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This power supply can be used to work with radio stations R 105 - R109, R105D - R109D, R105M - R109M.

The device uses a unified transformer TN30-220 / 127-50 (you can use any with a permissible secondary current of at least 1 A and a voltage of at least 4-5 V). The four available filament windings are connected two in parallel. The primary winding is fully turned on to reduce the voltage on the secondary winding.

Power supply for P109

The rectifiers are assembled in a bridge circuit on KD202V diodes. Here you can use any diodes with a permissible current of at least 1 A. The capacitance connected after the rectifier must be at least 4000,0 uF (K50-16). The stabilizer itself is assembled according to a typical scheme ("Radio", 12/84, pp. 44-45) on transistors KT825 and KT3102 and is resistant to overloads and short circuits. Resistors R4, R7 set the output voltage of each arm without load 2,5-2,6V. Any silicon diodes, for example, KD9A, can be used as zener diodes VD1-VD2 503.

A capacitor with a capacity of at least 2000,0 uF is installed at the output of the stabilizer. Zener diodes VD13, VD14 (starting) are selected from the condition: - < <

Instead of KT825, you can use composite KT818 + KT814 by connecting a resistor with a resistance of 100 - 300 Ohms between the base and emitter terminals of a more powerful transistor.

The power supply was installed in the battery compartment of the radio station: the transformer and diode bridges were in the lower compartment, and the electrolytic capacitors and stabilizers were in the upper compartment. The control transistors are mounted on small radiators (6x10 cm) made of duralumin on the rear hinged wall of the radio station.

This power supply is used with a R-109M radio rebuilt for 29FM (NBFM) operation and, at an output voltage of ±2,5 V, provides a load current of 1 A at a ripple voltage of <5 mV.

Author: A.Snopov, Saratov; Publication: N. Bolshakov,

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What do vd13 vd14 run if the circuit with these zener diodes does not work?

Sergey Nikolaevich,
I ask fans who have a power supply for the R-109 radio station or those who can make such a power supply to respond. Ready to pay for the work or buy ready.

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