in this way, the viewer puts the card he noticed, and the artist closes it with the cards in his right hand, and at that moment he manages to do an instant manipulation - a volt, from which the seen card is at the top of the deck. Further, the magician acts with this card at his own discretion, as required by the technology of the displayed trick.

Focus Card Manipulation

Volt is made as follows: on the card that the spectator put, the magician immediately puts his left little finger and index finger, and puts the middle and ring fingers of this hand on top of the entire deck (Fig. 13, B). Spectators do not see this, since the deck is hidden from them by the right hand of the manipulator lying on top of it. Under its cover, the fingers of the left hand, grasping the upper part of the deck, raise it to the position indicated in fig. 13, C, and the fingers of the right, grabbing the lower part of the deck at points a and b, lift it in the direction indicated by the dotted arrow in the figure; lifting this part of the deck by 75-80 °, the left hand lowers the part of the deck in it, which falls down, and the lower part of the deck with the right hand falls on top of it, and the card seen by the viewer is at the top of the deck.

The description of this manipulation took up a lot of space, and it lasts no more than one second. This manipulation must be able to be done without looking at the hands (however, like all manipulations). When making a volt, the magician slightly raises and lowers the hands holding the deck, that is, he makes a short wave of the deck and at this moment manages to perform the manipulation. During the swing, it is even more difficult for viewers to notice the manipulation.

Learn to palm, that is, hide the card in the palm of your hands (Fig. 14). This is a relatively simple technique and it is done like this. The deck of cards is held in the left hand, and the card to be palmed lies on top (how this is achieved, you know from the previous description). The magician puts his right hand on top of the deck - this movement should be natural and justified - and at this moment the thumb of his left hand shifts the top card 1-2 cm to the right; the shifted card will be easily palmed in the palm of the right hand.

Focus Card Manipulation

By mastering only these two manipulations, you can show quite a lot of different tricks. The manipulator should be aware that magicians work with decks of 32 cards (without sixes) - such a deck is simply more convenient to handle; it is desirable that the cards have rounded corners, and most importantly, the cards must match the size of the magician's hand, that is, his palm should completely cover the deck and be slightly larger than it - when buying cards, pay special attention to this.

Author: Bedarev G.K.

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