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What time is it now? Focus Secret

Spectacular tricks and their clues

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Focus Description:

Any time is set on the clock - provided that the minute hand points to one digit, and the hour hand to another. The clock is then placed face down on the table.

All this is done in the absence of a magician. Entering the room, he puts his fingers on the lid of the clock and, after a short hesitation, names what numbers the hour and minute hands indicate.

Focus What time is it?

Focus secret:

He does this without looking at anyone in the room, and yet he has an accomplice who allows him to tell the time - without any visible signal or spoken word. The clock itself is used here as a means of transmitting information. The assistant either volunteers to put the clock on the table or the magician can point to him. The table is divided into 12 imaginary squares; the assistant places the clock on the square corresponding to the number indicated by the hour hand.

Focus What time is it?

The direction of the minute hand is determined by the position of the clock on the table. Having taken the far corner of the table for 12 hours on the dial, the assistant turns the clock so that his crown points to the minute hand.

For this trick, both the assistant and the magician need to practice so as not to make a mistake, then he will be successful.

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